So you mean i shouldnt play as i might use it to cope instead of enjoying it?




wow yeah uhh now i am kinda confused... the edit i understand though


this guy spitting..


Wow, poe, csgo, pubg mostly Skyrim Half-life 1,2 etc.. Portal 1,2 Mass Effect 1,2,3 Older games that where epic. Aoe Warcraft 2,3 Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Quake Duke Nukem 3D


mostly fps; siege, csgo, battlefield. i love the idea of playing open world games or games with many objectives but i end up playing for about an hour going on a side quest rage and then never playing it again cause theirs too much to do!!


Exactly! That has been my issue with Skyrim and The Witcher 3


I'll be honest with you, Steam says I've spent a bit over 100h on Skyrim and I can guarantee that ~95% of it was spent ignoring the story and just exploring everything or uncovering lore. And I think it's great that open world games let you treat the main story as optional nowadays. Definitely recommend if you're a lore nerd who loves ancient ruins like I do.


Minecraft. Me and five close friends share a survival server where we build a bunch of medival stuff


I LOVE RPGs. Even more so if its JRPG. Basically, a solo player game with adventure, an epic story and characters development and ending that would probably either move me to tears or surprise me that I start banging my desk. My all time favorites are Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask, God Eater1/2/3, Persona 3, Tales series(Tales of Zestiria and Berseria), Final Fantasy VII and Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls Online games, I usually play MMORPG like Flyff and Dragon Nest but that was a long time ago, I like straightfoward FPS too, like Perfect Dark (N64), PUBG (I'm not fond on complex gameplay and whatnots like COD, Valorant or Fortnite)


I love FFVII it’s literally one of the greatest pieces of storytelling I’ve ever played. Both the original and the remake


I mostly play league of legends now, partly because I love experimenting. I think of things like "this new buildpath will be cool to try", so I hop on a match and see how it feels. The toxicity stresses me out at times, but I keep it cool enough to still enjoy the game. Other than that, I play the DMC games and Long Dark. Love the combat flow in DMC and the chill seriousness of LD.


Mostly RPG's and the odd platformers. Though If I'm playing with my friend, we're currently playing statergy games like EU4. We go in with a game plan. For EU4 we say. Okay I'm playing as the Timiurids. I want to form Mughal empire. Or, Muscovy to Russia and then destroy the Ottomans. With sandboxes we give ourself aims, to do better.


I want to get into these map strategy games soon, I'm looking at Crusader Kings 3 since it's now on Xbox. Any advice on getting started?


Wat h YouTube beginnef guides. The games are complicated. Learning the trade and ecomony is going to be hardest of all, as it fluctuates a lot. Deep down e research mechanics. Once you get the hang of them. Then it starts coming together.


Noted, thanks.


Minecraft, Fortnite, Rocket League, Horizon: Zero Dawn


I've always loved portable console. I have a PS4 but I prefer my Switch. I love indie games with a dark, poetic and melancholic atmosphere like Hollow Knight, Ori, Neversong, Undertale, Spiritfarer, Cozy Grove, Gris, etc. I also like some Nintendo video games like Zelda and Pokémon. In general I really love exploration and open-world. I tend to never finish a game...


Always depends, my interest in specific genre always shifts from month to month. I'm currently playing Fallout 76.


Oh, I played this for around 700hours. Actually a lot of fun, and the community was pretty chill too. Unfortunately my graphics card back then struggled, and then it died recently leaving me with an even older card, so I can't even run it anymore aha. For howmuch of a bad reputation the game got, I'm surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did.


Yeah it's a fun game. Definitely had a lot of issues at the beginning but I somehow managed to still enjoy it even with the bugs, heavily limited storage space etc.. All the "mismanagement" around the game itself riled things up but that hardly bothered me when playing. As it is now I can definitely recommend it.


Dishonored series, Stonehearth


Right now I'm playing bioshock, but I usually play RPGs and platformers for the most part


I play mostly Pikmin and The Binding of Isaac rn. Sometimes also Luigi's mansion, but the one thing I will play when it comes to the switch is danganronpa. I would say that I generally love video games where you can put your ideas of how you would design some games. And that's the main reason I'm stuck with a time management game, a bullethell, a not-horror-horror adventure and a murder mystery story based game. Edit: And that's probably why there are so many Minecraft mods. Cuz it's meant for that, and the sandbox inveronment just assists that


I love Binding of Isaac. I think it was my single favorite roguelike until Hades came out. But it’s so easy to pick up and play and will always have its charm.


