Sometimes crossing the street is a marathon

Sometimes crossing the street is a marathon


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At some point you can't get anymore wet.


Yeah. They got there about 10 seconds in


How much wetter could it get? None wetter.


lol none more


They definitely went to 11


Shit sandwich.


That a new flavor?


They can’t print that!


Lick my love pump


Smell the glove






That's when you load up Shrek 2


It’s all ogre now


And break out the fava beans and a nice Chianti.




“It’s like, how much more black could it get? And the answer is none.... none more black”


You can’t over dry, you can’t over die


You ever heard of dehydration?


Blasphemy, get that man to r/HydroHomies straight away


Aaaahhhhhhaaaaaaa a hydrohomie mention!! This is my first sighting in the wild lmao




I think you could be my latex salesman


You took the words out my mouth (pause)


[They give Richard Hammond a run for his money](https://youtu.be/Ujkv2jCAFOA)


#*( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*


You wouldn't know


It’s been two weeks and they are still stuck there. Legendary. It’s going to eventually turn into a survival story worthy of its own film.


fortunately they have enough water to survive


If they don't eventually erode and crumble into the puddle themselves


Starring Tom Hanks, a deflated volley ball and Catherine Zeta-Jones


Couldn't you have just said, Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta Jones and her husband...? 🤔


That was implied


Starring Mark Wahlberg


Love Mahk


>[It’s been](https://youtu.be/fC_q9KPczAg) two weeks and they are still stuck there. Legendary. It’s going to eventually turn into a survival story worthy of its own film.


This is like a nightmare


Is this what waterboarding is like?


What a tame nightmare. Last night I was eaten by a doughnut.


Personally, I would quickly decide that this day is a loss, go home and take a hot shower, order Chinese food, and go to bed. Van Morrison: Ohh the water oh the water. It stoned me.


So, you're saying your day would be a wash?


Awash with what?


Street grime and despair


Sometimes you just don't have that luxury.


I’ve been here too


Madness Mulligan Mondays


If you are outside in that shait weather in the first place then chances are you don't.


Scrolled past this comment at first, then I was like damn, that's deep.


Parasite 2 had a reduced budget due to covid




You heard the man


This made me spit out my juice!


So odd... I’ve never heard of that movie and literally just read in another thread 5 mins ago a poster enjoying parasite in a move theater.


Sometimes *we* might not have that luxury but for some people it’s not even sometimes... in fact not even some people... *most* people in this planet do not ever have that luxury.


I've seen this before, fuck this city council if they've not fixed this road yet. For anyone who asks me to out my money where my mouth is tell me where this is I'll do it myself.


It’s not a private citizens duty to do the job of the government. Anybody who tells you put your money where your mouth is, is an idiot.


You've not met people who are overly protective of car centric infrastructure on the Internet before.


People tend to hate rational decisions if they benefit everybody


This is me at any minor inconvenience


Good attitude. I agree.


They had the shower all they need is to order Chinese food.


Do you like cold showers from the gutter?


Oh yeah say it slower


Do you ... like, cold showers ... from ... the ... gutter?


F r e e y o u r m i n d a n d e n d y o u r m e n t a l s l a v e r y


I think I would just give up completely and jump in front of the next car.


But then you would miss the hot shower, Chinese food, and the wonderful napping.


Well, wont miss the sweet deep napping...


But who will enjoy my next witticism?


Gave you my free award but decided that I related too much and spent my first ever dollar on here to give you gold. So enjoy that.


Wait we get free awards??!! I wanna use mine on something really dumb lol just for a quick laugh haha


Happy early cake day


I mean... my comment right here is pretty dumb, right?


I can't find where the free one is 😕


If you're on mobile, top right corner is a coin and should say free. You get it more often the more you upvote things.


I’ll spend it well, thanks 🙏🏻


Maybe they’re trying to get some Chinese


This is literally my response to life’s inconveniences lol


Lol, then i would be standing there everyday


That is a damn comforting image. Can I decide my life is a loss, and just do this everyday?


marry me


Never thought you could fucking drown crossing the street


You've never been to Venice then


Wish I was rich and I could give you gold


Nah, wish you're rich enough to visit venice! Reddit doesn't need your money, use it for yourself


The lack of fucks given here is amazing. Not a single car slowed down


They changed lanes to hit the puddle and then they sped up




This was filmed in England and it's illegal here too. I believe it falls under reckless/dangerous driving. Especially the fact that it's on a duel carriageway and obstructing drivers views, especially at a traffic light.


