New Kruleboyz Mini!

New Kruleboyz Mini!


Behold! This is the chosen post for the new Gobsprakk model.


I’m shocked by the extent of this release for just a sub faction , not complaining just surprised


I hope Ironjawz and Boneplitterz will get some love with this new appreciation for orruks. I'd like to have more than 3 non-leader units for my Ironjawz. I'd also like to see Bonesplitterz get a newly designed unit that isn't an Underworlds team.


I honestly feel GW actually wants us to combine all 3 subfactions into armies.


Hopefully the new book actually facilitates this. Not sure how I feel about running these icky little kruleboy models next to the hulking ironjawz though.


It’s my dream, big block of brutes with 2 handlers. 2 units of gutrippaz. Ranged guys at the back for picking off buff heroes. God I’m going to have a 8k big wagh army.. all these kruelboyz monster units are awesome


The vultures look insanely cool.


True, wish it wasn’t a bird, but it is what it is


If they supported the first two orruk armies like most of the other armies there wouldn't be a need. The other issue with combining the three factions is you lose the unique traits and can only run Big Waaagh.


I honestly think the next version of Big Waaagh! will include some unique traits. We already know that the Kruleboyz will keep poison weapons in Big Waaagh, would make sense if Bonesplitterz kept Warpaint or something.


wich big waaagh has 0 ranged buffs.. wich kb and savages have ranged :l


I'm hoping that's a thing that gets balanced out in the new tome. Sure orruks love melee but a thing or two for the little ranged we can field wouldn't be bad.


Updated ardboyz would be neat, to go from being ye olde black orcs to matching the Ironjawz aesthetic a bit better. I always thought it was weird that the basic boyz have more armor and helmets and weapon hafts that are obviously metal compared to the big branches the brutes and bosses have.


Well the fluff has the ardboys almost as a different group of orruks. The brutes look down on them and treat them the stragglers and tag alongs. I don't think they need to be redesigned I'd like to see the armies that have old fantasy options expanded. Though I will say Cities of Sigmar could do with a full revamp like what we've seen with the undead.


I did not know this 🤔 I was already headcanoning them as being mocked for needing so much armor, haha.


"Ardboys take war very seriously, and they are often considered a bit dour and humourless by other orruks. They are not actually Ironjawz in the conventional sense; rather, they are the toughest members of orruk clans from across the realms that have been attracted to the cyclone of violence propagated by the Ironjawz. Fighting alongside their brother greenskins, they seek to draw the power of the Waaagh! to themselves, growing bigger and stronger in the process. Should an Ardboy win enough fights, he may become large enough to be considered a Brute, though he will always be looked down on by the ‘true-blue’ Ironjawz."


Sorry to say but someone posted picture of new design boxes for AoS and there was new box with old Ardboyz.


If they were going to get any love, Kruleboyz wouldn't have been drudged up from wholecloth


I do think there's room for having varieties or flavors of factions. The sculpts overall don't excite me but the idea of more Mork like orruks isn't bad. I don't want the older factions to be left out of being fleshed out a bit more. Not that we need 3 types of cavalry like Stormcast but Ironjawz could maybe use a new type of boots on the ground unit.


It was honestly really lazy when they repurposed the old Black Orcs from WFB for the Ironjaws release in the early days of AoS. You could get away with it in the Syvaneth where the old minis more or less fit the new aesthetic, but the new Orruks looked so fresh and the Black Orcs are almost cartooninsh in comparison. The Ironjaws would feel like a much more appealing faction if they at least had a new basic battleline infantry unit, even if they just made a new Ardboys set with an aesthetic that matched the Brutes it would be a step in tge right direction.


I get why GW did what they did with the reusing if old fantasy kits. It allowed them to have more armies at launch without having to make a ton of new minis for everyone. The problem for me is the lack of backfilling things. They have just kept moving forward with new better designed and fleshed out armies. If anything Bonesplitterz are worse off as they have no new models since launch. Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz aren't alone. Fyreslayers are a completely new faction but have very few forces too. Some review work needs to be done.


Not necessarily, since the 40K orcs get a whole new subfaction in the Beastsnaggas, but also get a pretty nice vanilla ork update. It’s not very likely, but there is still a chance.