Nintendo games, Pokémon, Mario


Fallout, Borderlands, Mount&Blade and LoL


My all time favorite game is Fallout 4. The open world-ness can be a bit overwhelming, but the story and numerous side missions definitely help with that. I’m on my 3rd play through and I’m finally getting comfortable with exploring the vast map without exclusively doing side missions


It could be because I was born in the late 80s, but I tend to have an old-fashioned taste and like arcade-style linear games a lot. Y’know, first Level 1, then Level 2, and so on. Bayonetta is one of my favorite games, for example. I also like shorter, intense stories in small and detailed worlds. I like survival horrors a lot for that reason. I’m playing Return of the Obra Dinn right now, which feels like it fits the bill, too. I feel like there’s a lot of craft involved in designing a game that escalates from challenge to challenge, that is ordered in a particular way because it’s the RIGHT order. Modern open world games can be tightly designed, too, but they’re pretty overwhelming, and I often think their design forces the player to do the hard work of finding the most fun of all the options available to you. Sometimes freedom like real life just means boring like real life. They can be fun if I have guidance from a friend. I was really bored by Witcher 3 most of the time. When I played Oblivion for the first time last year, though, my wife was able to tell me which questlines were coolest and which were worth skipping. I had a great time.


I love playing FFXIV if I'm being social with my honey, but usually I'll play other games with him or throwback games. ♡ We've been loving Wizard of Legend (a masterpiece♡), and Streets of Rage 4. I'm currently playing Breath of Fire 3 and Persona 4: Golden as throwbacks. I've never played P4: Golden before so I'm playing it to see the differences between it and the original base game. 👀


DS1-3, BB, Sekiro, CS:GO, Tarkov, ESO, MC, osu (I actually don't play any of them even though I want to. I Player them a while ago tho)


Try outer wilds the spaceship game not the shooter one


Oof, I play a lot and out of almost every genre but first person shooter. I play Stardew Valley, Stellaris (a strategy game) and so much more. I will try to put some of my favourites in categories, maybe that helps more than just a plain list. peaceful games: Stardew Valley, Minecraft, Littlewood Dungeoncralwers: Hades, Enter the Gungeon, Spelunky, Darkest Dungeon Multiplayer: League of Legends, Phasmophobia Survival (less peaceful): Terraria, Don't Starve, Green Hell Open world: Subnautica, Sea of Thieves, Satisfactory, Astroneer Space: Stellaris, Kerbal Space Program, Surviving Mars Nintendo: Zelda, Pokémon, Mariocart Psychological Horror: 5D Chess with multiverse time travel


Skyrim, Witcher 3, Ghost Recon Wildlands, all Assassin’s Creed games, Call of Duty campaigns, Life is Strange. Played some competitive titles like Valorant but it somehow gets repetitive. I enjoy games with stories to tell


Mainly single player games, Minecraft, Detroit become Human, Chernobylite, Portal 1 - 2, abit of Fortnite, and some other stuff that i can't remember


I feel the same way about open-world: I like them and want to play them but I get overwhelmed by all the choice. I also get overwhelmed in multiplayer FPS games. It’s fun and exciting for like 20min, especially when I’m doing well, but after that I get stressed out and jumpy, especially when people sneak up behind me and startle me lol These days I like to play games with a linear story, like The Last of Us and The Wolf Among Us. I like these because are long periods of calm where you get to think about the world’s lore, watch interesting conversations and relationships, etc., then have an exciting fight sequence or “quick, make a choice!” moment, and then go back to a calm and thoughtful period of casually wandering around, taking in the world and preparing your gear. There’s a bit of choice and excitement, so I feel free to do what I want and get a thrill here and there, but never so much that I become overwhelmed.


when the imposter is sus!


Lol do you know any other phrases?


Played Eve online many years ago. Sooooo easy to get completely lost in it. I had to quit because it was becoming too dominant in my life. Please be careful out there people. 😊


Pokémon games, fire emblem, stardew valley, splatoon, some indie horror games. Survival games also interest me but I haven’t touched any, lol.


I used to play World of Warcraft. It took forever to quest because I'd get lost in the forest exploring...or farming herbs. Now I just play call of duty, gta 5, and sims 4.


I really want to play a lot of games, but I only have a 3DS (actually 2 of them lol) and a RGH'd Xbox 360. But currently I am stuDYING and working so I just have time to sleep. But I'm playing Pokémon White 1 on my 3DS. And the last game I played on my Xbox (like a month ago) was Forza Horizon 1. Forza Horizon 4 is my favorite modern game.


Minecraft, I literally never get bore playing it Csgo and valorant, I used to play these, but... Daily updates annoy me, I don't have wifi, got only limited data Silent hill, the lore interest me


Minecraft is really fucking good despite what some say. I‘m too burnt out to play it sadly.


