I feel the "recklessness" that quicksaving enables is part of the experience. I love to yolo around for a while and then revert back to normal. It's also a good feature for people who aren't that well versed in gaming imo. Adding to this, with Bethesda it's pretty much necessary because of all the bugs and such (Fallout 4 crashes horribly often on xbox, Skyrim too but not as much).


Good point. You can always.... NOT use the quicksave feature if you want more "realistic" consequences.


Exactly. There's so many ways to play these types of games, some like it more realistic, some don't.


Sometimes… I like both. Good thing I can make a bunch of different characters 😁


Same! I have a bunch of different saves and all of them are different :D


I treat my chaotic quick save rampages as my character daydreaming about what they'd like to do vs what I actually have them do haha.


Exactly what I was thinking! I tried a game of Skyrim where I only saved when sleeping or at campsites and it was pretty fun. Edit- Additionally, the whole point of Bethesda’s games is for the player to decide things like that. Whether you use it or not the option should be there.


Yeah, I almost never use the quick save to cheat in pickpocket.




.... almost


It can be hard to quit spamming F5 every 5 minutes when you're used to it. In order to force myself having a more realistic experience I gave this mod a try and was really happy about it https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19399


I imagine just unbinding it completely would help too. Force you to go into console and type -quicksave or whatever


For me, I get scared to do things in videogames. Without the feature, i would take zero risks and be missing out on the whole experience.


Holy shit I'd be fucked without the quicmsave feature, especially with all the mods I use.


lol i bought fallout 3 on sale in hype of fallout 4 just before it came out. i played 4 hours then got perma stuck in a stump bug, only to have my last save be my first entrance to the game. uninstalled fallout 3 and never touched 4.


Although your experience was incredibly tragic, it’s a perfect summary of what makes these games infuriating to play and love. I highly encourage you revisit them, one day…


This is how I torture Nazeem. Save, kill/embarrass him, reload save, repeat


Skyrim wouldn’t be Skyrim if you couldn’t climb to the top of a mountain, pass a really great ledge to launch you and your horse off of, and quicksave first so you can do it over and over until you have seen every possible animation of your character flying into space




Agreed. I mostly play as a good person, I help people and avoid crime. But every now and then I need to take a high position by Dragsonsreach, crouch down, and snipe the entire population of Whiterun.


I like quicksaving, attacking characters I don’t like and then reloading as if my character was just daydreaming about what he’d really like to do.


This is an interesting way to think about it. Actually reminds me of that scene in the Northman where he retrieves the sword.


>with Bethesda it's pretty much necessary I'm just so used to the games crashing out that I have to have auto save everywhere, and then quick saves just in case. Cause nothing more annoying than traveling through the wilderness to find the destination you couldn't fast travel to, and the game crashes and you have to do it again.


Well as a person who just got fallout 4 on Xbox this is just brilliant news /s


Good luck :D I have no mods and my game crashes all the time. Save like a maniac any time you're in Boston (or another big city with lots of buildings) or in a fight with the forged 🙃


I play games for the content, not the grind. If I find myself grinding instead of having fun, I will open the console or save scum without shame.


"The grind is the content" MMORPG fans


And that’s when I stopped playing Elite: Dangerous…


I stopped when they announced spacelegs we’re not coming to console. 1500+ hrs and billions of credits on my main account lol.


I'm a MMORPG fan and the grind is indeed the content


So long as the content you're rinning.fornthe gromd is fun content on it's own then it's fine. It's when the grind forces you to do boring/bland content that it's a problem.


I get you point but tbh, for me grinding is a big part of the game. Its just nice to see your character getting Stronger, better Equipment, new skills etc and the world scales with it as well


Sounds like you play solitaire alot.


Imagine pickpocketing without save scum. Oh you want their key? Tough shit. Have fun going to jail 8 times before you get it. Nah.


You should avoid kingdom come deliverance like the plague.


God i wish so badly i enjoyed that game


I felt the exact same way. Then I downloaded a few mods (including an unlimited saving mod) and decided to start stealthily murdering all the townsfolk and guards I could, and hiding all their corpses. Got about 80 hours of genuine fun from that.