I wouldn't count on it


I feel like iron jaws are almost perfect as they are. No bloat, just pure fun


Nope, The new boyz get all the love. Thats how GW roles.


Keep in mind Warclans covers all orruks, so that’s 3 factions/armies of the same race, each with their own subfactions. Kruleboyz are like the lumineth to the elves, new army/flavor to the existing (if barren and semi-neglected) roster.


The problem with that comparison is that all the orruk clans are in one book while the aelves each have their own tomes. Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz are small factions that GW hasn't expanded in years. Kruleboyz could have their own tome easily with the number of new units released.


To be honest, I prefer things to be more condensed when possible. I am happy for Warclans to all be in one books. As for Aelves, I want them to be absorbed into several new, larger factions.


Condensing of factions happens when it's easier to do that rather than release new units to expand a range. That is what I think happened with orruks during AOS 2.0. It's a stop gap method to keep the smaller unit factions viable and not lose the racial flavor. Basically make Orruk Warclans instead of a Destruction tome. There's also the money aspect.


As far as Orruk Warclans go I believe the two subfactions only had 3-4 model types per one. Which isn't a lot. Going off of memory as the website is down.


Not including characters (because AoS has a million characters for everyone) or underworlds warbands, Ironjawz have 3 units and Bonesplitterz have 6 units - but BS’s 6 units all come from just two kits.


Heck, four of those six come from just one kit


Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz are also armies that recycled fantasy kits. Ironjawz have ardboys while all of Bonesplitterz are all just savage orks. Ironjawz did get some newly designed units while bonesplitterz did not. They don't even really have a central monster unit like most armies are getting now.


You think I should share my deepkin rules with lumineth? GTFO


For whatever baffling reason, Lumineth can only take deepkin as allies anyways.


Keeping that in mind, it's wrong.


"Kruleboyz are like the lumineth" funny, last i knew lumineth got TWO battletomes in 2nd edition, while kruleboyz are being slapped in a combination tome with 2 other factions that have 0 synergy


How can you make this claim without reading the battletome?


Every starter set faction gets a huge release.


This. On anything GW does. I benefitted from this immensely as a Necron player in 40k. So many pretty updated sculpts for them in short amount of time, with tons of options.


How many more things do you think we will get? We lack units especially riders


Biggest hole in the roster IMHO, is that they need a cavalry that's battleline. Probably some kind of skirmisher/light cavalry more than heavies.


I'd be shocked if there wasn't another option for battleline, as there is only gutrippaz at the moment. Hobgrots will probably be battleline in a subfaction though.


Yeah, they're very leader heavy at the moment.


I'd be surprised if they haven't done Gnashtoof cavalry but who knows really.


I hope to god it’s no longer broken up like that in the book. Ironjawz are so boring to list build with and eventually get boring playing. They have like 6 kits, which can be made into like 8 different warscrolls. The Bonesplitterz are just outdated, and the kits are garbage. Big waghhh is fun, but also an incoherent mess sometimes with its rules as not everything benefits from buffs etc. I’m hoping they make everything just “Orruk” and everything can be taken together as that would be much more fun. However I’m not banking on this idea at all, as some of the warscrolls already say give a “Krulboyz” unit +1 to attack etc.


They've already confirmed that subfactions still exist


Worst news all day, thanks for ruining my day


It's what I do


Subfactions can still exist in the Cities of Sigmar type way perhaps? Like, the entire roster of Orruks at your disposal, but different subfactions just make different combinations more exciting. Less about restricting you to ONLY Ironjawz, but more about, like, maybe a cav heavy army with Gore Gruntas, Boar Boys, potentially a Kruleboy cav unit and then just uniting it all under some speedy heroes like the Gnashtoof or the Vulture thing? That'd be my ideal way of handling subfactions. Access to the entire roster no matter what, but the rules modify your army to suggest that one playstyle is clearly favoured over the others.


Hobgoblins, Lizards, Vultures... Parker should rightly fear the Kruleboyz.


And they use venom sooo


Maximum Carnage orruks.


that basically the "Me and The Boys" Spiderman 1960's cartoon meme


(\*slaps roof of car\*) 'This bad boy can hold so many old memes in it'


Waiting on the spider foes army schemes now.