A police car did this to me last year 😑




It sometimes just happens on accident, once there was pretty heavy rain where I live, and I was crossing an intersection just didn't see a puddle on the right of the road even though I looked there since there was somebody walking and I accidentally splashed them with water (I think about knee high), I immediately slowed down and felt super bad and she gave me the finger (understandably). I had my license for maybe 2 or 3 months at that point and didn't know what to do. I thought about turning back and offering her a ride but since it was already the midst of a pandemic and I also didn't want to come across as creepy I left it at that.


It’s also illegal in the uk. Good luck catching any of the vehicles though.


Traffic lights usually have cameras but I doubt the police is going to prioritise this. The assholes will most likely get away with it


Probably only cctv for monitoring traffic flow, haven’t seen any traffic lights with built in cameras, it’s just a red light camera set back from the lights (even they are rare). Cctv quality will be that of a potato and it’s raining so no chance. I remember a few years back someone got done for deliberately soaking someone.


If you intentionally do it then yeah, but here I don't think the drivers are in the wrong. If every driver made an attempt to slow down or change lanes it's quite likely there would be an accident, there would definitely be traffic problems. Also the fact that no one hit the brakes, not even the Moped... Kind of insinuates that visibility is pretty low here and maybe people just weren't aware of the puddle until it's too late. At 40mph in wet conditions with low visibility it's much safer to just have to sadly get a pedestrian wet, than to unexpectedly brake, or change lanes at the last moment. I'm sure there are some drivers in the clip who got a kick out of it, and it's really horrible for the pedestrians, but it's not as easy as they're all idiots who deserve punishment.




My whole point is the fact they didn't brake is clearly an indication that they weren't aware of the puddle. Visibility is low but this is very clearly England and we are very used to driving in weather like this. They weren't going dangerously fast because nothing bad happened except for some people got wet. Even the Moped didn't slow down, which again, implies they couldn't see the puddle. If you want to drive everywhere at 10mph under the speed limit then that's fine, but you use the left hand lane to do so. some people in the clip will be doing that, but they won't be splashing the pedestrians because that's not where the roads camber has caused the puddle to lie. Driving slowly in the right hand lane will get you pulled over and possibly get you points on your license. It's a big no no. The most dangerous thing to do in this situation would be to start trying to brake at the last moment or to unexpectedly change lanes when visibility and grip are low. Sure you can say they should all slow down but that's just not the nature of roads is it. People have places to be, people to see, jobs to keep. It would be cool if everyone could slow down but that's why we have multiple lanes. The real crime here is the puddle forming in the middle of the road in the overtaking lane. That's dangerous, the camber in the road should let the water flow off the left hand side.


I don't know why you're being downvoted so much, I think you're right. Maybe the people arguing with you aren't from the UK and don't know our roads, but that amount of rain absolutely doesn't count as dangerous conditions here. Its a normal day, with normal weather and normal driving conditions. If people here slowed to a crawl every time it rained here, nobody would get anywhere. And your point about not seeing the puddle is half right. They probably did see the puddle, but it's indistinguishable from the hundreds of other puddles they've driven through on the same stretch of road that were much shallower. There's no way of knowing how deep a puddle is until you're in it, when it's too late to slow down. But our roads are generally kept in a much better state than this, and you wouldn't expect a puddle to be that big - it's quite unusual. If we slowed down for every puddle on the road, once again we'd never get anywhere. So they probably saw a puddle like any other, didn't think anything of it, and then felt bad when they splashed those people by accident. But by then it's too late and what are they going to do - dangerously stop in the outside lane to go and apologise? Why didn't they see the big splash the cars in front of them made? Maybe there's a curve in the road so they can't see that far ahead at that moment? Maybe a big splash looks pretty much identical to the rain you're wiping off your windscreen at a distance? Maybe the cars were spaced far enough apart that they simply didn't see the cars in front do it. Maybe they indeed weren't paying enough attention. All kinds of possibilities, few of which would imply malice, and only some imply poor driving. And as others have said, if you brake hard, accelerate hard, or turn hard in wet conditions - especially in a good sized puddle - you can aquaplane, which could be a much worse outcome than unfortunately splashing those people. I've been a passenger in a car that aquaplaned once and it wasn't fun suddenly losing control for no reason at all. In wet conditions it's best to just be calm and don't do anything sudden or rash.