The saving notwithstanding i found the combat very difficult to get a handle on. I spent so much game time practicing with that old guy snd still couldnt really hang.


I've played about 200 hours of Mordhau, which has a similar combat system, except in that game it was actually done well. I still can't preform in KCD with that relevant experience. So all my killings ended up being with a dagger to the heart from behind, after getting the stealth kill perk.


You level up a minuscule amount with that guy. And levels are the initial hurdle


All you do is press counter when your enemy starts to move his shoulders, right before the block prompt. And use a lot of stabs in your combos, or use a bow to one shot everyone that does not have a helmet.


I actually really enjoyed that game. Their save gimmick is to force you to spread your saves out a bit, really just so your character doesn't get too drunk. But the materials are super available and you can still save at any time


In regular mode the autosave is also pretty easy to abuse using side quests. If you felt you were gonna go somewhere dangerous soon you could just pick up a random side quest and go progress it (pick up a bottle of wine or whatnot) and it'd throw an autosave at you.


yeah it's actually really easy to get schnapps


King cum delivery.


It's also good for the speech checks or whatever you call them when you have the option to persuade etc


Yeah. All 6 times in Skyrim.


Do you just mean in the main quest? Because it happens more than 6 times lol


If I wanted to play it safe and not go down in a blaze of glory doing something cool I wouldn't play video games. Quick save is responsible for most all the cool moments you've ever seen clips of Skyrim on the internet.


I play recklessly without using quicksaves, if I die, then it's most likely a Sovngarde worthy death.


Walks over a pile of bones that kills you


At last, Sovngarde (it was pile of bones of a great warrior)


Considering it’s a pile of bones in a cave of spiders the chances of that are it was an overconfident dude named chuck


I shall meet Chuck in Sovngarde then


Total non issue. You don’t have to quick save if you don’t want to. Stop looking at the way others enjoy themselves and just do your own thing.


True. I do like mods or difficulty settings that disable it though, because i often give in when doing a self inposed challenge. I like playing fallout 4 on survival, and prefer playing the dishonored games with the setting that only autosaves at the start of the level, and disables quicksaves.


*Quicksaves before typing a controversial comment*


It is a single player game. Play it however you want.


Unless you're talking pedo mods


Does killable children count?


Depends on what you do with the dead bodies


reanimate them and kill the zombie




...is that a joke, or are you genuinely asking if the ability to murder a child means you're sexually attracted to them?


No. I just hate children. Jarl Ballin's snotlings and Braith especially


Don't forget Kayd in Solitude. Braith and some other terrible kids are the result of terrible parenting and neglect, Kayd is just straight up obnoxious. E.g. Braith is being completely ignored by her own parents. Even when you walk around in dragon armor and wielding dragonbone weapons, he is like ''I thought adventurers were supposed to look tough and I bet my dad could beat you.'' And his dad is the local blacksmith who doesn't even like fighting.


It's the beauty of an RPG. Can play exactly how you want. If you want to save before trying stuff then that's fine because it's your playthrough and you play how you want


I have enough mods that my game tends to crash once every hour. Quicksave is my the most pressed non-movement button.


I dont see a problem. For me more options is better. If you want to save everytime and make everything perfect, you can. But if you want to make mistakes and sufferr consequences (i admit is more fun, kinda like tabletop rpg like DnD), you can. The key here is "you have all this ways to play allowed"


Skyrim woulld be unplayable if it only had autosaves or if it was like, say, stardew valley in that it only saves when you sleep and that overwrites the previous day so you can't go back to an old save. Quicksaves aren't the only reason for this, you can do the same with manual saves. There's even a mod that turns Quicksaves into hard, manual saves. A lot of rpgs have a manual/quick save feature because a lot can go wrong. Witcher 1-3 has it. But Witcher 3 had long loading times which discouraged save scumming. It's long cutscenes also discourages save scumming.


Yes. Love Skyrim but I’m currently playing stardew valley and the frustration I felt when accidentally blowing up my house with a mega-bomb at 1 AM was intense.


