Figurative toll booth company operator says toll booths are bad

Figurative toll booth company operator says toll booths are bad


remember this is the same guy who said skate bird wasnt allowed on their store because they promised there backers steam keys


or did not allow to sell DARQ on his store because developer did want to release his game on all stores at the same time.


And here I am to who Eisenberg was swearing that EGS didn’t allow DARQ because they weren’t ready for it and now everything is how it should be. Except I imagine that Skate Bird was launched relatively recently


> Except I imagine that Skate Bird was launched relatively recently "Planned Release Date: 2021", according to [its Steam store page](https://store.steampowered.com/app/971030/SkateBIRD/).


Made a mistake, I thought I played it before on Steam Makes it even worse that EGS didn’t accept them


> Made a mistake, I thought I played it before on Steam There was a demo at one point, for a game festival. Perhaps that's when you played it.




You know there is a word called "their", right?


You must be fun at the parties


Am I invited? :D


Considering that you are asking - I guess the answer is usually "no" with potential "maybe" but ending it with ruining the food table while being drunk.


You do realize not everyone is an English native, right?


His tone was too snarky but as a non-native speaker I appreciate getting corrected, you only get better if you know you're doing something wrong.


Sure, neither am I.


This is comedy gold. This dude... he's his own meme.


It really is an incredible talent to be able to shoot oneself in the foot so many times.


And still have any foot left to shoot. Either that, or he’s promoted to shooting his heels.




This dude is absolutely grade A+. Straight up disassociative identity disorder.


That's an insult to anyone who has DID.




More like cognitive dissonance


That's something that affects us all from time to time though while he's legit psychopathic, a liar who is only consistent in how inconsistant he is. Cognitive dissonance isn't a mental illness, Sweeney-ism is.


What a load of bollocks. If that's the case then, I should get a free copy of all the games I own that Epic does actually offer. The few they have in their catalog.


GOG does that occasionally with some games. The true you should own you digital things store.


Many itch.io games and programs also give you a Steam key on purchase


No, GOG doesn't give you steam keys. It gives you games on its own platform if you have them on Steam.


I’m aware of that. I meant to say that if you buy on itch.io you also get Steam key pretty often with the itch.io version


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Did he wake up one day and just forgot who he was?


I hope he woke up and **remembered who he is**, that what we’ve seen of him in the last year or two was just him suffering from amnesia. But alas, one can only hope (and dream).


Hasn't he always been kind of a turd when it comes to PC gaming though?


But at least he's an owner of innovation company who actually create something not using money to handcuff people to buy what they want and give a share to him.




and thats why i purchase games from GOG because they let me download the offline installation files


\+1 - GOG is my #1 storefront - * Offline installer * DRM free * Awesome refund policy Steam is #2. If game is unavailable on Steam or requires an additional launcher it's a high seas exclusive.


Gog doesn't offer regional pricing. So it's a no go for me. But I don't hate them because they're the honest competitor. To be honest if a game is not on Steam I prefer setting sail to open seas. It just doesn't worth downloading an extra launcher and micro manage stores and their useless updates.


I totally understand your point of view. Certain storefronts I just don't do business with because they are inferior to the storefronts that I actually do choose to do business with. If a game is exclusive to Epic as an example, I just use my boat as I don't do business with Epic.


I really like GOG but personally I prefer Steam because Valve do so much good for Linux gaming and even though I don't use Linux as a primary OS; I like having the reassurance that most of my Steam games will work flawlessly on an open platform.


I thought I’d let you know that on Steam it’s up to developers to choose whether their game is going to have DRM or not. Steam DRM is easily removable and without it Steam couldn’t count playtime But sadly, Steam doesn’t provide DRM free installers


Perhaps you meant your reply for someone else's post...none of what you said is in any way relevant to anything I posted. Thanks for attempting to participate in the discussion though.


You mentioned one of your pros of GOG that it is DRM free. I just corrected you that Steam also accepts DRM free games


You didn't correct anything. I never made a case that Steam DOESN'T accept DRM free games, however many do have DRM and as you noted (and I agree with), it doesn't offer offline installers which ties in on the DRM topic as well as no client is needed to download the offline installer whilst you have to install Steam's client in order to install Steam games even if you can later enter offline mode. It's those items plus GOG's incredible refund policy that puts them in my #1 slot. And for clarity; in no way am I hating on Steam - they are my second choice, and I own a ton of games on that platform - it's a great storefront, that's why I do business with them but with regards to the DRM discussion, it's really a no contest in GOG versus Steam. The offline installers are a huge pro in that arena.


Maybe “corrected” was a too much strong of a word in this case. Your comment could make an impression that Steam is RDM-only, so I added a little bit more of details on this topic


Fair enough. No hard feelings from my end.


DRM free installers! The only way to _own_ a PC game in 2020 ^^Literally


> DRM free installers! The only way to own a PC game in 2020 > > Literally Not entirely. Many countries actually explicitly state that even digital goods are in fact your property. It's just that companies always try to do slimy shit and no one wants to fight back


Yeah, I remember consumer rights! Now we're buying Day 1 Gold Edition $120 games with 45% of the content locked behind a further paywall (now with added lootboxes!) ^(...guess that's where we're at)


not just that you can actually download the files yourself from the website literally put it on a thumb drive and install it onto any PC


Indeed! I backup my GOG games onto optical as well. Those discs'll still work in 20 years, dude.


