Buy some of lumber and they throw in a free crane.

Buy some of lumber and they throw in a free crane.


Isn't the price of lumber ridiculous now!?


Pretty soon the price for used pallets is going to go up as people start building houses out of pallet wood.


I knew a guy that ran a company that re-fabricated pallets. I believe the company went under because new lumber was too cheap to compete with. Right place wrong time. Dude could be banking these days. Edit: His company is still going, just in a different location. Junk wood gets turned into mulch, etc. Re-usable wood gets rebuilt. Very green. And probably quite profitable at the moment.


Nice to see people succeed and add something to this world.


There's that exact business just a mile from my house. Pallets stacked like mountains. They've been doing fine I guess, been there longer than I've lived here.


Pallets are big money. They’re just so common we don’t think about them much. There’s probably a half dozen pallet companies in every major city.


Jokes on them, my house has already been made of pallet wood for years...


Fools all of you!!!! I have been living in a popsicle stick house and have custom Italian Ice spoon pool house.


You find a new joke every day dont you?


your name... an ace combat 4 reference?


Shack on the target!!




Fox 2! Fox 2! Or whatever it is


Lol unfortunately some other redditor has the correct spelling.


A house of pallet wood and pallet jack chariot...


"reclaimed mini shiplap"


One day I’ll be rich like you…


For real though, I've made coffee station for my wife using a pallet. Basically just sanded it up, hung it on the wall with a shelf for holding coffee, and sugar. Made hooks to hang mugs on the slats.


For real though whoever owned my trailer last replaced all the wall paneling in the bedroom with pallet wood and then I built an enclosed porch for my cats that's also like 90% pallet wood. It smells like I live in a hamster cage when it gets humid out but it certainly does look cool.


It already is up. My dad works in ag and he said 1 year ago, pallets were $10 a pop brand new. Now they’re $17.50 a piece. Used ones would sell for $3-5 depending on quality and now used ones start at $8 a pop or so.


What are blue food grade pallets worth right now?


Burn them. Chep aint worth dealing with, theyre just as likely to call the police on you and accuse you of theft.


Because crazy enough, Chep doesn't sell their pallets, they lease them. I'm not kidding, Chep maintains ownership of those pallets, which is why they don't buy them back, because legally, they already own them. Craziest thing I heard of when I worked retail. It's a big deal if we don't return them to the DC.




Kinda like the dairies own all the milk crates.


The smartest thing they did was make them an inch too small to hold vinyl records anymore. Bastards.


I recall a story about the makers of milk crates started making a different color of crates for retail sales, and used the very same molds, with the warning of criminal prosecution for possessing stolen property. Sounded like quite the oops.


At least our kegs aren't falling apart by the time they get to us.


I now feel even better about giving away and burning so many of them.


Yeah and these blue stds of the logistics sector show up worldwide as junk pallets.


Love going to pick up heavy gear and having to load it all into the tray when the fork is right there


A couple weeks ago an entire apartment complex in my area was burned to the ground in about half an hour. It really made me question whether we should be building houses out of wood...


Building materials will only slow things down. A house fire I experienced in a brick-built 2 storey home took 7 minutes to become a total loss. Get a fire safe and smoke detectors


I think design has more to do with it than materials? For survival chance I mean. Obviously wood adds more fuel than brick but an oven is an oven. Weather the oven itself is flamable doesn't matter.


It's a combination. If there are stairs that you need to go up to get to stairs you need to go down to the exit, then such a poor design will decrease chances of survival, but if a brick wall can withstand heat longer to keep the roof from failing on you while you went up and down the stairs, it'd improve your chances.


Well, the one in tacoma happened at night, and there were only 2 injuries, so I would say access / egress routes did their job pretty well.


You know how every new apartment building in urban areas looks the same? 4-5 stories with the goofy multi colored facade and worthless balconies tacked onto the side. That's as tall as they can build with stick framing. But it ends up as a fucking tinderbox if it goes up. We should build more 60's and 70's style brick dorm type apartments. Brick and rebar and concrete. They last forever and look decent in the process. It fills a needed market as well. No ridiculous 'amenities', no bullshit. Developers would rather build shit that looks cool but it's actually trash so they can trick people into spending $1500 to live in a one bedroom small apartment.


>look decent in the process Maybe in the US 60's and 70's building look decent but in Europe they are horrendus looking. For the 60's it is a totally square brick or concrete building and in the 70's they are raw concrete in weird shapes (no paint nothing)


That was a Pan-european architecture movement called Brutalism. Aptly named, but concrete doesn't have to be hideous.