Quick save should be in every non-MMO game. Because life always has another opinion on when and where you should stop playing, and sometimes you had to stop really fast.


Its useful for shit like savescumming but I prefer a "hard" save from the menu. Been burned a few times on corrupt files or the game crashing from quicksaves.


Quick save is essential


It’s no issue at all. If you feel it ruins your immersion, don’t use it. Wow, look at that, problem solved.


Who the F cares if someone else is ‘reckless’ in a single player rpg?


People who are into controlling other people's lives.


Is not more of an I like it but I need it because of how awful their games tend to be with the crashes and bugs, I'd be so frustrated if I were to lose all my progress because the game decided to break itself over something really stupid like this one time in skyrim when I got stuck inside a house transformed into a werewolf because apparently the game didn't like the fact that I transformed into a werewolf inside the house and whenever I reloaded saves I was still a werewolf so I had to reload a save from way back in progression because Bethesda luckily I managed to find one quick save among all those were I wasn't a werewolf. Quicksaves are a necessity in Bethesda games, I honestly wouldn't have touched the game again had I lost all the progress in that playthrough because when a game breaks that badly on me and I lose that much progress because of a stupid bug I just lose interest, I've dropped a few games because of things like that.


I just want an autosave feature whenever i discover new places


Oh I love it, I wish I could have quick save for my actual life


It all depends on your playstyle. If you feel like not using it don't use it


Playing FO4 with survival mode on is a nightmare without it thanks to that game's tendency to freeze and crash. Exit saves don't work like they should either (surprise surprise) so I don't mind the quick save.


YOLOing into battle is pretty much what I find most enjoyable about playing Skyrim


lol would you prefer a system where you only get one save file and no manual save option? The quicksave is a blessing, I assume most people play Skyrim to relax and to have fun And the game doesn't force it on anyone. The auto-save can be turned off and quicksave itself does not ever have to be used


Why is recklessness a problem? People will play the game how they want to. If you are wanting to experience the game without it, you don't have to use it.


It’s a game, it’s literally not real. Quicksave, do whatever you want. If you’re looking for a realistic experience I hear camping is pretty sweet.


This was one of the hard arguments people had over Survivial Mode in FallOut 4. You could only save by sleeping in a bed or something similar. Personally, I loved Survival Mode in F4 when it hit. I thought it gave the game a new expierence and def make me think and plan differently. That said, I totally get the argument from people about losing an hour of progress due to bugs (especially on console, PC users at least unofficial bug fixes to help a little). I think a bug crash only happened to me once on a good survival playthrough. It's a controversial decision, but I think getting rid of quick saving solved more problems than it created.


Survival mode is great, no question. It's challenging, it's rewarding, it's headbangingly frustrating, it's tense, it puts your planning and tactics to the test at every turn. If you can finish the game on this mode without the use of wimp cheats or mods that change the parameters of survival, you can safely say you've actually beaten the game.


Highly useful when you're trying to complete the required allotment of Thieves Guild jobs and in each city and become Guild Master, and you're down to one job in one city, but Vex and Delvin are sending you everywhere else.


I did that with fast travel disabled, it got even more tedious.


Bethesda games aren't reliable enough to not have a quick save feature like that, especially once you get into modding the instability of the games skyrocket and you need a quick save feature like that


I subconsciously quicksave Skyrim after every few minutes because of how buggy most Bethesda games are and how often they crash. Even though Skyrim doesn’t crash as much as it used to, I still routinely do it just incase.


Hell yeah. I don’t play games to be good at them, I play to have fun. I quicksave with reckless abandon


Sure, but it's also a great way to enable anyone to play as they wish.


Not a problem. I’ll use dark souls as an example of my view on it: liking challenging games is fine. There is already a franchise and a few offshoots for the people who like it. Personally? I prefer choice. After a long day at work, and putting to bed my kids, and winding down…I don’t want to get wrecked by my game, and be angry. I want to kick ass. Removing the option for an easier difficulty (or in this case, save options) makes it harder for people who don’t want that challenge, where previously people who wanted that challenge could make the choice to avoid those features. TLDR: I think it’s better to have options that can be avoided by choice rather than forced difficulty aspects meant to cater to a niche crowd.


