Tire Pressure Question

Tire Pressure Question


40 is a bit high but your gas mileage will be better. Lol


Max psi has nothing to do with propper operating pressure there is a placard in the inside of the driver door that tells you what you should run your tires at, most likely it will say 35psi


Tire should say max cold psi. My duratracs say 50 so I'll usually fill up to 40


I have the same ones. I run them around 36 to 38psi. 41 seems a little high


I also run my Duratracs at 40 psi for scootin' around town.


GM says to run em at 35 on the driver door plate thing.


Some tire dealers will over inflate when newly installed just to allow the sidewalls to bond better with the rims. Of course they should tell you when they're doing that. My high end alignment shop (Tru-Line in Bellevue WA) did recommend a higher pressure (40 PSI) for my 2019 LT. I haven't been keeping them that high, but I have been going higher than the door panel. I don't remember why I backed down on the Colorado. On my old Subaru it was due to too much oversteer at the pressure they recommended, but on that vehicle it was also more than the door panel number.


All tires have a max pressure it’s just a threshold. Unless you are hauling heavy junk. There’s no need to over inflate your tires. You can wear out the center of the tire’s tread patch faster. Also I find that the more air in my tires just make hitting bumps more bouncy. But I also have E rated (10 ply) oversized hybrid (AT/MT) tires. So my sidewalls are thicker than the factory Goodyears that came from the factory.