They gonna have to pull an avatar to make the cgi great. Cgi is expensive as shit I don't see it working well in live-action adaption without it looking bad. They must make sure it works because if not it's just a waste of money. Chainsaw man works more as an animation tbh. Goodbye eri could however work as an live action. Same goes for look back.


What exactly would make it hard for CSM to be live-action? Aren't the devils really the only things that would need CGI? (and SFX like explosions and stuff, I guess)


>What exactly would make it hard for CSM to be live-action? I dunno man, maybe the dude who has a chainsaw for a head, which despite looking really cool in manga form, would look hella silly in live action unless they employ some godlike CGI.


Well if the cgi isn't good the devils would just look goofy and it would just flop. There is a lot more that's going too need cgi too than just devils/hybrids and explosions, especially the fight scenes for example.


Ok, hear me out: Practical effects Eternity Devil


A good adaptation would be REALLY expensive, unless you want some Bleach/FMA live-action standard.


Even the anime will have a lot of CGI so it will be way too hard/expensive for a proper live action adaptation


But don't live-action movies use CGI more often than anime and would, thus, mean that live-action movies are better at using CGI than anime?


Well it’s clear that live action movies have better CGI than animes but the question is if it would even look good with all the CGI yk?


And live action movies with cgi have way bigger budgets than most anime


I mean, the MCU movies are based on comics and the CGI in those look good And that would be basically the same situation as CSM if it got my hypothetical live-action adaptation


Unless it’s a full on block-buster budget no


Yes, If Fujimoto is involved in a live adaptation I'm sure it'll work.