I like to save scum. How does that hurt your experience? You have the choice to abuse it or not.


It's a non-problem. If you feel it makes the game to easy, you can make it part of your playstyle not to use it. Personally, I find it more interesting to earn my pickpocketting skill by taking risks and running away if caught. In a single player game, you're the only one responsible for power creep and meta-gaming.


True. I saw a twitter post à couple of weeks ago that said something like ”Failing and paying the consequences is part of the RPG experience.” It’s not because ur characters a demigod that he is forced to have everything go his way. I would understand if you quicksaved in a dungeon or something because starting it all over when you die is annoying.


I would be fine with that if the game didn't perma-lock you from pickpocketing the person ever again.


It doesn't. You can try again after two days, I think it is.


Two? Or is it the respawn timer of 10 days?


I *think* it is two days. But that's just what I've heard other long-term professional skyrim players say.


Exactly this. I would rather it always be there as an option to use. Features like manual saves/quicksaves are also vital to troubleshooting and modding. Too many games curate every single feature so that gamers who don't have any self-control can still have the "desired" experience. I cannot imagine Skyrim, Fallout, etc. with the typical auto-save only style that is used often in other games.




I only use the quick save feature for recovering my save game when as per always and the inevitable, a Bethesda game freezes and I have to shut it off.


In an Automated sense, I think games should do quicksaves when there are no enemies nearby, Real Save when going in and out of towns in Easy Mode. Maybe quicksave less frequent in Higher difficulties.


Morrowind made me a paranoid about saving. I was playing Morrowind back in 2002 when saving games on an HDD was kind of a new thing and it changed how you played because there were so many more slots to save in.


If it was cast as some sort of recall spell would you still have a problem? Because that’s how I view it. Or a reverse time spell? I quicksave a lot but not for exploits, usually I have to remind myself to quicksave especially in a dungeon where I’m smoking fools until somehow someone one shots me and I go back to my last auto save.


Save scumming is not unique to Bethesda games.


Yes. It's very easy not to save scum if you don't want to and if you do want to, who cares?


I like quicksaving in case my game crashes when travelling, but I never use it to constantly reload to get a different outcome. In fact I never reload unless I get physically stuck, or a quest breaks irreversibly. Otherwise I just live with my consequences.


I don't see the problem. It's your game and you are not bothering anybody. Whether you save it a million times a hour or don't is all up to you. Just alone from the fact Bethesda games like to crash at the most random times and auto save only works when changing game cells, quick save is a must. And for pickpocketing: I would personally not even try to pickpocket something with that low of a success rate. My advice is not to try to steal things with a success rate under 50%, even with that strategy. When you want to start pickpocketing, spend that first perk point in that tree. It will increase significantly and it's already one of the easiest skills to level up. Especially since for some reason every adult carries around gemstones and (leveled) jewelry. These things all have a decently high success rate due to low weight and because of their value it may even increase your pickpocket skill multiple levels at once.


I handle this like any other "exploits". It's the same like power leveling illusion and stuff. If I just want to spam something until it's leveled to 100, I could also use the console for that.


Save scumming through bosses makes for some mediocre gameplay. I think quick saving is a poor idea overall, even for casual play. That said, I don’t really care how others play. I want a survival mode like Fo4 had in every BGS game going forward.


Bossfights in bethesda games are a bit mediocre from a gameplay perspective anyway. Against the tough ones its mostly a slugging match for most characters, where victory is easy if you have enough potions, or near inpossible if its tough and had a high dps. Bossfights can be a lot of fun, but i perfer when i can win with quick dodges and spell combos and things like that. I completely agree on the survival mode though, i never had as much fun in a bethesda game as when found an explosive shorgun and struggled to find a bed for 30 minutes!


i hate how when i accidentally quicksave at the wrong moment i get stuck in a kill loop


I'm not trying to be impolite, but *how* can someone else's savegame habits can affect you? While one could have reason to complain if it did not fit *their* usage, there is no "both ways" if the game isn't multiplayer.


