Undeserved buff

Undeserved buff


You try to buff mirror with making it op


Good fucking luck


Was it OP at one point?


never was never will be


Make it mirror the same level card at the same cost. Lmao


Mirror, collector, barb hut and executioner didn't need a buff. Mirror will break the game if buffed, barb hut meta was so boring, collector still works in 3M decks and nobody wants an exe-nado meta


Executioner tbh imo, needs no buff. He survives most spells and is kinda tanky, has great dps and on of the bestsplash in the game at the cost of 5 elixir, hes basically a squishier bowler which can attack air.


What? His dps is awful, his range is still 4.5 tiles, he gets distracted by everything and basically requires tornado to get anything done. He’s awful for 5 elixir. He can’t even take out a lone balloon by himself, it’s pathetic. Like, why do y’all think that the only deck exe is even remotely viable in is the hog rocketnado/EQnado deck and nothing else, and that deck isn’t even good


Oh wait fuck i forgor💀 Sorry got a little biased due to my love for executioner but thanks for reminding me his flaws. Anyways how would you buff him? I personally would increase range or projectile speed tbh.


Don’t worry about it, I love him as well but that’s mainly why I would want to see him be viable in this current meta lol I would start out small with buffs. Increase his damage slightly, he can take out goblins and all spirits with the first pass of his axe, meaning he can now shut down goblin based cards without getting hurt himself, be a counter to furnace again, and can no longer be fully shut down by spirits, all other interactions with other swarms remain the same and he deals more damage to other troops as well. Increase his range to 5 from 4.5, and slightly decrease the time it takes for the axe to fly back to him. I think this would work well in helping him to become viable without breaking him like the previous changes did


Yeah these seem nice, tbh tornado shouldnt have any dps at all, that little shit makes it so hard to buff splashers without breaking them.


To one shot goblins it would need a 19% damage buff (27dmg). That’s quite a bit. For spirits it would need almost double that.


I’d say it’s a fair enough trade off for how slow he already attacks


If you gave him a ~36% damage buff, a 0.5 tile range buff, and making the axe faster is an insane buff. It would be very very strong.


If it ends up being too strong (which I doubt) they can just revert the axe speed and make it so that spirits will counter him again. Unsure if this is the case but I do think the range buff could help him counter furnace again without the need for a damage buff, because currently he doesn’t and it’s…kinda sad


I think if they do this then he needs a health nerf. Maybe a 13% health nerf so he dies to lightning as well.


I’m just waiting for them to remove Nado for air spirit or whatever so they can make 5 elixir splashers actually decent


How would air spirit work? + why should tornado get replaced by it


The air spirit thing was a joke, because that’s what they did to Heal when they considered it too hard to balance. Imo a card that messes with placement as much as Nado just doesn’t have a place in the game. It also makes balancing splashers very hard because of their synergy with the card.




With bomb tower buff and bomber still being prevalent(plus so many other splash cards), pigs would have been very weak as a win condition without the buff


Don't buff witch or wizard


That would make midladder even more unbearable if they did that.


Agreed if anything rework them but don't blatantly buff them.


This guy clearly doesn’t play the game enough to know how boring it will be, if 6 of these cards get buffed. Skel giant excluded


Idt a wizard buff will be too bad. Usually its a small % buff at most. But yea, a barb hut, executioner, pump, witch meta is not fun at all


How would you buff mirror?


I would propose, either remove its animation or mirror the card with two level higher with the same cost of one elixir more than the mirrored card. Or simply mirror the card with the exact cost but no level higher.


I feel like executioner is pretty underrated for competitive play, he’s pretty strong and useful if you play him, he’s pretty tanky and most of the times provides a positive trade


Nah, thats a neeeded buff


I disagree


Flair checks out


Wizard does not need a fucking buff


It's literally the worst card in the game. [https://royaleapi.com/cards/popular](https://royaleapi.com/cards/popular) Scroll to the bottom lol.


TYYYY though I would take out some of your examples (the winch, the sorcerer, giant skeleton and the executionner).


What the hell is a sourcerer


Even mid ladder decks are better than your spelling😭😂


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Witch got the most balance ( rework, buff, nerf ) of all the troops


Witch and wizard can get to fuck. Witch should die to a fireball one level above it


Started using Hogs seriously this season. The buff is welcome and maybe even a bit too much. As a 7k player, Hogs are a serious threat and I won't be surprised if they turn out to be super Meta these next few seasons


Thing is eventho witch and wizard are super weak, they are used so much especially in lower and midladder. reason for pigs buff was to get more usage.


Royal hogs needed something tbh they were pretty bad when bomber came into the meta


honestly i remember the old days when you could use miner and poison cycle, so i'd say buff miner. even b-rad quitted him, maybe buff his hp and his damage a little bit, it's a low tank troop.


As a person who uses exe he doesn’t need a buff just use tornado and you’ve killed most squishy units


Royal Hogs are broken as fuck now lmfao


Restore Giant skelly to its former form for


Genuine question: if witch and wiz are so bad, why does everyone I verse use it?


none of them need a buff, but barb hut needs a rework


Wizard buff pls it's so bad


Lemme guess. Ur max level 13 at 4800