Looks great. So glad to see something that isn't just another dragon for destruction.


The Ironjawz Wyvern fits the faction well, I think. Are there other Destruction dragons?


Historically speaking I mean. Most flying creatures for destruction have been dragons of some kind or another.


The question remains, are there any other dragons for destruction besides the orc boss wyvern or it's updated form, the mawkrusha


Corvus Cabal: 'Grab the biggest net you can find, we're heading to the swamp.'


Great, now I have to cut up a box of Corvus cabal to kit bash a unit of gutrippaz as the shamans vulture body guards.


the hand on the staff belongs to a Lord of Change apparently


And here we see how the invasive spread of large Ghurish raptors with symbiotic relationships with certain fungal species are displacing such common sights in the gardens and skies of the mortal realms as the Greater Blue-Crested Lord of Change.


I read this and my mind instantly put a Sir David Attenborough voice to it.


Croikey, this vulcha's neck's made 'a pjuure leatha! Foinest in all 'a Ghur! Talons loike knoifes!


That’s hilarious because I saw this and I instantly thought “cool tzeentch-bird conversion possibilities” 🤣


My lord of change is Yellow, and my friend has already said the hand is gonna be yellow. I feel personally attacked haha


This is cool. I like his characterisation as the guy who ‘interprets’ what Kragnos wants to the other orks and vice versa, don’t worry about it mate, you can trust me. It still feels a bit like Kragnos was sort of shoe-horned into the destruction background but if this is making the best of it - Gobsprakk ‘translating’ and using him for his own grand schemes, most kruleboys ‘worshipping’ him simply as insurance, Gordrakk seeing him as a living battering ram - then I’ll take it. Using a daemon’s hand for his staff when every other shaman uses a bronze replica is a lovely touch as well.


Oh my GOD'S it's beautiful


Yeah, same. I’ve been painting my Dominion Orruks and am now looking forward to making it a proper army.


This is the way


Age of Sigmar get the coolest models compared to 40k I mean look at this entire line / damn


40k just released orks riding giant armored squigs, what are you talking about?


Imo they don’t look nearly as detailed as the new Kruleboyz / not bad sculpts but they dont hold a candle to this line


Well this is mostly opinion based. I find the new 40k orks vastly better than the new AoS orks. And they are just as detailed, even if the 40k ones have less going on on the model.


It is opinion. The new Orks for 40k show GW is giving 40k the AoS love. That said I love orks and squigs, but can't stand the beastsnaggas or any of the new units honestly. That's the cost of taking design risks, it will really work for some really not work for others.


True. This has been a lot of people's reaction to them. But I love the beast snaggas, TBH. Never been so interested in making a 40k Ork army. It's a to each their own situation, and deffkoptas + a few other things they've previewed show that they'll still offer plenty of non-Snakebite types.


TBH Orks just have a lot more creative freedom compared to other 40K factions.


> I find the new 40k orks vastly better than the new AoS orks. No argument here (from me at least), I like orks to be stupid and brutish. But the AoS designs are more intricate and the models are more detailed.


They don't have to put in half the effort on 40K because you crack addicts will buy anyways. GW knows AOS is super niche with hardly any buyers so they have to crank it up a notch to get more people interested.


Would disagree / I would consider things like lord of the rings, killteam and stuff along those lines as “super niche” AoS is GWs second most popular game but yeah they are clearly getting amazing sculpts lately


AoS has some pretty cool looking models, but personally I will always love Knights, Necron Vehicles and Void Dragon over pretty much any vehicle and most monsters in AoS.