If you take care of them, yeah. I do have some really old retail games with disks that still work to this day. And some of them even work out of the box on Win10, too.


GOG is my first choice for a digital game store because of that. It annoys me that Steam doesn't do the same.


Steam does allow drm free games, but it's the choice of the dev.


But Steam doesn’t offer offline installers to you. Even though you can make one yourself if you want


The closest would be to download files using [SteamCMD](https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD), I guess.


Also, using this you can download any version of the game ever uploaded, even the first one


But still you can’t sell them, tho, like a true product you have 😩


Sweeney monsters himself yet again.


Epic literally buys exclusive rights for games and locks them to the epic only platform. Tim is a meme at this point.


What low level troll effort. He talks this about digital ownership while it allows denuvo on its store AND programmed an option for games to require its crappy client running in background for some games to work. Yet again kids and dumb people still praise and lick his anus due to the free games, lies, or spite over steam for no reason. Disgusting.


His head is so fucking up his own ass he's like a fucking donut.


Then be the first to let people transfer their games between accounts and cooperate with Valve, CDRP and other store devs to make it possible even between platforms! What an ooblet


I swear he deliberately says shit like this to annoy people. He can't be this blind to his hypocrisy.


Ah yes. Do one thing and then criticize that same thing. This is what we in the business call “double standards“.


Lol, classic Tim Sweeney. Does something now that completely contradicts something he said so vehemently in the past. >July 20, 2020 Oh for fuck’s sake.


Lol right it was like 1 hour before I posted it.


He’s a reall fucking ooblet


Oofa. That cognitive dissonance must be crippling, /u/TimSweeneyEpic.


this dude is a parody of himself


This is actually pretty ingenious. Let me explain: Epic bought game 1 year exclusive. 1 year later, when the game release on steam those suckers who bought game on epic will demand steam key. The inverse won't happen, steam will never bought game exclusivity deal and let's be real, people who bought any game on steam have zero interest to get epic key.


I sold my fort account for $300 bucks. I'm glad Tim is this braindead.


Nice, buyer gets his skins and epic doesn't get their cut. I should have done that with mine rather than just delete the account.


This guy right here can go fuck himself


So, like EGS?




Did someone hack his account or something? Nobody could be this oblivious/hypocritical.


Does he even like... know what a mirror is?


Tim Sweeney, the weak puppet for the Chinese Communist Party


Is this seriously not fucking satire? This man is a fucking moron




Troll booth.


His defence of this was that you can buy Epic games via Humble. I mean.. I'm dumbfounded. We live in an age where CEOs (and presidents) can flagrantly lie and bullshit. The more brazen the better.


We live in a world where Presidents (Obama) weaponize the FBI against their successors. There must be justice for *that*.


No one weaponized the FBI against Trump, grow up. That's been repeatedly debunked. Trump is a complete piece of shit who has spent his *ENTIR*E term in office poisoning the entire government, appointing his immensely unqualified buddies/campaign donors/family friends/family members to cabinet positions and other high government positions, insulting literally everyone in the country from Gold Star families to the working class to the middle class to immigrants to minorities to Congress, mayors, governors, his own advisors, the entire security agency community, and anyone else possible. Among all the other fucked up shit he's done. ​ But you aren't worried about justice for that, right.


If this is his stance, he should work towards building a platform that allows exactly what he wishes for. But nah, let's build a shitty storefront that does exactly what he doesn't like. Why? Money I guess lohl. This guy is denser than fucking osmium.


I'm genuinely confused at what he's trying to get at. As many have pointed out, this is already solved by making software DRM free. But his proposal (which is elaborated in the rest of his tweets) just sounds like he wants to make some unecessary and complex system to track game ownership. He is essentially saying that consumers should choose which store DRM they want, which makes practically no difference at all. You are still being forced to have some kind of software check whether or not you own a game, which has no benefit whatsoever to anyone. Basically, he's trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist.


"obstruct open commerce with toll booth blah blah" meanwhile he is signing the next 500 exclusivity deals


What a hypocrite


The date on that tweet is wrong. Should be Apr 1, 2020. I think at this point he is just trolling around. He can't be genuinely think that way, can he?! o.O


this must be a joke. a very stupid and bad joke.


That's exactly what we want! Stream has more features of far older and established, Epic Game Store is new and has less features. Games should be able to pay for their games on both game stores, but because Epic pays publishers higher percentage their store will be few dollars cheaper. Essentially gamers will have option, pay little bit more and get more Steam feature or save some dollars and instead of buying 3 games but 4th cheaper game that you missed out on too.


Yay more reasons to not use Epic ever. They can make all games of the world free. I dont give a shit. Not supporting this company and idiot behind it. Developers who join the boat for money greed get a boycott.


u/TimSweeneyEpic Don't you ever get tired of being a blatant liar and a hypocrite? I wonder what your family thinks of you.


