I don't think it's possible to pirate death stranding with the way it's structured.


Why that?


The base game is too intertwined with it's online functionalities to play without them. Not even sure it's possible to play offline.


Possible offline, just no friendly structures to help you


Yeah you can absolutely play it offline. *HOWEVER* Good luck building roads on your own, lol.


That means it will take a ridiculous amount of time to complete the main story?


Not necessarily, it will make it "Harder" in certain missions, per se.


Just grab the hoverboard mod and fly across twilight zone america in seconds.


journey is piratable to play online, however DS has denuvo


Developer System?


Death stranding :/


I know, the joke is that the DS (short for Development System) console shares the same acronym as Death Stranding.


Ahhh.... Nice joke bro


No just DS. Like Nintendo DS


In the initial E3 reveal of the DS, Reggie calls it the Developer System. Since nothing else has been stated, that is what the DS in Nintendo DS is short for.


There are tons of pirated games you can play online just finished beating the forest with my friends and some randoms, well.. if you host your own servers. Its possible, just not likely it will work with death stranding ever


There's a few tricks people have pulled to connect to game servers with pirated copies, not 100% sure how it works on most games though lol


Yeah of course but that is even more rare which almost never happens with AAA games


Not really, it's completely possible to play offline. The online just adds more to the game.


So if someone didn't even have PS Plus it wouldn't work?


DS does not use PS Plus for the online functionality.


It has got a system where if you're online, which you should, it'll add everything other players have left. If you're online and someone left a vehicle by the side of a road THEY built, you can take their vehicle and keep on keeping on. Same goes for random ladders and ropes placed around, road systems, hints and boosts and so on. Quite interesting tbh but the gameplay after the novelty of the first 15 hours runs dry it's just meh kinda boring.


Wait. Is it all RNG which roads/ladders/ropes appear in your game every time you load the save? It can't possibly show every single placed object by every single person who played the game right? It would just be chaos and too many stuff to process. It has to be like RNG what it shows to you?


It’s definitely rng, but I think it might be biased towards the objects that have the most “likes”, at least from my limited experience. You do still run into the occasional bridge over a puddle but I’ve found that most things will at least be slightly useful, especially considering people have to spend resources to place things.


It's a combo of RNG and also using the in-game "likes" system. Very heavily liked things will appear more frequently.


Everytime you join a session and have a limited number of peers. Most of the stuff they placed will be available, the ones that don't overlap each other. Roads work a little different, there's a algorithm and only a % of resources you put in get on other people's game. If enough people contribute you may get the road done without any work.


This actually is one of the worst games to pirate, the whole games is based on interacting with other players.


Before you buy, pirate.


*try before you buy FTFY


This. Some games are really worth buying. Others are made to be pirated all the way (e.g. Sims)


Games with dozens of absurdly priced DLC absolutely deserve to be pirated.


Before I bought Civilization IV I pirated it with a CD Crack. After playing for a year I bought the DVD version with the expansions in it. It is basically the same game like Civilization III and II but with better graphics.


One of the games main selling points is your interaction with other players. Amazing game but playing offline would have made my experience much worse imo.


Denuvo: How I Learned To Not Buy Your Game And Love It




I mainly use piracy as a way to deal with bullshit pricing and not having a Mastercard or a functional PayPal.


So you don't have a bank account?


My country doesn't support the payment methods unless I have an activated master card Wich is gonna cost a lot.


Damn, that's some bs


No credit gang where u at


yea this game is not even worth spending the time and effort required to pirate it... well at least not for me not trying to judge anyone who likes the game.


Shhh, you can't criticize this or you're some kind of monster around here lol


Right, it's made by video game Jesus from the east. Don't you know he did MGS. How can everyone ham it up like everything this dude touched is gold??? Sons of liberty, come the fuck on. This game is trash and so has about half the MGS series. Downvote me bitches, but y'all are sheep if you blindly follow.


You wouldn't want to pirate that game. Half of the fun comes from the online interactions.


This game could’ve been more scarer but felt it was short lived once you got the hook from momma to cut the cords. Other than that it’s alright game, I give it 7.7/10


is more like a cinematic game, by watching on youtube you are kinda of pirating


I wouldn't even bother pirating this bc the entire game is structured around being online and interacting with other players. IDEK what is there to do aside from that?


Becuz it was truly the last strand type game am i right folks?


is the walking simulator out?


lol yea go ahead and enjoy a game designed for core online features offline. this is same as the 80yo geezer who buy the Ferrari just to stare at them


This is true aff


It's 100% possible to play it offline but it also has Denuvo, for me this game is a masterpiece and i buyed it already 3 times, but we'll see!


[Oh I'm crazy? Those fucking hobbit movies were boring as hell. All it was was a bunch of people walking. Three movies of people walking to a fucking volcano... Here's the first movie...](https://youtu.be/RPl5MeXIM8E) This is how I felt about this game.


This stupid meme on this sub all the damn time


Idk what this game is, but it seems way too advanced for my piece of shit outdated computer that can't even play fallout 4.


I dont think i will pirate Death Stranding, but Horizon Zero Dawn? My duuuuude....


there is nothing just get the thing u domt like it yeet it into recyclbin


Reviews r terrible


Of this game in particular or the ones from Gameranx? Cus you'd be right about either one of 'em


The last triple-A game that I bought was MGS5, because I pirated it and was so immersed in it that I concluded that I should buy it and Kojima should pocket some money from me. Also, because FOB missions gave a lot of resourses. Then I regret it because I found out Kojima left Konami years ago, just after MGS5. Other games I bought were some indie games after playing for a while non-stip, like Factorio, or Rust. I bought Rainbow Six Siege in a sale, and also regret it, but more because Ubisoft is pozzed cancer than for the quality of the game, and that's the only triple A game I play regularly. I'm playing the Farcry series right now. Death Stranding coming for PC is very good news indeed to me as a Kojima fan.


what a bad game : you play as a delivery boy .... wow... I'm impressed...Delivering parcel is a boring job (and I know what i'm talking about...). Some people like to play as a delivery boy ??!! wow... Everybody has his own bad taste !!! I didn't pirate it, I digitally pre order on PS4... a WASTE OF TIME and MONEY. POINT. even if you pirate this game, don't play it ! There are better games outside....


Yeah. My cousin preordered it on PS4, physical copy, and was so excited when he got it, two days later he sold it :)


yeah... and worst : people who likes the games think you are too stupid to appreciate the game. I won't trust kojima anymore.




ur terrible


I like Gameranx video. for me I will not do any of them since my intel HD 520 can't run anything


Aww bummer I loved this game a lot and am sad how poorly it did/ was received




Before you buyrate


more like After you pirate