Bro its a video game, why are you so bothered by how other people play lol. Skyrim barely takes any skill at all to play through. Don’t get me wrong, its my favorite game of all time but a 6 year old could complete every quest in the game without breaking a sweat. If you wanna talk about the grind, go to the Elden Ring Reddit 😭


Practically, as a Father and someone trying to study - it’s invaluable. To speed up storyline etc. But also, from a role-play perspective, it’s also invaluable. The way I see it, is the game isn’t about an average Joe who can’t take an arrow to the knee, it’s about a character who literally absorbs Dragon Souls. So in my story, and as a mostly lawful good character that has the full time job of saving the lands. I do, whatever the fuck I want, on the side. Haha.


yes, it allows me to attempt 49 times to pickpocket a 1% chance to steal item from someone before giving up


I quicksave all the time when pickpocketing


In terms of "save scumming", it's a single player game. Who cares. Play how you want. For people who can't control themselves, that's something they need to work on. Maybe it comes with age, idk. When I was younger, I remember just getting frustrating enabling cheats on some games or in Oblivion using tgm. Now I don't feel the need to do it. However, I will save scum for certain situations like dialogue choice options in games like Fallout 4 and Cyberpunk. I honestly hate when games try to trick you. You pick what is clearly the good option, but it's the opposite of what you wanted. It's the devs saying "hahaa! take that. you thought it'd be like this, but it's not. who cares if it doesn't make sense". So I think it's fine to counteract flawed game design, lol. But for combat and sneaking and stuff, ehh. If i play a pick pocket, I never do it if it looks like i'll fail. If I get caught, it's just a part of my character's story.


It's nice to have the control. I wouldn't exercise it so much if some systems had better solutions. Modding helps with that a lot. Overall I think Bethesda games would be much more frustrating experiences without it. Crimes not decaying in Skyrim is somewhat annoying and alongside the cap with Pickpocketing makes it not so great for risk to reward. Not to say that it's useless, but the alternative to save-scumming is essentially being forced to go to jail every time you're caught.


I hate it, but only because I have OCD. I never feel comfortable with auto-save and quick save. I only want the manual, meticulous save.


I’m exactly the same haha I just don’t trust it… don’t know if I have ocd though


I would quicksave far less often if they removed the RNG factor from pickpocketing and replaced it with some sort of simple minigame. Or if they went the Assassins Creed route and have you subtly "bump in" to someone and you get a random thing from their inventory, but they have a chance to get suspicious so you have to run away before they confront you. Anything to make thievery less tedious, really.


I don’t even know the difference between quick and regular.


A quicksave has a keyboard shortcut on pc, and the game only keeps a low amount of quicksaves. So if you want to go back to when your character was a lower level, only the regular saves are available.


Honor system


Sure. Save-scumming can drain the fun out of any game if overused. The trick is not to overdo it. How much is overdoing it probably varies from one player to the next.


Iv hard save to picket poker someone if there wasn’t a quick save intact I do that some still to be honest.




I like having the option and i do use it, having more realistic play is something that should always be a choice in Bethesda games specifically, since they're open world fantasy games and not something like elden ring or whatever. And with mods or creation club stuff and putting personal limits on your playstyle you can also do that survival/realistic playthrough which is great too.


I love the quicksave feature. Often time I play Bethesda games like they’re a movie. So I’ll jump into a dungeon, go through some fights etc. but if I think of a cooler/ more fun way to do it, I just reload. I’m completely fine with games that are not punishing the player, especially with time (like most of us I’m a busy dude). Tbh that’s why I prefer Bethesda over Souls games


i like it for avoiding gmae breaking bugs. i like not having it for immersive surivial mode playthroughs


I personally don't use quicksave. I do hard saves after major battles or advancements, and purposefully don't make saves in between. It makes death something to fear and avoid.