"ownership of digital items should be a universal notion". So why you force exclusivity Tim? Why you force me using a specific platform for the product i'm interested? Maybe I want to keep my games in one and better store like...steam.


This tweet is so insanely hypocritical that it almost feels like it has to be fake. How tf can Timmy say this out of one side of his mouth and then constantly go after last-minute exclusives not playable on other PC platforms.


To the guy who got automodded for karma just now: its a very stupid bad joke indeed.


That "SLUT" should keep his mouth shut, he is making too much of controversial statement






Also you're wrong, sorry. If Valve's core integration with retail installer discs - which is what got them into the position they were in by 2010 - is the sole reason they got market share, then Epic would have destroyed them already by offering free games to "lure people in". It has almost nothing to do with their success. Once Valve got people in their ecosystem, they did nothing but provide endless reasons why to stay there and make it more attractive to new users. Epic is doing nothing like that.


>Epic's aim is to bring players in, not lock players in. But it fucking locks you in if you want to play Snowrunner. *adjusts eye-patch*


Yeah, I read the whole thing and it doesn't really change anything. It just shows that Tim was applying serious double standards. Steam had done, and had allowed lots of things Tim mentioned in his comment. A bunch of games like Borderlands 1 and Company of Heroes could be redeemed on Steam even though their original discs don't require Steam to run. A lot of games could be bought on Steam and redeemed on Origin. Steam didn't mind GOG scanning their accounts to give out GOG games. Ultimately, those slowed down or stopped. And it seemed more like publishers stopped allowing Steam and other digital stores to do this. Tim didn't view any of these as stores trying to make buying games a universal notion. He viewed it as stores trying to lock in their customers. But when he makes exclusive deals, locking games to his platform, or is trying to make more stores sell Epic keys instead of Steam keys, he views that it's to 'bring players in' instead.


Now ask yourself, if competition feature-wise is not efficient and rational then why do we need competition exclusivity-wise? Why there should be EGS, what is the purpose of this store if not to lock people in? Why you think that it deserves customers if Steam and GOG provide a million times better service. Just for the sake of another ownership database? So, Tim’s strategy on creating a decentralized digital ownership system is to create yet another store with the federated system. If I understand him correctly, his logic goes like this: force people to use multiple stores and then it will be easier to form an agreement with other platforms to share them. Then the most effective way to utilize this strategy would be to create as much as possible different storefronts with each having big exclusives in them to make people annoyed by having to use 9999+ accounts and demand changes in digital ownership status. Which we don’t see I don’t see Tim support PC gaming and decentralized digital ownership policy, I see him only supporting his own store, which does nothing itself to support it. Epic Games could start by allowing its users to transfer their ownership between accounts at least for games that developers chose to allow it. But no, we won’t be seeing this any soon, because Epic Games Store is anti-consumer. Everything from the front page to its launcher screams that it hates people. It wants you to shut up, spend money and don’t ask questions or demand anything. It wants to have power over you. That’s what EGS is all about


Kind of ironic that you claim out of context and yet the context is confirming tha Tim is saying one thing while practicing the other. This mistake also is something you should correct or at least make sure you don't make: >Gamergate Since it is GamersGate and not gamergate.


Imagine still trying to suck dick of Tim Sweeney in 2020, eisberg


The most hilarious/ridiculous thing about this whole string of tweets is that Tim Sweeney seems to argue from a position as if it comes down to the stores to decide to implement "universal ownership" of games. It's ultimately the publishers and devs who decide whether or not they allow a store to unlock a product for their customers. especially considering that the grand majority of all online stores (and even plattform-exclusive stores) don't sell ownership of the games but merely a license that unlocks the game for a customer on that particular store or that particular plattform (Like Nintendo for example who made people re-buy old super Mario titles again and again for each new console and handheld even if the prior purchases happened through Nintendo's digital stores). There's a reason why GOG only does a very limited game ownership copy from steam to GOG (and it's usually time limited for a lot of titles as well). There's a reason why Valve only allows some license keys of physical game copies to activate on steam while others can't be activated at all even though the games are sold through steam too. There's a reason why Nvidea got into quite a bit of hot water over their Geforce Now service and why quite a few games are no longer available to play through that service. It's the same reason why Tim Sweeney has to go the expensive route of buying game giveaways every two weeks to pad people's libraries on his barebones epic store. There's a reason why he doesn't just say "If you own one of our games on steam we'll unlock it to you on the EGS as well. Come to us and take your library with you." The reason for all of the above is of course that it's not up to stores to decide whether or not to unlock a game for a user who already bought that game elsewhere. The right to decide that lies solely in the hands of publisher and developers. So to settle the universal ownership question Tim would not only have to convince all other stores to do that but first and foremost he'd have to convince publishers and developers to be satisfied with a single sale of their product unlocking it on all stores and all distribution plattforms without additional costs for the consumer. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where this whole thing falls apart into pieces and reveals itself as a pipedream because there is absolutely no way that publishers would agree to that. This is just another bit of empty feelgood marketing waffle from Tim Sweeney while he simultaneously makes the PC gaming ecosystem a worse place with his EGS exclusivity schemes.