Oil change cost for 6 quarts full synthetic, is $100 too much?

Oil change cost for 6 quarts full synthetic, is $100 too much?


That's pretty usual for the quick oil change places. Honestly, you should learn to do it yourself. It's hella easy, you don't need any special tools beyond hand tools, and it's way cheaper. You don't even need a jack, your truck should be high enough to get under no problem. [Here's a link](https://itstillruns.com/change-oil-filter-colorado-5951261.html) if you're interested in learning. I use Valvoline if I don't have time though. Way better than Jiffy Lube, stay away from those hacks.


I had Jiffy lube once charge me for the works, everything they do trying to get my car to pass emissions. They "did everything" but the car still failed their emission test. I take my car home, my Dad jacks it up and starts looking around. "Son I told you to do X, Y, and Z". I had told Jiffy Lube to do X, Y, and Z and had the receipts to prove it. They charged me for everything and did maybe half... My Dad and I stormed in an hour later receipt in hand. They offered to do all the things they hadn't of course. We were more concerned about it passing emissions. Miraculously the same car passed the emissions test an hour later. Yeah don't go to Jiffy Lube.


Awesome I appreciate the link! Good to know I’ll only need normal hand tools too. Will definitely look at doing this myself next time it’s due.


Changing yourself can be difficult if you live in a multi-family apartment or condo and don't have your own garage space. The other issue is storage of the drain pan. Other than that it's pretty easy. Just make sure you remove the right plug and fill the right location!


Depending on the year, you may need a large socket wrench to get the oil filter off but you can use an adjustable if you can reach it (i have a 2019, not sure how the older models are). Its good to have though and super easy to find.


I hate the location of the oil filter, I guess I'm old school I like the old oil cans that spin on he bottom of the engine, these filter cartridge things make a big mess... othe than that the oil changes are easy on the truck, like not having to jack it up.


I like the oil filters up top, but our Subaru has a canister filter up top. Best of both worlds! The worst is a bare filter underneath, like on some Toyota Rav4's.


Ya its a little bit of a pain to get to because it's deep in the recesses of the right side but a good socket extension should get you there. Its not that messy if you crack the filter open, then drain the oil and let the filter drain a bit.


Full synthetic oil change at the dealer is $60 for me


same here in GA


Interesting, I assumed it’d be much more. I’ll have to give my local one a call on monday to confirm. Thanks!


Pssst. In defense of my mancard I will deny telling you this if anyone asks, but groupon is your friend. In my neighborhood Valvoline has 5 qts synth/blend right now for 49.99. 59.99 for full synth. [https://www.groupon.com/deals/valvoline-instant-oil-change-new-mexico-9-locations-3?deal\_option=46039bad-8b2f-418a-b618-3eadc6263354](https://www.groupon.com/deals/valvoline-instant-oil-change-new-mexico-9-locations-3?deal_option=46039bad-8b2f-418a-b618-3eadc6263354) Yes, you will need to buy an extra quart. Midas has the regular oil change for $16.99 (this is Albuquerque). $100 is ridiculous - you can go to Costco and get the synth oil for $30 and a filter is $5. You may want to have someplace do it just because it looks good on carfax for when you sell the truck. If it must be Jiffy Lube, there is this [https://www.costco.com/jiffy-lube-oil-changes-and-more-1---%2450-egift-card.product.100763001.html](https://www.costco.com/jiffy-lube-oil-changes-and-more-1---%2450-egift-card.product.100763001.html) which could save you $20. I have read that it is better to keep using one type of oil, as opposed to a different one each time. I kind of believe this. Other services at my Valvoline are not set prices. I asked the kid when I drove in how much for the transmission service and he said $150 - I said no thanks. When the manager came, I asked again and it was $50. For other stuff, I think it helps to go when they are not busy. Now to find a good mani/pedi.


In my area I usually buy my Mobil One full synthetic at Walmart in the 5qt jug for roughly $22, use what I need (my vehicle uses litters ...) Occasionally Sam's club has a sale on 6qt boxes to. My Delco filter is like $6.


No it is not a good price. Any reason you can't change it yourself and save a ton of money?


Honestly just never done it before, but I’m always up for learning something new!


YouTube is your friend on this.


It's ridiculously easy. You should learn how.


Glad to hear it’s easy. I’ll def give it a shot!


Paid $112 yesterday for my duramax oil change


8-12 quarts of diesel oil I'm assuming and a huge filter...


2.8 duramax or a 6.6? Just paid $46 for 6 quarts of 5w30 and $24.75 for filter from the local dealer


2.8 duramax.....Los Angeles


Which type of oil? The Mobil-1 ESP can run about $8 a quart or more. I'm not sure it's worth it considering there are other Duramax approved oils that are less than half the price (e.g. Pennzoil Euro). [Link for 6 quarts of Mobil-1 ESP $56](https://www.amazon.com/Mobil-5W-30-Synthetic-Motor-Bottles/dp/B07NGM6DTQ/ref=sxts_rp_s1_0?cv_ct_cx=mobil+1+esp&dchild=1&keywords=mobil+1+esp&pd_rd_i=B07NGM6DTQ&pd_rd_r=bc13cf47-7def-4248-a9ba-007e23e11606&pd_rd_w=r60hI&pd_rd_wg=uFPJP&pf_rd_p=f99754cc-0195-4f26-b585-4ddc29d85a2d&pf_rd_r=QZD7XC07ET08ZA625CBX&psc=1&qid=1631455384&sr=1-1-f0029781-b79b-4b60-9cb0-eeda4dea34d6)


I got it firestone auto center. PZL PLAT EURO 6 qts and then the 1 gallon at $23 for the platinum DEF fluid at auto zone


Local dealer here is 79 for 6 full synthetic.


I buy my oil at Costco and oil filter at Canadian Tire, then change both in my driveway. All in costs me about $40… plus 10 minutes of my time.


I change mine myself for about $35 for the oil and filter. So, if they mark up the oil, and charge an hour of labor I guess that's about right... even though it takes 20 minutes.


I have a 2017 colorado 2.8 duramax....live in Los Angeles my guy


DIY. I usually let the dealer take care of my wife's 2018 Impala and that costs me $59.99 (full synth) with a tire rotation.


Dealership will be cheaper.


My dealership is free, and I've yet to use them once.


That's way too much. Dealer is like 70


I just started changing my own oil last year on my 2016 V6. I had been taking it to the dealership previously but after realizing how much I could save by doing it myself I had to give it a shot. I buy 6 quarts of Pennzoil 5w30 full synthetic and an AC Delco filter for like $38 from Walmart. All you need to do the job is a rachet, a 15mm socket for the oil drain plug, a 24mm socket for the filter housing, and an extension to reach the filter housing. Plus the pan to drain the old oil into and a funnel for the new stuff. And be careful, the old oil shoots out fast and will hit your passenger side front tire.


I pay $49 at my dealer and get free tire rotation. I could do it myself but 6QTS and filter costs $50. No mess to clean up.


You’re getting ripped off. I have let the dealer do my oil services and they only charged me $54. I have looked into doing the oil change myself. RockAuto sells AC Delco oil filters for $9. AC/D dexos 5-quart for $19 and one single quart for $4. So you would have like $32+shipping. Or like I plan on doing is just buying a bulk number of oil filters and buying dexos oil from the local parts store.