Just witnessed somebody spend 500/750k on a 1k bounty lol.

Just witnessed somebody spend 500/750k on a 1k bounty lol.

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It's not about money, it's about sending a message.


Exactly. That's why I always stole my car back when cops impound it. I don't give a fuck about $2k or whatever it costs, stealing back my car is just like showing them a middle finger.


It's $250, but I do the exact same thing. It's more fun to steal it back.


Oh, it's that cheap. Well, the point still stands.


$250 at the lot. $1000 via the Office Assistant Ordering another vehicle while calling Mors - Priceless!


It’s always like 20 grand too but it’s like f you I’m not driving my busted up cop chase car I’m getting a clean one


For everything else, there's ~~Mastercard~~ Shark Cards


what? explain I don't understand


It’s a reference to the old MasterCard ads


And if you get the mechanic to deliver a different car while you still have one impounded the cops will destroy it.. so you'll have to call Mors too.


The divide grows


I just call my assistant


And she repairs it and at least she answers the phone while I’m in the grass beside the road unlike my mechanic!


shes a g


Best way is to have someone else blow it up while you steal it, they pay for the insurance and you don’t have to do any work


I leave them a nice heli in return. ...usually crashed into the parking lot, but meh.


It’s the principle of it.


If that car was able to get caught & impounded, I cut my loses & buy another one. No one wants a weak vehicle.


Actually, that sounds like a system I may have to implement from now on. Let the natural selection work.


yeah fuck cops!


Dread it, run from it...Destiny arrives all the same.


All that for a drop of blood


A small price to pay for salvation


all that... for a drop of *cum?*






r/expectedthanos to maintain balance


The likes aren't balanced


I came here to say the same thing


And the message is "1 x 0 lzzzzzzzzzzz"


Fucking swear.


This city deserves a new kind of criminal. And he's gonna give it to them.


You fucker I was gonna say the exact same thing 😂




Really? For me it's always about money. I want to buy a tank!


That felt more personal than a 1k bounty


Yeah or just had so much money they don't know what to do with it and they were bored lol.


i legit spent like 10m+ on meteor strikes lmao, its about sending a message and also feels satisfying af


What are meteor strikes?


Orbital strikes, they are unlockable in the facility for 700k and can insta kill someone with a sky laser.


What do they unbascially do?


The same thing but with a thesaurus making the words as complicated as possible


Applying said bounty will stop the person from going in passive.


You can't go passive with a bounty on your head? If that is the case this is a great solution to take revenge on those passive-going-noobs after they've tried and failed to kill you or ruin your mission for no reason and you go after them


Correct, 1k bounty is the start of a lesson.


On console, it also prevents you from having to pay for their vehicle that you destroy in the process of killing them.


This is the critical info right here


This is why KD farmers leave straight away after getting a chain of kills


I’ll put on bounty on a tryhard/griefer, they’ll proceed to leave, have their friend in another session take their bounty, then come back to the same session. Wtf is wrong with these people...


Sometimes you just have to leave the tryhardiest tryhards to be their tryhardiest tryhard self.


This is Marianas Trench deep


thats some next level tryhard stuff. As a base tryhard I could care less if someone wants to fight, idc bring it on im here for fun like u are. But i never seen someone get scared of losing their kd after u put a bounty on them. How do these kd warriors enjoy the game


who tf honestly cares about KD in a crime simulator?


exactly. Im just here to have fun


In a game that is beyond easy to farm and inflate the shit on, too.


You've never seen it? Really? It happens a solid 60% of the time. In fact, I've done it just to get people to leave my lobby. Super tryhards are an insult to gamers the world over. Fragile little shits ruin the experience for others, then run at the first sight of danger.


Well In the base tryhard community we don’t really care for score or kd. and majority of the times i mind my buisness and if once in a while these type of no life tryharders come after me and i usually kill them and they close app so they lose kd


I stopped playing this game but I'll never understand why people care about KD it's literally completely useless does not help you at all


Why would one care enough to farm KD?


There are people who just like to rack up kills so it’s not simply about a stat, but many just want that number regardless of the (total lack of actual skill) ways they get there. They’ll use every trick in the book except be decent at combat


that and you can also take people out of ghosted by giving them a bounty (which me and a random did to a griefer that went ghosted)


I know, but I don't think they were beefing with the guy who used the orbital cannon beforehand though, unless it was a long time before.


