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This subreddit isn't for questions like this, you should check out [/r/AskProgramming](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskProgramming/), [/r/learnprogramming], or maybe even [/r/golang] But to answer your question: I just wanted to say first it is very common for beginners to not know what to learn next, so definitely don't feel ashamed to ask and ignore anyone who might look down on you for not just knowing what to do. There are a lot of programmers that look down on beginners, which I think is absurd, because everyone starts somewhere. You're doing the right thing by trying to learn as much as you can, and to get advice on what to learn - so good job! With that out of the way, what you should learn next is very dependent on what you already know. After a certain point of learning about syntax and concepts, the best way IMO to keep progressing is to write code and read/modify other people's code. So if you think you're at that point my advice would be to stop looking at online tutorials and get to writing! It's ok to not know WHAT to write, but I'd recommend trying to program some text based games that you can play in the console, like "Guess the number", "Rock paper scissors", a text based adventure game. If you're feeling up to a challenge, maybe try Tic tac toe, or even something crazy like Battleship. Trying to write software from scratch will help you learn a TON. It's ok to get stuck, try to understand what concept you're stuck on and try to learn more about it or get help. If you're not comfortable writing something from scratch, then maybe try write even smaller programs, like a fizz-buzz function, or something else small. The idea is there's always something you can make, and making things will lead you to get stuck - getting stuck will help you learn and you will be less likely to get stuck like that in the future. Hope this helps!