Stage 2 = downpipe paired with a Stage 2 tune. Which brand of downpipe you want is subjective to you and keep in mind that a downpipe and a catback system may be obnoxiously loud. There are numerous options for tunes. I have a COBB accessport paired with a Stage 2 tune from EQT. If you want “turbo sounds”, you need to research intake systems aka watch videos on YouTube and decide which one sounds best to you. I am typing this at 3:30 AM, so yeah


thank you so much for the info! do you have a recommendation on intake? i know some can create a knocking/bucking and just want to narrow it down to some good ones. thanks again!


The stock airbox on these cars are really well done and flow better than a lot of aftermarket ones. An open intake will give more turbo sounds but won't gain you any HP.


Like you I'm fairly new to the tuning game, but I've been pretty obsessed so I'll let you in on some of what I've done so far. I'm driving a '17 Alltrack with a Unitronic Stage 1+ tune, but I think all the stuff I'm listing is the same for any MK7 Golf. I just put the Unitronic carbon fiber intake/turbo inlet elbow on last weekend, and it certainly gets you more of that sweet turbo sound. Seems like a slight improvement to throttle response/turbo lag, but that may be a bit of confirmation bias on my end. As far as knocking/bucking, the car actually seems to run smoother now vs. the stock airbox. I've also heard good things about the Racingline R600 intake, which is cheaper and has more of an OEM look if that's your thing. Someone had already installed an HPA downpipe before I bought the car. It seems like a good downpipe as I've had no issues with it and the car sounds good, but I have nothing else to compare it to. I'm running Bilstein B14 coilovers, and I would definitely recommend them or the B16 if you want the adjustable shocks. If you're driving a 6 speed manual there's a little pedal spacer made by WCT Performance that raises the gas pedal which helps for heel-toe shifting. I just had a Holy Shift short shifter from DAP come in yesterday, but I haven't installed it yet so all I can say is that I've heard good things. This isn't really a mod, but if you change your own oil a fluid extractor is a game changer. I've got one that hooks into an air compressor so all I have to do is shove the tube down the dipstick hole, hook up the air and let it go til it sucks the oil pan dry. No more getting under the car/removing skid plates/messing with drain plugs. A big brake kit is also something to consider before you go adding too much HP. It doesn't really matter how fast you are if you can't stop. I have Racingline brakes with EBC Red Stuff pads, and I really like them. I've also installed some LED headlights from BMP Tuning that are a pretty big upgrade over stock.


I haven't really done much to mine yet. Most common things to start with would be wheels, tires, suspension. Tint if you don't have any done yet. And then like /u/duwuy mentioned, the more fun stuff like downpipes, exhausts, and tunes. If you want to hear some noise come from your engine bay get yourself an intake of some sort. I bought an Injen intake for mine and I love the sound. Will it make you drive your car harder so you can keep hearing it? Most likely. Is that some sort of downfall? Hell no. You can look into things like the dogbone mount as well, maybe upgrade some other little stock parts to make the car feel more solid in corners. You can really do as much or as little as you want.


Tint and lowering springs dramatically changed the looks of my car the most


It’s a 2017 btw!


For exhaust I went with APR from the downpipe back. I have a stage 2 tune with pops and bangs added. It sounds amazing and turns heads everywhere I go. I also really like their closed carbon CAI. It helps everything breathe better and you get some great noises under the hood as a consequence. If you have an APR dealer close by I definitely recommend their stuff.


Wish I could find an apr downpipe :')


Same, my apr place cant order them anymore