Pantera. This is a supplement to my post yesterday

Pantera. This is a supplement to my post yesterday


OK, whats the story?? Looks like a rust-free shell and most of the running gear. Was it someone's restoration project that never got finished?


Yes. And they sold the barn. I have known this person since high school and worked with him in the ‘80s when I got a chance to drive it. They know i do auto repair and resto


Good on ya!!! Great find. Keep posting pix, ok?


You drove it 30 years ago? Damn that’s cool


Or 40 depending on when in the 80s


I would hope its rust free arnt these fiberglass?




And many of them are rusted out rags. Hard to fix because it's monocoque.




No, she's a beaut


Everything can be repaired with the right tools, skills and knowledge.




Yes, when you need to repair areas it requires you to cut and fabricate a new piece to replace the original.


Yeah but the problem with the pantera specifically is it's not a body on frame car like an old nova or something. It's a lot more complex than welding in new floor pans.


I still stand by my statement.


That’s a vulgar display of power!


Once it's running and driving I'd like 5 minutes alone with it


I'd Walk it


Thanks for bringing it back from the Cemetery Gates.


Once the car is completed, it will be far beyond driven!


Thank you sir


engine still feels warm


I hope there is more included than just a body shell and engine/trans. I can imagine that minor trim and parts are painfully rare and obscenely expensive.


It came with everything but the windshield and the front bumper. I got a windshield this week.


Please post regular updates. I’m excited for this one


It’s going to be a while. I have a couple projects ahead of it. Had to pull the trigger because it could not stay where it was. They sold the farm


Good shit. Hope to follow your progress. You have a real gem with that body.


Keep up the updates. This is one of those cars from the bedroom posters from being a kid. Awesome ride.


I love seeing a clean straight body like this. I bought a push-button, euro model years ago and it turned out to be a rust bucket. Someone had hidden it well, and I didn’t know enough to see the rust. It was a car that truly wanted to be driven in anger. Puttering around town was painful, but opening it up in the back-roads was pure heaven. Mine had the original 351 with Aussie heads and GTS exhaust. It was a beast! I had some estimates for repairing the rust and they literally were higher than the value of the car, so I sold it. I told the buyer it had rust issues, but he didn’t seem to care, I hope it worked out for him. I miss the car a lot, but it was probably the smart decision.


i’d do unspeakable things to own a Pantera


I sold a Corvette and dipped into savings, so yea


I love Panteras, I would way rather have one of these than any other Italian sports car.


One of my favorite cars ever. Favorite bands too. Upvote for pantera!


You have an ig build page for it?


So what's that engine you're dropping in it?


The original 351c. It was rebuilt when the car was being restored. Been sitting since then (1997- I did the math wrong when I said 27 years)


Man, it would take some serious up-front investment, but if there was a way to re-license that car you could make millions! Might have to do some leg-work and find some investors! But anyway, back in reality, good luck with the build! Looking forward to seeing your progress.


Nice shooting for a real resto then? As an aside I’d love to see one of these with a fuel injected Coyote in it. Edit: A quick Google found one though it's definitely more restomod than resto: https://www.hotrod.com/articles/1972-detomaso-pantera-coyote-wolfs-clothing/


Congrats. Got to work on one in my green years wrenching, they are awesome cars. Very similar to the GT40s.


Great car and a great project! And a very good way to both get an emotional value as well as an economical one out of it. Especially when you put 110% of your energy into it. Compared to other rather average project cars with only a lot of emotional value and a possible dilemma when it comes to the point of putting way more money into it than you could possibly ever get out of it, this car definitely has the potential to actually become much more valuable than the sum of all the work and parts you need to rebuild it. Sounds like you’re the right person for the job. Good luck from my side, enjoy the sweat and tears and everything around the whole process!


There's a red Pantera somewhere in my neighborhood. You see it around on sunny days. Such a great looking car, still looks good after this many years! Good luck on your resto!


That is going to be a bad ass project. Please continue to update


Bare metal and clear coat ftw




In that first pic, I thought it was that Lotus Submarine car from the Roger Moore James Bond film.


This thing is my new favourite car


You got a Pantera? You lucky dog!


Mind if I ask what you paid for all of it?


I am not saying right now, but if I change my mind, I’ll get back to you. Slightly more than it’s worth. But opportunity knocked.


It’s hard for me to put a price on being able to hand build my own Pantera from almost all original pieces. That’s something that only a few people on earth get to do, so whatever you paid I’d probably agree it was worth it.


Wow that's a great project! You'll have to show us when it's done!


Dream car stuff here.


This needs a Vulgar Display of Power.


Good luck!!!


OUCH, that poor hood!


Awesome car! I love em, had the chance to work on one a couple months ago! [pantera](https://imgur.com/gallery/Bajfnu9)


Thanks for sharing more pictures, you've got a great thing going on there! Seeing that engine reminds of working on his together, he appreciated having a smaller pair of kid hands around to reach some tight spots, like getting to the distributor to adjust the timing. His had a Holly with mechanical secondaries, a Mallory Uni-lite distributor, a custom exhaust that I think came from Hall Pantera, and we also thought it probably had an aftermarket cam in it, but we never had the motor apart to check. I'm going to enjoy following this project, please keep us posted!


Wait, are those kit cars?




Didnt think so LOL


No, but they sure look like it.


Good luck! See other projects on the go, but this one is really cool, don’t see many...


This is an absolute dream of mine! I love Fords, I love European and American cars, I LOVE Clevelands. This has it all! Please continue to post pics as you go. I’m sure there are plenty of Cleveland guys with more knowledge than me, but if you need anything along the way, shoot me a message.... not that you seem like you need any help, it looks like you know what’s up.


I got excited for a second thought it was an AMX 3 body. I recall some dude has the cast to make them and was selling them on the internet.


Awesome build!