Surgeon Simulator 2.....only on Epic Fail Store

Surgeon Simulator 2.....only on Epic Fail Store


Old news... But the game doesn't even look good for me in the first place so fuck it. I guess they knew it's not going to be as much of a success as the first one, so they just took the bribe for some free cash.


Nothing of quality has been lost


This. The first one is a meme game. Fun for like five minutes and then you feel you wasted your cash.


Was never interested in these games anyway




Nah, it looked so meh that they would have to pay me to play it


Does it really? I mean, the first game was horrible and barely any fun. Didn't bother to watch any trailers to be honest.


This is what I'm thinking scrolling through this post, people keep saying it doesn't even look that good. Did the first one? I thought we only played it bc it was so bad.


The first one is like a Level 3 Escalation Mission in Hitman 2. It's frustrating but you at least understand the controls and how to do it. It's just a matter of \*executing\* it that is the issue. But it is also satisfying when you get it right.


I'll put it this way, there's too many good games out there to waste my precious gaming time on mediocre shit like this 🤷‍♀️


I really enjoyed the first one and had no idea they made a sequel.Why does epic ruin everything.


I make sure to seed Epic exclusives indefinitely, even if I'm not interested in playing them. Piracy is a service problem. Epic is a shitty service. Q.E.D.


You...are a very good person. <3


I do my best.


I don't really see any way you can improve or iterate on the Surgeon Simulator concept. I wasn't particularly interested in it anyway. Seeing the trailer wasn't a moment of interest, it was more like "why does there need to be two of these?".


From what little gameplay I've seen it has barely any ties to the original game, just uses the name to draw attention and nothing more


Fake news, Timmy said there's no shit games on his store and this looks shit.


Well the game looked interesting to me but I guess I'll have to resort to pirating if I ever want to play that game.


Nobody was going to buy it anyway.


So publisher/dev has no confidence in its game. Good to know already.


Anytime a game goes Epic exclusive it tells me first and foremost that the development company and publishers have no confidence in it. And if it's something I want to play, I just put my eye patch on and head over to CW and sign up for notifications. All Epic exclusives are high seas exclusives.


No Surgeon game will ever top: Life or Death: You are the Surgeon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_%26_Death)


I did finish fully Surgeon Simulator 1 long ago and I must say I hated every single of it. A game that requires precision SHOULD NOT have such wacky random number generated physics engine. I cannot stress how often I had to replay the whole 10 minute long level because something random has happen. "Ups, hitbox of the object decided to disable itself" "Ups, your tool decided to just phase thru the desk and sink into floor" "Ups, there goes the heart" "Ups, ambulance decided to jump up for two meters sending everything flying on the floor " "Ups, there goes the laser cutting patient skull" "Ups, table decided to hard to stop in corridor level so there goes the eye" "Ups, there goes box with kidneys" "Ups, ambulance decided to make your tools go bye bye" "Ups, there goes the hammer" "Ups, ambulance decided to make your tools go bye bye once again" "Ups, a drug inducing needle decided to randomly catapult itself into your arm because gravity" "Ups, time to wait 15 minutes for a hammer to slowly come back thanks to low gravity in space" "Ups, physics do funny thing haha" "Ups, a bug do funny thing haha" "Ups, there goes another 30 minutes of your life spend on doing a simple task in hope of finishing that level." Maybe sequel will be way more fun with multiplayer but to be honest Epic game or not - I don't want to bother with Surgeon Simulator anymore. As a person who love precision and skill - I hate that game with burning passion. Fucking Goat Simulator is less random than Surgeon Simulator.


Not gonna lie, as someone who played it, the VR port of Surgeon Simulator is *much* easier than the original version, as it gets rid of all the clunkiness of the non-VR game's controls.


Can you use both hands and Vive controller in VR?






Uh...the wacky physics and the fact that things go flying all around in Surgeon Sim is the appeal.. Dunno why you're going in expecting a fully fledged 100% accurate surgeon sim when it's all supposed to be dumb and goofy.


This. I want to see him review QWOP next.


QWOP is nothing when comparing to Surgeon Simulator. In QWOP I can easy move and run without an issue because controls are simple , not clunky and there is no low gravity or random jumping ambulances or glitches happening every 30 seconds. God help you if you are trying to finish the level in Surgeon Simulator with best time or score.


Isn't the point of it that you don't need to be precise?


Yeah, also, where else can you perform a double kidney transplant using only a hammer?


in real life but (hopefully) only once


Sadly if you want to finish the level you have to be ultra precise and almost perfect to finish the level with as little annoying random bullshit stuff happening around as possible. Did you see gameplay video of ambulance/in space/corridor level? A true nightmare to handle (pun intended).


Bro it's not about finishing the level it's about having fun dicking around in a space sim lmao, I don't think anyone's really considered finishing the game super intently


>Bro it's not about finishing the level it's about having fun dicking around in a space sim Then I guess its not the game for me because I don't find fun in trying to finish each level for 15th time thanks to garbage amount of glitches and physics based random number generator. Sorry that I am playing my video games to completion and not for couple of minutes to "dick around in them" and never actually finishing them. >I don't think anyone's really considered finishing the game super intently Then I guess I can call myself the biggest fan of Surgeon Simulator because I actually did finish every single level unlike majority of people who are just "dicking around" for 5 minutes, leaving a positive Steam review saying "haha hammer goes bye-bye" and never come back to play it ever again.


Its kind of supposed to make you mad.


I am pretty sure store description on the store does not say "Glitches are intentional, those supposed to make you mad because its a good game design."




"Ups" because I am Polish so please don't "correct" me on that.




I bought the first one to support Linux only. Obviously, they'll receive 10 € less this time. The Goat Simulator was more fun anyway.


You might be sad to know that Coffee Stain also took bribe money for Satisfactory and mocked Steam users at the same time.


I was hoping it would have been photo realistic... but nope.


1 line appeared on my mind: Ssibal nomma (Motherfucker in Korean)


Sad thing to see after fall of the Words Adrift


I got the chance to be in the closed beta. I passed.


I mean, it's just a "YouTuber's" game. It's made to upload one or two funny videos and be forgotten forever. There are tons of those out there, nothing of value.


I think we are at a point in the EGS exclusive history where Pubs/Devs from big game-titles won't go for the EGS deal because they know it is a loss excluding the sales on other plattforms in the long run. But it is still attractive for smaller games with low impact on the gaming market since it lowers the risk of (financial) failure in the best case, losing only a small amount of money from other plattforms in the worst case. The only exceptions should be long time deals (Ubisoft) or mutual back rubbing of the devils (GearBox, Sony).   Indie games for an Indie Storefront. Works for me. Everyone who wants to stay insignificant can go there and do the one thing they're good for: Depleting Epic Money.


Anyone else had a PM from u/THE-DUMBEST-N-WORD?


it aint even anything like surgeon sim 1 you literally jsut rip a limb off and rush through a puzzle to get a new one


You either die a surgeon...


I heard it will also be released in the argghhh store


I truly do despise epic as a company, and EGS as a platform, but can we just acknowledge that this sub has the *lamest* fucking insults? I feel like I'm back in 8th grade half the time in this sub because it's epic fail this epic fail that


And this is why I like stadia. I can buy epic exclusive games without giving epic my money or my information.


How do you even get that platform to work...?