It's not just Bethesda games, I can't think of a PC game I played that didn't have it, even Doom


I quick save in doom before pickpocketing a demon. Damn rng


I used to play on a potato. Sometimes when i quicksave the game will eventually crash. So yeah, i try to avoid quicksave as many as possible.


You dont have to use if you dont wont to, most bethesda games are singleplayer games, I like it due to the risks you can take


I never understood why for some people having choices is bad. Quicksave is a useful thing, if you don't want to use it just don't.


When I first played Skyrim on my boyfriend’s pc he told me I can’t do quick save anymore because I had over 150 files because I just didn’t understand but I had to save before each bad guy


As someone that frequently dies and makes mistakes in games, I love the quick save feature. While the graphics and various quest lines are amazing, it’s a bit annoying to have to restart an area every five minutes. My brother doesn’t like quick saving, he thinks he is cheating the game by using it. Thankfully the ability to quick save or not is totally optional, so it’s a win-win-win :)


In my Skyrim game the “quick”save takes as long to save as a regular save game does, freezing the game while it saves lmao so it makes no difference to me


I don't mind it as there are times I get on to just get back off because life comes up. Also the bugs are easier to tolerate. Playing F4 on Survival, walk with 1000 feet near Goodneighbor, crash. Be near Water Street Apartments, crash. It can really drain on the experience. Quick, and auto saves help bandade that boo boo.


i love it and i don’t really go back into old saves unless something game breaking happens i think you having a problem with it has more to do with you than it being a bad addition if that’s the case


I would just use the normal save feature instead, and you not gonna have them remove that. “Oh you want to exit the game? Sorry, you’ll have to get to your next autosave.”


Yes. When you have a modded build it’s necessary because you never know when you will crash or freeze, no matter how stable your load order is


yeah but you don't HAVE TO use it. that's basically Bethesda's design philosophy.


I think that the good thing about games like Skyrim is that there is the option to save scum, to play your way. You wanna play hardcore, not reloading anytime? Go ahead, do you wanna cheat your way to the top, go ahead. It's all you man, every other opinion is invalid IMO.


Quick save is what makes the game for me. I am addicted to pickpocketing every single person I come across (except for the beggars, of course) and stealing everything I can from every house and building. Never have my fingers so deeply memorized a series of motions before the quick save>pickpocket>get caught>go back to the save and try again routine. Also I lowkey suck at combat in any game and quick save allows for me to get less angry when I die because I can just go back 30 seconds rather than the beginning of a level or something.


It is easier, but no I don’t see the problem. I’m not a pro, don’t want to be. Let me be a mistake avoiding time traveler in peace.


I quick save because Bethesda games tend to randomly crash.


I like it in Bethesda games, but it wouldn't be amazing in all rpgs. It adds to the freedom and roleplaying options (if your not sure how a choice would go down you can go back)


First thing I turn off, but sometimes I lose hours of progress.


Just play “if I die I’m dead” and you have one life. One loss or silly mistake and it’s RIP back to helgen


Its sandbox, if you don’t like it, don’t use it.


I always quicksave. Right before I pickpocket someone, kill someone or try lockpicking. And I always quicksave after finishing a fight to I make sure I don’t lose progress if I die


You can use it for the freedom to do whatever without consequences, or you can simply not use it- or play survival which adds "realism" and disables quicksave afaik


If you don't like it, you don't have to use it. That's the draw of RPGs. Everyone can customize their gameplay to maximize their own enjoyment. If I wanna spam quicksaves to steal everything in an NPC's inventory, who's gonna stop me? Certainly not Todd Howard.


Yes. https://youtu.be/qBGqQo6Pops


Don’t get the quick save feature when there is also a normal save. What’s the point of quicksave?


It's ... quicker


Im on pc playing with controller. I gotta open up the game menu and navigate to save..


Still quicker than opening the menu, then opening the save option, then picking a slot to override (unless ofcourse you always create a new one) and then close the menu again. Just gotta ask, you play on pc with a controller but don't use the gamepad plus plus mod? Or do you play mod-free?


