I’m in love

I’m in love


This is gorgeous beyond belief. 😍 I need at least two.


I'm hoping it's viable enough to run the Killaboss over Gobsprakk, love having a generic dude leading your own army


Same, I love naming them myself and creating some fluff to go with it


Same. I've never liked running named models, especially when they're the only reason your army works.


The new “Wyvern” we’d been seeing rumors of is a giant vulture with boy on back! The perfect mount for the biggest brain boss. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/07/19/meet-the-powerful-kruleboyz-shaman-whos-best-mates-with-kragnos-or-so-he-claims/


Never believed it was a wyvern. Especially since we got a part of a Swampdragon always with us.


I am so much in love with this model. GIMME!


I'm definitely going to want one of each to lead my armies, I love that we're getting vulture mounts over something more traditional-looking.


Show some respect boyz, dats our new boss!


We do not even have a Battletome out yet and we just keep on winning damn


This is a beautiful


Oh my dear gork and mork they are beautiful!


Is it just me that thinks the regular killaboss looks bigger than Gobsprakk? Maybe it’s just the one shot in the trailer


The killaboss stands up straighter than the shaman, so he would look taller


This is true


Been debating for quite awhile about which of my Warcry warbands to develop into an AoS army. When Dominion came out I decided to go with the Kruleboyz instead...I am not disappointed in the least, every preview just blows me away. IMO the Kruleboyz model range has some of the best looking models that GW has ever made.


Definitely! They are my favourite faction by far, I just love there aesthetic!


I was thinking about the Swampboss Skumdrekk or Breaka-boss on Mirebrute Troggoth, but I like this mount better I think


What about all three?…. 😏


I like the way you think.


Welcome to the kunnin side


There goes another $200. Cuz you can’t just get one!


I like their Christ hand symbol) very christian


You know what's gonna be SICK about this model? Whichever option you're not gonna choose, you'll have a leftover Killaboss or a leftover Shaman. So you have an alternate badass sculpt for a foot Boss or a Swampcalla, for if you want to run two of those.


As much as I love the generic lord option in any preview, I really like our subfaction leader from what we got in the preview and in that neat little lore 'Kunnin'. Gobsprakk actually being a thinker, a shaman, and extremely powerful at that, warms my ugly orkish hear, too. And his disapproving mug is just amazing and full of character.