Reddit justice boner. If this was just a video of people driving through a puddle no one would blink twice, but because some poor pedestrians are having their day ruined now it's a group of horrible asshole purposefully ruining someone's day. Yeah all your points are totally right. It seems like no one here is actually used to using our roads. Thanks for your points, they're all really good and probably formulated better than mine


If visibility is so low that they can't see this massive puddle in the road, and can't see the tsunamis caused by the cars in front of them, then they cannot see other similar hazards laying on the road and should be driving slower. It's really that simple. Yes there will be idiots who drive recklessly whatever the conditions, but we call them idiots, we don't justify their idiotic behaviour.


Aaaah the Reddit road law brigade This is clearly at least a 40mph road, quite likely a 50 None of them are going that fast for a triple carriageway


Speed limits are not minimum speeds. You can drive at whatever speed is safe.


Yep my Nan failed her driving test for doing this by accident and hasn’t driven since!


While they may have given zero fucks, it's not easy spotting people dressed in black in this type of weather and light.


Yeah the drivers would know


Did they ever get across my lawd!?!?!?


Light turned red at the end so they probably crossed right after.


They are still there waiting.




If you do this to people here in France you’re going to jail for at least a couple of hours


Believe it or not, straight to jail.




It's illegal in sweden as well. You must avoid to splash pedestrians as much as possible to avoid a fine.


I thought it was illegal in the UK too.


Yup, Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.


Yeah but I doubt anyone has ever been punished for it.


If only they had the time to actually do anything about it, or the resources


I don’t think they are doing it on purpose just an unfortunate spot


If it's the uk it was definitely on purpose. We're all just a bunch of cunts


Apparently it falls under Section 3 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 to splash someone deliberately. If these guys could have slowed down or moved lane to avoid/minimise the splash, then all of these cars are not only cunts, but potentially in breach and would each risk a fine of up to £5,000.


In RO the law asks you to reduce speed before a puddle on the road, thus you might get fined regardless of whether splashing was deliberate or not. But, truth be told, RO drivers are as cunts as any.


I Do think it was just a bad spot. But I’ll agree with you for now lol


How do you not spot 5+ inch deep water on the road to slow down? Probably if you are texting lol. If you can't see the literal lake on that road maybe you need glasses/shouldn't be driving - water gets more dangerous at speed and could get you to crash on the motorway...


It was at the very moment that his fury was peaking that there loomed swimmingly in his headlights, hardly visible through the blatter, a figure by the roadside. A poor bedraggled figure, strangely attired, wetter than an otter in a washing machine, and hitching. "Poor miserable sod," thought Rob McKenna to himself, realizing that here was somebody with a better right to feel hard done by than himself, "must be chilled to the bone. Stupid to be out hitching on a filthy night like this. All you get is cold, wet, and lorries driving through puddles at you." He shook his head grimly, heaved another sigh, gave the wheel a turn, and hit a large sheet of water square on. "See what I mean?" he thought to himself as he plowed swiftly through it; "you get some right bastards on the road." Splattered in his rearview mirror a couple of seconds later was the reflection of the hitchhiker, drenched by the roadside. For a moment he felt good about this. A moment or two later he felt bad about feeling good about it. Then he felt good about feeling bad about feeling good about it and, satisfied, drove on into the night.


I would start laughing after getting soaked the first two times 😂


Sad joker laugh


That’s it. I had a day. I’d just go home and pretend like the day didn’t happen and stay in bed or curl up on the couch.




I'm assuming that was a subreddit about people actually dying?


That's now r/watchpeoplelive


They probably would be fine if they'd make a decision and act on it.


I’d have walked down the medium to a less puddly spot. And risk the jaywalk fine


Looks to be UK, jaywalking isn't a thing, you can cross anywhere


Yes. Jaywalking was pushed by car lobbyists? or car companies as a way to punish pedestrians. Before (long time ago) streets were full of life and people , trains (in the US i mean). Then cars came and then smh


Lots of European cities are rolling back this development, with car-free zones in city centres and car-free days one a month.


I don't know much about lobbyists or car companies. But I do know that every time someone jaywalks in front of me, it gives me a heart attack.


Yeah pedestrians have right of way any where that isn’t a motorway


Ah, I forgot some places to take Jay walking very seriously. This could be the issue, but to just stand there and accept your fate is kind of wild.