40k get a long overdue injection of some good orks (and that's pretty much it) but it PALES in comparison to the love AoS gets every other month


you forgot the number one rule of 40k orks... EVERY, model is an ork model. (but in all seriousness the old ork kits still hold up pretty well (for the most part) and whilst i was hoping for a little more of a refresher on their existing units there are still more new ork releases than i have time or money to work on, and that's \*after\* taking into consideration the fact that i also am not a massive fan of the new squig riders)


Because 40K is an established setting with a ton of great models to draw on, and even then releases are actually pretty similar, regardless it’s a lot harder to write in any new xenos factions or whatever (because it won’t make money lol and it has no foundation) and the setting doesn’t progress, it’s a trillion times easier for AoS to do it


I can't decide if I like this or the Sludgeraker. I really like the overall look of the Kruleboyz!


why not both


True! My wallet may not like it, but I'll probably get both. 😀


At the bottom of the preview it hints that we will be getting another big Stormcast model reveal next week


It might be a draconith. Basically a full-blown dragon, even bigger than a stardrake. They were just teased in the latest fiction as returning to the Realms after thousands of years. And they're mortal enemies of Kragnos.


I thought they were described as bastiladon sized? That would put them at bigger than a dracoth and quite a bit smaller than a stardrake


Yeah, it's basically confirmed we get draconith units. It's about time we see some of them.


I hope they also announce the rough time we will be getting the battletomes / new kits like the vanquishers


Mid-August, I believe they announced that when they showed off the last batch of Kruleboy monsters


Was going to post this in main but it felt like a double post so I will ask here. Everyone that sees this. Cause this has sold me on Kruleboyz. What is the one model that you looked at and said, welp, guess I need army now?


The wartortle from Deepkin got me.


Eidolon for me but I appreciate your sense of aesthetics.


I'll probably have to say Light of Eltharion for Lumineth. That reveal really wauw'ed me. Special mention to all of the Greater Daemon models, cause they do an out-of-this-world great job at selling their respective factions!


Yeah, this sold me on Kruleboyz. I was teetering between "cool and I'll get a warband, but nothing more", but after having assembled the Gutrippaz I just love them. And loving the Battleline model is so vital to any army. The small heroes from the existing box, even the Gnashtoof, kinda left me a bit wanting. Good models, but not OMG. But now with not JUST this vulture but also that weird crocodile thing AND the lad on the giant troll thing? Yeah, no, I'm sold. After I'm done with my Dwarves, Kruleboyz it is. Might be my mainstay faction now, together with a soupy Dwarf army from all three Dwarf factions. My poor effin' wallet.








I call my best friend always a Bits Volture, guess he got now a model dedicated to him.


GOD.... ughh, better start saving up, guess I'm playing kruleboyz now.


At least you can get an army for pretty cheap. You can get two sets of dominion models for <$200, throw in this big guy and you got an army going.




I really thought swamp orcs would be lame, but holy hell do I love them.


\*ogors sitting in the corner, folded arms, annoyed\*\* HMPH., cool model I guess.


Still waiting for plastic butchers and slaughtermasters. Yes yes kitbash and such and so. But i really want the ogors to get refreshed. Destruction is the unwanted child in the 4 factions in aos, and ogors is the unwanted army in destruction. Theres ONE new ogor for so long. And he's exclusive to order.


I love how this shaman connects Kragnos and krulebboyz. The main reason why BR: Kragnos felt the as the worst out of 4 books is because we have no dialouge with Kragnos himself. Poor horsemen had a massive language barrier and have absolutely no idea what's going on or how to ask anyone about it. Now we got a Gobsprakk, who knows every language in existance. He is the only current link between Kragnos and new world. And knowing how wicked krulebouz are, it's bad news for brutal but naive Kragnos. And then we got Sominion story, with kruleboyz orruks using Kragnos as basicaly a pawn, because Kragnos himself never knew that such cunning orruks can even exist. Damn, now I feel baf for Kragnos. Hope he will get his people back sonehow, he just can't catch a break.


Very well put. This relation between the two makes Kragnos more much compelling.


Poor Kragnos and his learning difficulties.


He's basically a caveman god, no one should expect that he understands complex political/religious intrigues.


Next we need an idoneth crab monster 🦀🦀🦀


All is C R A B


I feel torn between not wanting to use special characters and how damn good he looks.


There is a generic Killaboss version, but Gobsprakk has a great anti-wizard rule.


Best-named spell in years. 'Mork sez no.' Simple and to the point, as is expected with goblins


Can't wait to scream Mork sez no when I dispelled a spell.


I totally agree!!!


How do you know these things?