Plain concrete being dusty and all grey I can't see the beauty in it whatever the shape, but a building made of concrete with a finish on it can look good


The vast majority of 60-70s “brick dormitory” styled housing look awful in the US as well


one of the best ways to build is concrete pillars and floors you can remodel it into anything since you can remove walls as you want and change window size as you want as the walls arebt structural


Exactly. That's how a lot of commercial stuff goes together these days. Concrete structure, steel studs, and whatever you want on the outside to make it look good. Plus that comes with fireproof caulking in all the nooks and crannies. Gonna have to try pretty damn hard to get that to burn.


Have you tried hitting it with a 767?


>We should build more 60's and 70's style brick dorm type apartments. Brick and rebar and concrete. Too expensive. Remember the story of the 3 pigs? We have made it a reality. We used to build things to last forever, as it was expected. Now we build for the day. Commercial buildings are still built this way, it explains why cars and everything else have a life expectancy. They can tell you when things will wear out because it was designed to last a specific time. You won't need a new pretty whatever, if the old one can be repaired forever with a new coat of paint. Don't like the color? We used to repaint and not replace. Touch screen won't allow you to blue-tooth your iPhone so you can watch youtube and still use the back-up camera? You need a new car. Absolutely stupid.


Cars last far far far longer than they used to. Odometers only had 5 numbers until the early 90s. They were much easier to fix than cars today, sure, but they polluted more, guzzeled more gas, and didnt last nearly as long. It used to be quite the achievement to hit 100k miles in a car, now if a car breaks down before 100k miles its seen as unreliable.


I call it random boxes architecture. It is so stupidly popular right now. Just north of where I live they've built thousands of units of this crappy construction across the street from the beach. The wind and storms are going to fuck that shit up in short order. The brutalist buildings (which have their own problems) that were built decades ago will still be doing alright after the stick buildings have turned into mush.


I remember in Tampa I was looking at "luxury" apartments... they wanted $2000 a month for these new builds that had laminate floors and countertops. To top it all off it was wood stick building and no concrete between floors. I was shocked that they'd ask that much but the dude was like "new yorkers are moving here a lot and this is cheap for them" IDC not for a shit apartment. haha


say what you will about "commieblocks" they're non-flammable and efficient


Provided you choose the right cladding


Lol I was joking with my fiancée about this the other day driving through our old college town. They’ve built an absolute fuck ton of “Modern, luxury, redefining, *insert up-charge bullshit here*” apartments all over the college town. Now, this isn’t a nice town, it literally had like 1, 3+ story building just 6 years ago. Now there’s a ton of these 6/7 or whatever story apartments charging double or more the price of rental homes and such in the area, all claiming to be the absolute peak of luxury, as if it were a selling point to broke ass college kids. Oh, they also made one of them an “active 55+” community and put it right on the fuckin bar strip where music is blasted until close every Thursday through Saturday. The city council actively hates that the city only exists because of the university so they do all this dumb shit to act like they aren’t a college town.


Just out of curiosity, are you in Tacoma, WA? I live down the street from an apartment complex that burned to the ground in about half an hour, and this literally happened a couple weeks ago - I think it was the Forest Hill Village apartments?


Nope! I live in Canada. My city has had a few apartment fires this year, but it's rare for a building to be completely destroyed like that. It was pretty surreal.


Not with frames, but look up cross laminated timber. Seriously cool stuff.


The amount of pallets that are covered in piss bird shit and chemicals I don’t think I’d be using pallets.


Wait until you hear what the birds do to *trees* in the *forest*.


Yes because a bird shitting on a branch the tree being cut down milled and kiln dried is the same as taking a dirty shit on pallet and using it in your kids room.


I just wish I could afford a pallet house!


It's a matter of time...


What's up with that? Is there a tree shortage??


Middlemen are stockpiling and then trickle selling to drive prices up


Let’s hope they’re storing it properly... or else it’s gonna be like Home Depot where you have to go through half a stack just to get to the straight 2X4’s.


i've never seen wood as bad as lately at my yard


Is that a line from a song?


Went to menards to get wood for building a basic bedframe.. Cost me nearly 50% more than the one I built 2 years ago.. And took twice as long to find "straight enough" boards to build it with.


This is very hard to believe because one middleman can be greedy and sell all inventory. Its game theory, and this level of trust between competitors just does not exist, people are greedy, they will sell all inventory right now


That kind of cooperation you're aluding to, basically never actually happens. The incentives for the cartel members to break the agreement and sell the wood at a huge premium will be bigger than to uphold the cartel.




