1993 cowl question

1993 cowl question


epoxy a plastic washer on it? i know its not pretty, but the hood totally hides this hole


I like it. I had thought about a washer but not about the epoxy part. And yes it's hidden. I'd still paint it black.


I have the little pieces that broke off and was going to try to glue them back but figured that wouldn't be very strong. Any suggestions? Also, anything else I should do while I have the cowl off? I took the wipers off to repaint them, then saw how gross the cowl was.


fix it with permatex plastic weld, that shit dries harder and stronger than the plastic itself.


Perfect. I have some epoxy in the basement that I forgot about. Maybe I'll test it to see if it's still any good. Thank you for the reminder.


x2 plastic weld it


Assuming it’s just a push pin or a small bolt that goes through it. you could form it with an epoxy resin and drill the same size hole back through the resin and paint the cowl after you get it patched up.


I've never worked with epoxy resin. Will look into it.


Mine broke in the same spot, I used a soldering iron to melt the edges and smushed them together. While still hot, I added some ABS from a scrap foglight housing to fill in any gaps. Still holding together years later!