Currently my fav games are Genshin impact, BOTW, Overwatch, and sky And yes I get overwhelmed if I play too much but I still enjoy open world games the most :3


Favorite game of all-time is Classic World of Warcraft. The music, character progression, and social interaction makes for quite an adventure. Especially for first time players. My favorite competitive online game is Rocket League. Easy to pick up and get into, but high learning curve and ceiling. I do recommend turning off quick chat if you tilt easily. I don’t mind. My favorite single-player game has got to be The Last of Us 1 & 2. I’ve never felt such an array of emotions(from a game)until I played both these games. Worth snagging a PlayStation just for this experience in my opinion.


I love games with action and slaughter in them. A good story and some slow going things that aren’t forced on me are an added bonus. I prefer games in which I can choose what class and what kind of warrior I can play. I always play as a knight. I don’t care about much else. I‘m openminded about games and don’t judge unless I played something. Here’s what I play: -Dark souls 1-3, action rpg, one of the best ever -Ninja Gaiden Black, super difficult hack and slash, a literal gem of a game, seriously it’s way too fucking good for an old game -Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen, awesome action rpg, classes are all very fun in their own way, enemies and bosses are very well done in terms of weaknesses and strategies, no other game comes close to how they handle bosses. A system in which you can create your own loyal companion and teach his ai many awesome tricks. The ai literally learns from your playstyle and he becomes like you. You can hire pawns from other players and have your own pawn hired. The system is legendary. No other game comes close to this genius game. Not everyones cup of tea though. -For Honor, pvp multiplayer, s-tier combat, knights vs vikings vs samurai, all your warrior fantasies will be satisfied. -Doom 2016, brutal, shooter, i love the music, I love the bloodbath and the slaughter -Code Vein, 3rd person rpg, great story about a postapocalyptic world and it’s inhabitants, likeable characters, very fun melee combat with over the top weapons


I play rust


My #1 recommendation is Undertale! It takes like 6 hours to complete and is 100% worth the experience. (Just don't kill anyone when you play it ;))


Life is Strange!! It’s a “choose your own ending” type of game and the story is amazing


I don't like heavy combat... but I'll play something with a world and a story, something with mystery and puzzles, or just something to organize... Pokémon, Zelda, Stardew Valley, Sims, Nancy Drew, and Portal are my all-time faves


osu and minecraft


Eyy wanna play osu with me? What rank are you?


ye sure and I think about to hit 140k (was 131k xD) but yea I play for ranked score (8.1b) instead of pp


ah yeah that's fine I'm around 220k won't be playing for a while since I'm travelling but send your name in my dms I'll add you or I'll send mine doesn't matter


Nayssu (I mean doesn't have to he dms lol)


Sims 4 and league


KSP, thats pretty easy to get lost in


My favorite games are: The Legend of Zelda, Hades, Mario, Hollow Knight, Banjo-Kazooie, Final Fantasy, Pokémon, Shadow of the Colossus, Donkey Kong Country, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Call of Duty Zombies (WaW-BO3), Wizard101 & Pirate101, TF2, Bloons TD 6, Dungeons Defenders 2, Inside, Battle Block Theatre, Jazzpunk


Mainly jrpgs with meaty job systems like Bravely Default and FF Tactics, but I've been playing Digimon Cyber Sleuth a fair bit recently and am really enjoying it.


I like 2d fighting games and jrpgs the most I’d say, but I’ll play just about anything. I love steadily learning and developing an intricate understanding of a fighter’s mechanics and employing various tricks in order to condition and open opponents up. At the same time, I like the slower paced nature of jrpgs and combat systems that require me to take my time to carefully come to the best decision. Also my brain is just satisfied by watching numbers go up, so y’know.


I used to be afraid of open world, but I've grown to appreciate it. I did finally stop playing AC Odyssey because I had other games I wanted to play too, but the unlimited side quests were just so fun and the map was excellent for exploring! Witcher III was amazing! I loved the different visual feels of different locales.


I'd heard of Oxygen Not Included for a few years now but never gave it a shot until I got it on special from Steam summer sale. I finally got around to playing it at the beginning of the week and I haven't been able to put it down. I totally suck at it and I must've restarted at least 50 times but I learn something and slowly get better and farther along the base-building every time. I think it's normal to feel a bit overwhelmed, I try to get passed that and just dive in with my usual clumsy play style and hope it sticks.


WoW Burning Cruisade ❤️


I usually play platformers, or open world games, rpgs, some shooters like halo, mmos and online multiplayer games. But i only really do the last two with friends aside from, like 1 mmo


Mostly role-playing games or games with role-play elements like making choices. For example: Skyrim, all Fallout games, Detroit become human, Until Dawn, Dragon Age Origins and Inquisition, The Outer Worlds, Red Dead Redemption 2, and dishonoured 2.