That article the picture was taken from


Ahh, well the website is down now so I haven't been able to see it.


Warhammer community website is not down only GW one is.


There is also a trailer that shows a really nice rendition of the classic Ork speech, but not shouty, just very calm and collected. If Ironjawz are the British hooligans of AoS, then Kruleboyz sound like the British gentlemen gangster from, like, Snatch.




Bird is the word.


I was fully expecting a wyvern or wyvern-like creature, but I have no issue with a giant vulture! I like these Morruks more and more with each new reveal.


I think it'd be apt if the Bonesplitterz got a huge wyvern centerpiece. Like maybe even twin-headed with crazy armour made from big animal skulls and bones. Then we'd have the trifecta of Big Punchy Cabbage, Ugly Vicious Flappy Bird and Crazy Snapping Wyvern.


The only thing still missing from this release now is some Orruky endless spells. Come on GW, bring back the foot of gork, it's perfect as an endless spell.


I’ve always liked the idea of a foot of gork spell or terrain, impassible except for Orruks, reduce charge or something. Seems like a good way for us to be able to bottleneck the board


Would be great though instead of moving through things would disappear and stamp back down. Tapdance of gork.


I look forward to that in a Battletome, an alliance of Gorka and Morka Orruks and maybe some bonesplittas too in one book


It's basically the Kruleboyz book with GW's old abandoned orruk lore holding back ironjawz and bonesplitterz from growing.


I like all these new kruleboyz theyve been announcing but i can't help but feel their getting too many monsters and characters, and not enough units. I feel like they really need something like a lesser gnashtoof cavalry unit, or a squad of murknobs or something to round them out.


Yeahhh, that's what I'm kind of partially fearing. Awesome-looking but simple Battleline in the Gutrippaz (who don't seem to do all that much) but other than that it's reaaally hero heavy. I mean, I guess it fits given how monstrous heroes will be a big thing in 3rd edition, but I'd still like to see one more unit. Besides, all this talk of sneaking and backstabbing, but literally no assassin-type unit? Nothing that pops out of the shadows, or emerges from the bogs unseen? Feels kind of strange.


Yes please. I'll take two!


God damn their monsters are looking sick. Wish Stormcast had some badass monsters like this besides the dragon.


Whelp- looks like I’m a destruction player now


The amount of trinkets and bojangles on this thing is unprecedented.


I like how Gobsprakk looks a little bit like the classic Orc Shaman on foot. Same black hood, same crooked grumpy face, both holding a staff.


Wow. I cannot wait to grab and paint him.


This thing is insane and I love it.


Oh mama.


A new tzeentch daemon prince model, excellenct


Love it, but I'm not a fan of the big drapes on his back. Hopefully I can use the alternate throne or shave them down fairly easily.


The regular killer boss variant doesn't have this so I guess that it wouldn't be too hard to change the throne out (you will miss the grot tho).


https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/07/19/meet-the-powerful-kruleboyz-shaman-whos-best-mates-with-kragnos-or-so-he-claims/ More info about him


Never thought I needed a giant vulture-dragon until now. I already have an idea for a paint scheme for it. Lammergeiers (bearded vultures) kind already of look a bit like dragons, right? There's a free idea for you guys.


[Hmmmmm....](https://www.reddit.com/r/AoSLore/comments/ny1h6j/kruleboy_creature_concepts/) I'll be expecting those royalties any day GW! Jokes aside- beautiful model and a wonderful addition to the range.


I thought you were pretty close!


not even close, sorry mate :D


Yeah, I guess so, but I was pleasantly surprised with how close I got in terms of some of the basic concepts.


Wow I think that you were VERY close! They DO owe you some royalties hehe


Face is wonderfully sculpted, love the swirly avian eyes. I can easily imagine it pecking at the corpses of his/her prey.


the new ork faces/anatomy is :Chefs\_Kiss:


I love it so much


Wow, if I hadn’t just started a soulblight gravelords army….


That’s just what the army needed


Giant carrion bird-- literally something I have been saying for years that would have been a good addition to the Old World Hobgoblins... and, of course, the Orruks get it. Oh well. I suppose I could just replace the Orruk Shaman with a Hobgrot Shaman and the Swamp Grot with a Gnoblar.