Usually names stick out for awhile. My crew has a cyber stalker who likes to hunt us, so if we see him come into our lobby, we toss a bounty on his head and some will go orb him. Besides that case, play long enough and some names become familiar and their previous history.


Yeah that's true. I almost always see someone I recognise these days I've played it so much lol. Can't always remember if I know them for good or bad reasons though...


Also works if they ghosted you so you can kill them




Maybe he want award for bounty hunting.


Dont think hard he just wants to kill someone


it's really not worth it




Killing people for no reason is a gta household staple


It's extremely satisfying blowing someone up with the orbital cannon


but 750K?


Consider this. When the orbital cannon first came out Rockstar gave everyone one free shot with it for Christmas. I didn't use mine until a year or so later when I was being griefed by a guy who chased me all over the map. Finally I got to my facility and I sent him a text. "Merry Christmas" I got a very satisfying achievement that day. Needless to say if I was that patient to not use it until I was really pissed off maybe there's someone out there who waited even longer.


"Merry Christmas" hahaha


You filthy animal!




I spent 500k just to kill my friends when they annoying each other. Waited for them to get close together and fired. Best spent money


What was their reactions?


First they were suprised, then they laughed and went back to doing casino heist preps




Modded money


Frozen money


I mean there is an achievement to kill someone with it


Making that sweet, sweet cash yo.


And this is why there is no point putting more than 1k on someone. No one notices or cares how much. If they’re going to go after it they will anyway.


I remember the days back on PS3, when ypu could put million+ dollar bounties on players, ahhh the good ol days


wasn't that a good way of sharing money amongst your friends? Put a bounty on one of them then another one claims it?


Yes it was. Also another trick was to get a player with millions of dollars, befriending them and then getting them to mod a car out 100% then they gave you the car so you could sell it at West Coast Customs.


It's a shame stuff like that was removed, would make it easier to bring friends new into the game.


Can't have people getting large sums of money that easily, or no one would buy shark cards.


Now we just have to give them an 85% cut of the easiest heist in the game once or twice so they can buy a sub.


That does make Cayo Perico so odd. Won’t let wealthy players share our money with poor friends but can do a heist that (once you’re used to it) just hands you money.


Cause doing the heist is playing the game as intended?


Technically it wasn't removed per say....i believe your still able to do so if your on the PS3, i don't know. On the PS4, no, all that is removed.


I mean you can literally use cheat engine to add money on pc so eh


That doesn’t actually work online does it?


Oh it does


> per say Just FYI, it's "per se". From Latin, meaning "by or in itself".


yesss. it really sucks that it isn't possible to just share money anytime, anywhere through like the Maze Bank site or something


Guess they don't want people to sell cash at half of their shark card prices or whatever


For a very short period of time you could straight up give people money.


that was some John Wick 3 stuff


One of my all time greatest gaming memories was from when I managed to sneak up and park my tank on an exploiter with a multi-million bounty on him.


Never forget the moneypocalypse


Thats how I got my 200 million


Absolutely. I'll always go for a bounty.


In a lot of cases you're doing the person a favour cos it gets that monkey off their back so they can carry on with what they want to do.


That monkey also hides if you use a vehicle with a special icon, so can come in rather handy.


In some cases the monkey is welcome. Come and get it :)


Yeah definitely. Most of the time people just accept it and move on, don't think I've ever had someone retaliate after claiming their bounty. Occasionally had a message saying "why?" though lol.


First time I ever got orbital striked was when I killed some random with a bounty on them. He then proceeded to call in a strike team and a mugger then started hunting me with a MK2. It was the absolute funniest shit, because I just sat under an overpass making fun of him and he was too scared to fly into the confined space or dismount and approach on foot.


I've come across and seen a few people get hissy fit over someone claiming the bounty on them and keep going after someone for it. But then that's the biggest "griefer" I tend to come across, sore losers. I've had people repeatedly attack me with every weaponised vehicle they own cos I've won something like hold the package or king of the castle against them. I see that far more than dickheads looking for cheap kills on everyone. ​ If I have a bounty and low level is near me I'll message them to collect on it. Generally higher levels I'll make work for it - especially lazy people who try to just fly up and use missiles. On the bad loser subject I had one a while back who tried to use the opp mk2 for a lazy kill but I'd positioned myself where they couldn't do that. So they had to actually earn it and they couldn't. Cos they were shit basically (cos I"m nothing special at PvP). They started messaging me on xbox calling me a "toxic camper" cos I wouldn't just hand the bounty to them. Too many lazy entitled whiners playing this game.