Yes and no. There is a tree shortage but we have a shit load stockpiled. The stockpilers see that they aren’t getting much supply so they’re driving up the prices and trickling it to market. Also it’s going to happen anyways. I think it was like 22% of all currency in circulation was printed in the last year. Inflation is going to hit like a bitch soon.


Well that’s just terrifying. Thanks.


I mean it’s not really inflation. It’s more of a supply/demand issue. Quarantine had people buying more lumber than ever, plus the house building boom due to low interest rates. The prices will go back down...somewhat. Eventually. People aren’t going to keep paying $50 a sheet for OSB forever.


Actually yes. Tree killer beetles and drought invaded Canada in 90's and now there's not that many trees left. Canada is/was one of the most important sources of lumber in USA.


Uhh no, there is no shortage of trees for harvest in Canada, Canada is one of the largest softwood producers worldwide. The recent shortages have to do with a limited production capability (mills can only run so fast and corona is slowing things down) and a huge spike in demand for building materials of all sorts.


Makes sense, all of the big furniture makers are in Canada or in the northern US. Herman Miller in Wisconsin, Paoli in Indiana, Hon in Iowa, Haworth in Michigan.


Sad part is my dad is a lumberjack and the price for logs has not increased, he’s getting paid the same. Sawmills are full, sometimes get loads rejected. Yet we can’t buy lumber and when it’s available it’s at 4x the price. Doesn’t make sense.


I mean it makes sense. Mills are artificially restricting supply to drive up prices and demand.


That's an oversimplification. From what I have heard there are a lot of different reasons that are all coming together. I'm not an expert, but this is what I have observed from reading on the subject the last couple months (read: this is my opinion). First, the pandemic made work stoppages happen more often due to a perception of lower demand and the occasional Covid outbreak at the mill. Though, the latter was less common than we would expect given how many companies in other industries did shut downs. Second, demand for truck drivers is at an all time high. Older drivers are aging out or retiring and we are not replacing them or adding to the driver pool at the same rate as we are loosing. There are a lot of factors to this... Too many for this. Third, demand went the entirely different direction than expected. People were home and bored during lockdown and decided to remodel, add on, or buy new. Home builders are behind. Add to that the housing market being hot (a coworker of mine just lost a bid after he put in $20k over asking). Fourth, and I don't think this is quite as much a factor as the others, import taxes, duties, etc. I have read conflicting reports on this. One article says that the rise in taxes on imported wood from Canada is significant. The next says it isn't. It may be a factor, but my \[limited\] view is it is a rather low contributor.


Add on the Suez Canal blockage and a port trucker strike in California


There's a housing supply shortage in many major markets due to low interest rates. In my region, houses often sell for 100k over asking because so many people are buying. My house is not for sale nor do I plan to move, but I have had a couple of real estate agents knock on my door to try to talk me into listing it. People are building as fast as they can get permits pushed through.


Not quite, many closed because they assumed the pandemic was going to cause a crash. The opposite happened.


Did they actually? I’m hearing more and more stories from haulers and loggers that they never stopped anything. I’m not seeing any stories of mills screaming to the press that they had to stop or that they really slowed down. Of course this is massively location dependent. I can’t imagine an industry so tired to housing would think that the housing market would crash right now. It’s on fire everywhere you look.


Building houses is up massively. Maybe in some areas there is enough wood but the same reason there is enough wood is also the reason nobody is building houses there. To get lumbar from places with wood but no people to places with people but no wood obviously has some logistical challenges. And with the rising demand you have to look forward and realize that wood is a limited resource and it takes 10+ years to harvest "just good enough" pine from a swath you just harvested. Supply simply can't satisfy demand currently and possibly for a long time.


Most that I know of, having family working in them, were operating at reduced capacity for a while. Same as steel mills. It was better than having to shut down operations entirely due to a positive case. Demand is very high, but I do suspect artificial inflation too, as many plants have been running at higher levels than early covid stages.


Lack of employees is more likely.


Yes. My sister was told by her contractor that the same project now would cost them $35k more in lumber alone. Which I find a bit ridiculous.


Literally in the last 6 months my lumber prices have gone up 133% it's no joke.


And this is why I haven't sold my shares of $NAIL yet


I need to redo my dining room ceiling and I thought it was going to be like $50 in drywall..... That shit went from like $9-$11 for a double sheet a few years ago the last time I bought it to like $40 now. Building materials are one of the biggest things that shot up with all the stimulus money since people finally had extra cash to fix problems around the house, myself included.