It's the UK so not an issue.


Yeah. Honestly if you showed an officer the exact crosswalk and obviously how much of a hazard it is for pedestrians I’m sure they’d not charge you with anything. It’s kind of an infrastructure problem to have puddles get that big


Or ya know, get SMACKED by a oncoming truck who can't immidatly stop in the rain because you decided to run into traffic


I'm always amazed by people who will choose to do stuff like this rather than just walking a block or two to the next controlled intersection.


That dude on the scooter has some balls


I see that after 4 hours no one else has mentioned the scooter....how the hell he stayed up is beyond me.


I scrolled a very long time to finally see this mentioned.


Where is this?


The UK, as there's a John Lewis lorry. Can you avoid the UK, at least when rainy?


Welcome to the UK... where we don't have swimming pools, but we do fine without!


I got angry just watching this... those poor people




This isn't Glasgow, this is London. Look at the bus at the start and I've driven here before.


I feel kinda bad but I laughed so hard, fuck dude this is just funny, **they just dont stop coming and they dont stop coming and they dont stop coming-**


I would be so mad


Sometimes you need these reminders of how horrible wide ass multi-lane roads are for pedestrians.


This video makes it look more like a steeplechase than marathon


This footage can be sent to the police. in the UK It is an offense not to slow down when there is a large pool of standing water next to pedestrians


Isn’t it illegal to splash people walking on a sidewalk or crosswalk, regardless of how much waters on the road? At least that’s what it’s like here in ottawa


Video is from here in the UK and doing this carries a fine anywhere from £100 - £5000


Think they can claim for that fine against all those people?


I think it's one of those laws that exist but unless there's a copper about who is in the right mood then its just words mostly I think. Unless all those cameras they have on the traffic lights actually do something and they send em out by postie.


Video with sound is better!


This looks like a fun ride


Walk straight down below the water hole and continue to wait for the street to clear?


Welcome to the UK!


those drivers are just dick heads


Why didn't they just move away from the puddle?


People be doing that on purpose. It's illegal in Denmark.


In theory there's a fine for it in the UK, where this was filmed, but I've never heard of anything being done about it ever despite that


It's really hard to ensure something gets done about it, you won't find cops standing around and waiting. But again, just the fact that there are rules against it, is enough to make some people stop it.


They get a free shower too!


Not with that dirty ass water. It's full of grit, sand, and filth


Like OP said, free shower


You only get wet once


You disconnected, and you aren't sleeping.


Hahaha ohman


And sometimes it’s a wash...


“Daniel son! You all wet behind the ear” -Mr. Myagi


they're just getting doused


I woulda just went home...


Free dirty shower with extra leptospirosis


they died again.. and again.. even Jesus would have given up on the cross


Yeah I’ve been in this situation not in the best of days. Called it quits went home and cried myself to sleep


Wow they don't give a fuck in the uk


Enjoy your rotted out frames assholes.


The car culture ...


Add some bikes and you have a triathlon


This fucking country jesus what are we even.


DIY log flume ride


Unbelievably here in the UK what the drivers are doing is actually illegal. Not that I've ever heard of anyone getting punishment for it. The following is the relevant blurb off the government site. 'splashing pedestrians is illegal and you can be prosecuted under Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act for careless, aggressive or inconsiderate behaviour on the road. You could be summoned to court, fined £150 and given three penalty points. The same applies to cyclists.'


Ahhh, great britain


That guy must’ve been soaked! Why would you ride a motorcycle in the rain?


I was looking for someone to comment on the motorcycle. Knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.


At that point, I feel like you'd have to laugh at the absurdity.




If I was them I’d be laughing my ass off! Drench just keeps coming


"Under section three of the Road Traffic Act 1988, it is illegal to splash someone as it amounts to driving “without reasonable consideration for other persons.” Those found guilty of deliberately driving through puddles and splashing pedestrians will likely be hit with a £100 fixed penalty notice and three penalty points if caught by police. However, should motorists be deemed to be driving in a manner that “amounts to a clear act of incompetence, selfishness, impatience, and aggressiveness” then the maximum punishment of a £5,000 fine could be levelled." I thought it was illegal. This is from the RAC site. https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/news/motoring-news/drivers-splashing-pedestrians-face-fines-of-up-to-5000/


Why not just move like 10 feet in either direction so as to not be right next to the puddle?


At that point id be too humillated to live id just let some truck ran over me