If I've a bounty on me I usually hide in the abandoned mine and make them search for me. It's fun watching them hover over me on their mk2s thinking "Where the fuck is he?"


I've not tried that one before, the train tunnels generaly are good, especially where they narrow , also a few places where there's no straight shot so RPG etc no use and they have to fight


The good thing about the mine is that you can stand underneath where a road is, if they don't know where the entrance is it confuses the hell out of them


yeah that's a good point, the mine is even less known that trains - always surprises me how many people don't know about these things, like there being air above the city. I mean I fly around at the ceiling and people still go round and round where they think I must be.


Yeah it's good that the bounty hides what vehicle you're in, so they can't tell if it's an air or ground vehicle.


Its hilarious with an akula. Get a bounty, activate stealth mode, fly as high up as possible, deactivate stealth, and wars unfold beneath you. For bonus points keep activating stealth, changing positions, and deactivate stealth again.


The only time i go after others like this is when they interrupt my hullage. Like really, i just wanna have a good time driving trucks aroind los santos listening to los Santos rovk radio making a bit og money but some dumbass has to come around and just be the worst person.


I see you with a bounty, I BRRRRRRRRTTTTTT


And lets them go off-radar


Unless theyre in a sell mission or anything like that


Of course.


If I see someone griefing in a lobby I'll usually throw them off by ordering an orbital strike. Hopefully giving time to those the person is griefing to regroup or something.


Not all heroes wear capes. I salute you, sir!


This is probably someone with billions of dollars putting a $1000 bounty so the person he wants to kill can’t go passive, then he just spends $750000 which is like 75 cents to him & kills him


It’s less than that for us, I’ve got $6.8B and I love orbital striking people being assholes to other players. The people who get striked are normally like (But 750??? You’re a loser). Really the money is a non-issue, what gets me is the amount of loading screens I have to get through to get to my strike table lol


Through most of the pandemic, me, my brother and a friend would grind heists. We’d prepare them on our own, then get together and do all three in the evening. Of course, there’s lots of shenanigans. I deliberately pissed off the friend as he was nearing $100 million. He is notoriously cheap in game, but he had been saying for a while that when he reached $100 million he would buy something just for himself. The thing he bought ended up being an orbital strike on me.


Rofl. Ultimate dick move ha.


“Did you really just do that?“ The three of us laughed for hours.


It's the thought that counts


That’s there is fuck you money


Textbook definition of it lol.


It's not about the money, it's about sending an orbital cannon


Nice! Full disclosure, Depending on my mood I am the player that ignores everyone and grinds, or just loves to drive around and see if i can get others to join in, but sometimes, I can just be in a mood to destroy EVERYONE! Anyway just a couple days ago i'm just driving around down by Vespucci and drive by another player, Blam! kills me, now this player wasn't right next to me they were a ways away. Mood changed instantly. I call in my MKII, fly to my facility, go to my orbital, set to auto aim, BOOM! Before that I had never used it on anyone. In the moment it was totally worth it.


You remind me of that time when there was some laze flying around my lobby killing everyone in there. I decided to snipe the guy but i was only able to make the guy's jet smoking the next thing i see - he's tryna get new lazer and i think aight im actually down for a dogfight but when i get in my lazer i see that i killed the guy. Looks like his jet crashed and he didnt jump out in time. I flew over to his hangar where he was ducking (obviously) and not very long after i see him in his facility and i immiedatly knew what was going to happend. I just accepted the inevitable and just waited for the orbital strike but i saw that somebody messaged me. I open the xbox menu and i saw my game screen shake a a little bit. Yes - he missed an orbital cannon. As im replying to my friend i see the same thing happen again - He missed twice. And the third time i got hit but it was an auto aimed orbital. So here's the story how a lazer tryhard spends 1.75 mil just to kill me once.


Fantastic story lmao


Anyone else absolutely love it when someone sets a bounty on you? I feel flattered when orbitalled as well lol


It's not the money. It's the *message*.


I always claim bounties and give the money to the person the bounty was placed on.