The lockdowns also ment people had the time to work on their house too.


do you have a cheaper way to safely ship it?


Put it in a big block of cheese?


Cheaper, not cheesier.


I just looked at home depot. Price of one 4 feet by 8 feet plywood is $64. Price of one 2 X 4 - 8 feet long is $8. Good luck building a house now


As someone building a house...I am still crying at the lumber bill (+23% over budget at the time I had it delivered which was 10,s of thousands cheaper than now). We won't even go into the other covid related increases like cabinets (+15%), windows (+13%), siding(+17%), electrical(+8%), and what ever cost increase in delays you put on materials being 6 to 12 weeks delayed.


60 bucks for a single sheet of fucking plywood.... I literally cut up wood worth more than my car every day now...it's definitely ridiculous


That’s the joke?


well one would assume there to be a bit of a premium if it comes with a \*free\* crane.


You should salvage the lumbar and toss it of FB market place and see what you can get for it and update us. For shits and gigs.




Well based off my last 2 Craigslist posts...its more like "can you pay me to take your free stuff away".


That's bogus af


Yes! I sold some wood from my deck a year ago. I got a lot of people asking if I was asking $100 for it or if I was offering $100 for someone to come haul it away.


Did you have it pulled or did they have to pull it?


I disassembled it all myself. Most of the wood was still good. For all intents and purposes, it was a precut build-it-yourself deck with no instructions.


Yeah that's wack.




Shiggles and gits. Shiggles and gits. Imma get me some shiggles and gits.


> salvage the lumbar He'll make his money *back*


Hopefully he’ll negotiate; too many people just don’t have the *spine*.


It's all for shits and giggles, until Larry giggles and shits.


Something funny about the current price of wood.....idk im tired




I'm looking for input on the next service body I get. How are them palfingers? I got an 8 year old cobra 5500 and its dog shit.


We’ve had good luck with the Palfinger bodies. The company I contract with has a f-750 with a PalPro72 and a 12k 29’ crane and then a 550 with a Palpro43 and a 8k that’s also 29ft. The controls are very smooth and you can run em with so much finesse.


I bet it’s fun


Yeah I like running them. They’re so smooth you can let the crane do all the work and don’t really have to muscle anything around.


gotta protect it from the terrible forklift drivers along the way ;)




I used to work at a place that sold big slurry pumps for mines and whatnot from a company called Metso. All the pumps came in on heavy duty pallets and all the parts came in wood crates, and said pallets and crates were all made out of really nice planed pine boards (mostly 2x6's), not the rough cut stuff you usually see, held together with those spiral shank nails that have adhesive on them. I took a whole lot of those boards home. I can only imagine they had a small fortune in all those pallets and crates.


Yeah for real man, when We were doing a gargantuan amount of unit sets in 2017, 18 and 19 the amount of lumber that was throw away from all the engines and compressors and motor shipped was insane. Definitely built a lot of stuff out of wood for free lmao


Woah, what ? When ? Where ? I.need one.


If you pick up the crane yourself without the wood its half price.


That sounds like a great deal, but that crane is probably pretty heavy and I don't see a good handle anywhere.


Just use your other crane to pick it up


Ah! A classic bootstrap problem.


I work in the industry. We have hundreds of cranes shipped like this to our facility. When you are buying a crane direct from the manufacturer this is how they generally do it.


In my list of fuck that truck it goes, autocrane (I hate wiring the relays), palfingers (their efm wiring is confusing when it comes to grounds), then imt (they do no wrong)


IMT is master race for sure. Auto crane and liftmoore can get wrecked lmao


With the current price of lumber, you could be totally serious here 🤐


Old pallets are great for garage shelving and stuff like that. Reddit freaks out if you make cutting boards from it so don’t do that lol


Everyone is a Chef, literally everyone. You don’t gotta ask, they’ll just tell you.


To be fair, some pallets are treated with insecticides and sometimes even fungicides. Not exactly what you want on a cutting board.


Its probably cheaper to buy lumber this way.


Now you can go fishing for the *really* big fish! Some years ago, someone here went "fishing" with one of those large, five axis autocranes (supposedly for a bet), and actually caught something.


I worked for a company that bought a new CNC lathe. A big fucker. One of the guys got the box out came on and took it home for a tool shed. A mate got me a box that four big fuck off rolls of Mylar came in. i turned it into a kernel for my dog.


Nobody better lay a finger on my Palfinger


nice i went to their production plant once on a school trip they will do any color, even saw some pink ones there


Pink cranes sound pretty cool, easy way to identify it on site


All while your parts come wrapped in thin tissue


Some of lumber huh?


