Take call to arms mission.


The pay is so paltry and the AI behaves so erratically that it’s often better to just leave and take a new bounty.


Indeed sometimes NPC,s do nothing and sometimes they are OP with the same mission risk...


The mission should require you to wipe the entire group


Call to arms missions are only fun when you are beginner. Because 500-1200 UEC not cost effective when you do 90.000 UEC missions... ​ Doesn't matter if you kill a Mustang Alpha or Hammerhead, all have almost the same money...


Damn really? I remember before getting like a 5-8k bonus on an ert hammerhead from call to arms, wasnt it based on crime stat of each npc on the ship? Good to see it’s not working properly anymore


I never see 5-8k bonus on killing big ships like hammerhead when call to arms enabled, I also do ERT missions. Should be more balanced to kill also escort pirate ships, 500 UEC is not fun...


Yeah I agree. The payouts aren’t great the little bonus was nice when it worked I guess. Iirc call to arms pays out per enemy killed and crime stat. With an encounter a hh with full crew and all cs5 that should give a nice bonus PER crew member on ship. At one point it did work properly not sure why the downvote lol for a glitch in a glitchy game


>approaching bounty npc >lock onto them as they appear to work out which ship is which, mostly to single out hurricanes >the second you lock on, target MFD is eaten by stupid fucking "haha durr comms call active xDDD" tab, removing your targeting MFD until it goes away (which it often doesn't until you manually click "end comm"). I hate this so much. If I want to see some NPC's stupid fucking face when they comm me (I don't), I'd set one of my MFDs to be a comm MFD. Wish I could at least bind a key to end all comms so the second it happens I can get my MFD back. :l


If you have a comm MFD set it doesn't pop up on the target MFD.


Oh holy shit I didn't know about this. Gonna have to give that a try next time I'm on. I'm more than happy to sacrifice a valuable MFD to please the comm-call gods, if it'll get them to leave me the fuck alone while I'm trying to dogfight. Thanks, fren. :)


If you kill them, they go away....


You fart near enemy npc .literally npc after .001 sec SON OF A bitch.


No call to arms eh?


I did, but since I'm just starting out with small fighter ship (all i have is aurora btw) it took me longer to fight all multiple escort crew than just destroying the main bounty, that's why I decided to just go for the main bounty then proceed with the next bounty job....anyhow that's where the meme comes in, destroying those is not mandatory for grinding money, but for self satisfaction? Yesss


Sometimes they fuck me up so I have to take them out first


True...if the escorts are lighter ships, I go for them for sure, but if they're cutlass, nahh I'm out


Ironically I mostly laugh when a cutlass attacks me but when it's a hurricane I feel like escaping asap


Absolute facts! 🤣🤣🤣 Me wanting to walk away and just leave it alone. Job is done. Then her they go... Disrespectful!!!🤨🤨🤨 Also me... That motha...!!! You gon' learn today!!


Gotta give them some lessons!


*arms my 3 S9 torpedoes at the same time* "Say it again."


another chad Eclipse enjoyer?


stealth strafe runs are the best when the torpedo hits


xD same here!


Fly safe fellow citizen and destroy as many escort as you can.




I don't do escort NPC missions in like... any game. To hell with that, I have kids and dogs, I babysit enough clueless idiots.


Um, did you just call your kids clueless idiots? Not judging, I don't live with them. And dogs...I love them, but they're like mentally challenged three year olds.


I find that most people are clueless idiots, and even those who aren't have the capacity for idiocy. No one, myself included, is immune. And yeah, I totally agree about dogs, lol. I get a kick out of every time my husky runs through the kitchen and slips on the floor.


Truth. Humanities capacity for unprovoked idiocy seems to be boundless.


Yep, fact: take call to arms and kill them all= more money!


But taking out all the ships is fun, not a waste of time.


Stop calling me every time one bullet hits you just to say "shit!" and hang up.