How very noble of you lol.


But i would not spend 750K on a orbital strike for a bounty lmao


No lol. I wouldn't do it for any reason. Don't even own the orbital cannon.


The only reason would be for the trophy i guess


Spend 1.4 mil on a 10G achievement? Not in a million years haha. Only reason I'd do that is if it was the last one I had to get, which will never happen considering there are the criminal mastermind ones etc.


Well, if its any consolation, the first time using it is free.


Ah really? Didn't know that. Still 900k then lol.


How do you give the money


Interaction menu


Interaction menu, inventory, cash -> share to players by percentage. I do the same, but only if they're level 100 or lower.


Marching on together


MOT! 🤍💛💙


Its not about the money, its about having a reason to grief guilt free.


Once my bf pissed of some griefers on a jet and someone thought it was me (i was also flying a jet) so they fired an orbital cannon at me and not him. As soon as he realized his mistake, he left


Happened to me. Was flying my shitty cuban 800 and some tryhard orbed me. I had a 1k bounty General rule of thumb is that i give back the 1k i earned from killing people with 1k bounties as a "your welcome" gift. I mean really, they could die and not get anything back or they can die and get their free 1k.


You know what they say. It's about the hunt, not the reward


I had someone yesterday orbital me twice and only blew up my RC bandito and then my RC tank hahaha and then he proceeded to tell me that I was childish 😅


Haha nice


How tf ur sniper half infa red or whatever tf


Thermal scope for the Heavy Sniper MkII. Unlock it through bunker research.


The orbital cannon is the biggest waste of money in gta online. Change my mind.


No I won't, cos I agree lol.


There's something oddly satisfying about seeing an Orbital shot in thermal vis


A guy once stole my car. I blew the car up. It’s not about the thing itself, it’s about sending a message


I like it when people steal my Oppressor. You can just empty your vehicle and watch them fall to their death haha.


I've used the orbital cannon twice, both times on unsuspecting friends who were new to the game. They kept dicking around, smashing my car windows, killing me while I was on the phone etc. I eventually pretended to 'lose my shit' and 'bring the rain' to derisive chuckles. Accepted Bogdan invite to teleport into the facility and while they were still panicking about where I'd vanished to, I summoned the cannon. They didn't know about it and still don't as far as I know. They never mess with my shit anymore once I tell them to stop. Best 1.5 million I've ever spent.


Gotta spend money to make money


The 1k bounty was most likely because they view ghosted to a players CEO or MC.


Weird flex but ok


Maybe he had safe wizard??


This was sponsored by Mr El Rubio


[I was also in a session with someone bad at GTA and math](https://www.reddit.com/r/gtaonline/comments/mz8aox/when_youre_bad_at_gta_and_math/)


Some men aren't looking for anything logical. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just wanna watch the world burn.


Are you shitting me? Posting orb clips is all it takes to get a bunch of awards and upvotes? Hold my beer.


Apparently so lol? Did not expect this reaction.


I may have done that before lol


I mean, thats one way to do it.


A small price it pay for bounty


Players on console can do the orbital cannon glitch where you use it and not spend the money. That's probably what this is


Do you not have to leave the lobby as soon as you've done it or something to do that?


When the daily objective calls for capturing a bounty and you’re on your 29th day streak.




Hiding under a bridge or construction site. Watching them Orb twice with no kill 😂 trolling at its best.


This happens anytime a lowlevel tries to "grief" me when I don't have the energy. Orbital Cannon. Leave session. Go on about my day.


Me with the orbital Space cannon 😂😂


We call that level of wealth “[email protected]$& you money.”


Talk about fuckin dedication


rookie here, what just happened?


I was going to claim this bounty, and just as I got there someone else killed him with the orbital cannon which you can get in a facility. The cannon itself costs 900k and then to use it it's 500k per shot for manual aim or 750k per shot for an auto aim.


Sounds about how i do bounties. Load my deluxo up with stickys and try tricking bounties into just getting in my car then bailing and blowing it up. Yes its worth it, don't question me.


We’re a little in the red, but you gotta spend money to make money.


It's never about the bounty.


It's not about the money, it's about sending a message


Popped a kid twice and 5 mins later they orbital cannoned me - and had the audacity to call ME trash.


with cayo perico? that’ll be an hourly routine




Power move right here people