What do you guys think of this, good deal or lemon?

What do you guys think of this, good deal or lemon?


Really hard to say but the fact that they claim it has a "replaced new rebuilt engine with only 50k on it" but still needs work to start is an eyebrow raiser.


Meh, you're right. But it can depend. I traded my old ranger for a non running 1987 300zx. It started on starter fluid, but that's it. So Its fuel related. I replaced the pump with a walbro 450, went to do the relay mod and what do you know, the ground came out of the stock harness. The fuel pump wasn't grounding. Thats all. Well whatever it runs now and has a better fuel pump.


it’s better someone takes it before it gets crushed at a junkyard


Get it if you want a project car but recognize you're spending money


Run. I can promise you your going to end up with a minimum of another 5k in it before you have a reliable ride. I would want papers on the motor for proof. There are tons off people doing tt swaps that have zero clue what they are doing


When it says “it needs a tuneup” really means “I’m way over my head and I don’t know how to fix it”


3000 for a twin turbo is a steal in my area, you could hardly touch any 300zx for that kinda money


That’s actually a great deal.. rollers are that much here by themselves


Depending where you are I have a non turbo I'm selling. Runs and drives. Has a full wings west urethane body kit. It's a convertible which is hard to find. Pass fender n front bumper need painted. And some other minor things. I'm selling it for 4500. As it needs some tlc


Thank you, this is local to me


I have no intention on buying it because I would have to trailer it 200+ miles home, but do you think this would be a good deal or is it too far gone? I am trying to develop some knowledge on the z32 market


Depending on the depth of the "tune up" needed I think it's a great deal for a TT with a fairly straight body if the trans and rest of the driveline is working ok. Could just need a few hours of work and a thousand bucks to be worth $5k easily. The manual trans and engine could go for $2k alone. Parting it out would probably net you over $3k but could take a few weeks to get that and if you aren't near other owners then shipping would eat away the profits.


steak but gonna be more to get it back to life


its sold.


Yeah, I kinda seemed fishy to me, so I don’t mind


If I was in the market for a TT manual... I'd pay that for a blown motor if the vin actually came back to a TT.


Shit I just paid 3500 for a full swap minus the TT trans. Came with a blitz multi function turbo timer, apexi acv boost controller, Garrett turbos only 2,000 miles on it, and all the wiring ecu upgraded fuel injectors and rail, radiator, inter cooler, dual air filter system, and a the piping for the inter cooler and such. I wish I would have found this ad as I’m in Virginia I would have bought this quick and towed it home. As long as the compression checked out on it.