The Pot Grot has found its new ride. It must be done.


So glad I bought Dominion! This is a perfect centerpiece for my Krulboys... I'm loving this new Ork range.


"mini"??? this thing is on a 160mm base! probably as tall as Archaon


Oh my GOD, I LOVE IT. Okay, I was on the fence with actually committing to a Kruleboyz Only Army, but man, these leaders are just insanity. Ugly Troll Masta Blasta, Giant Swamp Crocodile and THE CLAAAAAW. Sick. That's what I'm here for.


It's absolutely fantastic as a model. The riders banners aren't my favourite but the mount looks absolutely incredible


It looks like a Lord of Change somewhere will have a bone to pick with Gobsrpakk.


Wish the unnamed alt wasn't just another killaboss. That has the army with like 4 killabosses and 2 wizards - 1 named and 1 unnamed, and the unnamed one is better as vague support rather than a 1 cast wizard.


I'm hoping Kruleboyz will allow Gloomspite allies so I can bring some gobbo shamans along


That doesn't give you access to your lore spells though. Or to the goblin lore spells or endless spells


That's true, but you can still use the spells on their warscrolls and arcane bolt/mystic shield as well as unbinding enemy spells


Don’t see why not, the new general handbook lists them as allies incase you didn’t already have that info.


I think what's most interesting is that this is one of the first more recent kits that comes to mind which has an alternative build that ISN'T just a more generic version of the character? Most in recent memory were a named warrior (for example) like Lauka Vai and then an unnamed warrior alternative like the Vengorian Lord. This time it's a named mage, but an unnamed warrior. Or maybe, perhaps, there will also be a generic version for Gobsprakk's flying sorcerer role?


Oh baby! Yesss!


Oh now this... this is beautiful!


I don't know why, but I envisioned it to be bulkier.


That's pretty good. Tasty even.


Kruleboyz have too many hero’s now - I want them all!


Tzeentch daemon prince anyone?


Yeah he probably killed one of those too. A cinch after a lord of change. :-p


I am so going to kitbash this with the high elf Phoenix for my Lumineth Armies on Parade board….


*Brand new Kruleboyz mini, first thought “converting this to Soulblight would be awesome”*


120mm base you think?


I'm definitely building a Kruleboys army.


That Bird with lord of change head could be a nice tzeentch kitbash as rider i would think curseling would be good. 🤔😍


not Kruleboyz player but this model is awesome


Wonder how well these HQ choices will work in a Big WAAAAGH army. I don't want to set aside my gore-gruntas and maw-krusha, but I'd love to give them some more friends.


That's a weird lookin scrapbeak


Really impressive mini this. Wonder what’s the centrepiece for the stormcast is going to be now!


I want it


The only thing bugging me about this model is the extent of the throne or banners or what not. Not that Warhammer had ever been realistic, mind you, but my mind has a hard time pairing the thought of this flying with the circus tent on is back. I wonder how easily it's left off the build?


Keep in mind that the physical laws would never allow a mawcrusher to fly. They just say screw gravity and fly off. Same may count here. I mean the shaman is so stoic he keeps the hand of a Changer of Ways in this reality simply by saying no.


Mawcrusher actually flies by punching the laws of physics so hard that gravity just wants to get rid of it.


Don't forget these are orks so they probably have the same power as 40k orks if they believe it it happens. They believe this thing can fly with all the stuff on its back so it does.


They allude to that with the Lord of Change hand, the only reason it hasn't disappeared back into the realm of Chaos is because of Gobsprakk's will to show it off.


I do like the face of the shaman on the vulture. I'm not the biggest fan of Kruleboyz scuplts but this one I like. It's not too far off from real orruks.


Kruleboyz are real Orruks. And normal Orruks look boring.


Feels a little derivative of the the Kingdom Death Phoenix, especially with all the hands everywhere. The vulture is gorgeous though. Going to have to give in and finally paint this one in subassembly if I ever get it. Too many concealed bits and little half obscured details.


I really love these new models but I also don’t want to spend 40 hours painting one model. I wish they could find a balance between detail and reasonable painting expectations.