Ooof got got me


lumber is getting ridiculous everything kinda is.. prices for gas and just all around it’s kind of ridiculous and they make minimum wage so low and expect people to go to college. luckily enough i got a good enough job and moved to ohio for college which i am blessed but feel bad for others.


>prices for gas getting ridiculous As a European i can guarantee you that your gas is indeed still cheap as fuck. Come back when you pay 5.5 usd/gal like we Danes do.


It helps that your country is like 6% the size of Texas. You could almost throw a rock from one border and hit the other lol


Come back when you have to drive everywhere thanks to automotive companies pushing against public transit. When an economy is set up around gas being cheaper than it has an right to be, even making it just a bit less cheap makes a big difference.


Eh i do have to drive everywhere since I dont live in one of our bigger cities. Using public transport i would have to throw away more than another hour of my free time every day just to get to work.


Here in the US plenty of us spend more than an hour getting to work (each way) driving.


He’s in LA, going anywhere takes sitting in gridlock for 4hrs.


[not quite, but close to $5.5 USD a gallon. ](https://i.imgur.com/Tv45kZl.jpg)


I filled up for $2.49 last week in SC.


on a side note, my parents have been remodeling our house for years and getting closer to being done and this lumber price increase messed them up :/ house has came a long way though, have a lot of construction in my family and i hear about it 😂 just finished siding on the house though so that’s nice


I found you at -2, and I don't know why. You got stalkers?


He used an emoji, the laughing one at that. For some reason most comments with that one get downvoted. No idea why


Reddit is just like that.


She's a fickle beast.


She cray.


That she is, but the circlejerk against emojis has been a thing for a while now.


Oh yeah, I'm not vehemently opposed to that circlejerk personally but sometimes people take it to an extreme. It's also not a proper use of downvoting but we kind of abandoned that YEARS ago...


I just don't give a damn. Why can't we just let people do their thing and worry about ourselves.


I don't like them but if other people want to use them, honestly I'm with you. It's just jarring when I see them... I guess it's probably because the Reddit community is so against them.


i have no idea :/ people just be that way


I need a roof, soffits, gutters, deck and fence. Should’ve done it last year 😭


"It's mine so just back off Guys....project is already started".




Steel is up too. Its like $162 a ton right now.


At this rate, it'll be cheaper to buy a logging truck and a mill and just make your own timbers.


Even if it wasn’t a logging Truck and mill would be RAD


i came to the comments to understand what’s going on and got educated on how to properly make buildings


Return it, keep the lumber, profit.


As someone who works in the shipping industry be glad it showed up looking like this. Some people aren’t so lucky. I’m guessing the company “over did it” to make sure you get it in one piece. Enjoy living the high life, don’t forget about us down here on your new thingy!


Post in English and they throw in a free “of”


Nice. Am I seeing hydraulic lines? If so, I wouldn't want to fuck with this without training.


Yes, it’s an electric over hydraulic setup. Fairly common for smaller service truck cranes. Setup is easy on these because all they really need is enough 12v power.


When in doubt, meter out


Always meter out, not just when in doubt.


With how much the price of wood has gone up, the crane was probably cheaper.






Da fuk I say?


lmao bare frame special. What are you going to attach it to?


It’s going into a crane trailer. Replacing a worn out crane.


They even did a plywood crate in the middle. Completely overkill but very well packed.


Whole lot of money right there... crane is nice to.


Funny thing is my house actually has a pallet wall made of pallets that were disassembled then painstakingly cut and nailedgunned to the wall IT TOOK FOREVER


Now you have something to lift!


You buy enough meat, they’ll give you anything


Some of lumber?


Only fans Lumber?


that bottom pallet would go nice in my computer room lol.


What are you doing cc in your shop that needs that to that style crane?


I work in the field. Mainly on natural gas engines and compressors. We use a pretty big variety of cranes. Ranging from this mighty little guy all the way up to big Liebherrs.


Something tells me r/cincinnati needs to see this


I seriously think those kids from r/wallstreetbets will soon buy wood futures or a wharehouse full of it and betting on higher prices. Could be a pretty safe bet tbh


I need 2 sheets of plywood. As soon as my loan gets approved I'll see about the free crane deal.


We make assembly machines and often get large crates and pallets when we get equipment for the machines. Theres literally hundreds of dollars of lumber sitting in the trash bin behind me right now. It's crazy.


That crane was still cheaper than the pallet.


As an employee it's always nice to see one "out in the wild" ☺️


You will still never financially recover from this


You will still never financially recover from this