I do have some Mods regarding combat and interface. Also graphical. What does the mod you mentioned do?


Since for some reason I can't reapond to your last comment I'll just answere here: No you don't need to make up the layout yourself. The mod presents a preset that can be altered in some ways and can be extended, but the basic design the mod brings with it cannot really be changed, so you will have to adjust to the new preset one way or another.


Great, Thanks. Will try it later


No problem. While you at it I'd also recommend checking out the mod iEquip (changes alot about how you can use and equip ... duh stuff in the game - like e.g. hotkeys for torches or potions etc.) Works very well with gamepad ++


bold of you to criticise the quick save when bethesda games could crash at any moment for no reason


You could still just hard save and reload it to do the same thing?


I can't live without the quick save . Literally every few mins I do a quick save due to lots of bugs and glitches .I remember one time I hadn't saved for an hour and done lots of things then I went to a cave to save a townsfolk, he died from a very short fall ( very short )


I like making actual saves to have my entire adventure logged. Archive them and start saving again when it's full. Never used Quick save because there is only 1 slot. I am scared of messing up and saving over the quick save and needing to go back further.


I mean… yeah, it’s convenient, and even when I didn’t have it on Xbox 360, I just used regular saves, which did the same thing but took slightly longer.


Yes and no. I utilize it in most games I play. In Pokémon? That shit is being turned off *immediately*.


Overall, I do. I like that comfort of knowing I’m not going ruin a storyline or something like that and have to redo tons of gameplay. However, since getting into Elden Ring I am finding value in not having things like that available. It makes every big moment, every boss encounter, for lack of a better word, precious. I think I really feel more immersed because of the lack of ability to go back in time.


Yes, it's amazing


There aren’t bugs, just surprise features


In a world where a draugr can shout at me and I drop my enchanted sword that’s worth more than the total inventories of everyone in dawnstar, and it falls through the floor and out of the map, I absolutely refuse to live in a world without quicksaving. The fact that they removed quicksaving from FO4 survival mode was… I mean, reverting that was like one of the first mods I ever got for that one too.


I hate repeating myself in video games. I’d rather be able to quicksave whenever I want than die and replay a large portion of the game. Restrictive saving also just isn’t conductive to open world gaming. Or Bethesda games with bugs and crashes. Fallout 4 survival mode has restrictive saving and it absolutely sucks.


If you want to live life on the edge and nix the quicksave play elden ring or dark souls. I’m a bitch and I need an undo button


Honestly quick save is only a good thing in my mind. Someone who wants to redo stuff repeatedly still can, it's just slightly less convenient, and how someone else plays makes no difference to me at all. I really don't think there's any good argument against it, especially in big, open world games where anything from an unknown danger to the game crashing can ruin hours worth of progress if you aren't constantly thinking about saving. It's why some of the most used mods in these games include ones that regularly save for you based on time.


I'd like to see it staying in for future titles because it's a staple of the series and it is convenient sometimes, but I'd like a more immersive option added as well in case you want it. I really like death alternative mods where you get captured now and then or things like that, so your gameplay continues rather than just restarting at a point over and over.


I don't use quick save to get a better chance on things, redo a failed attempt, [etc.](https://etc.It) It should be what happens, is what it is. I think it makes for a better experience, instead of gaming the system. I like less predictability. Used to play dead is dead on 360 for Oblivion and it was really stable after they put out the universal Unofficial Oblivion Patch, so I would only save at the end of a DiD playthrough for the evening. However, Fallout 3, New Vegas and Skyrim were crashing nightmares, so I am programmed to always do a hard save before a loading screen... I was a quick save freak at the beginning of Skyrim, because of past experience, especially when you've been wandering around for a while and you realize it's been an hour, and the game gods are about to smite you for being careless, but this latest Anniversary edition is super stable, even with all my mods, so not so scared about a random crash in the wild.


I always forget about quicksave. I've fucked myself over a few times because of that


Its survival mode or nothing for me at this point. The Fallout games and skyrim are just way to easy on normal mode with quicksave. I lose interest.


I think having the option is fine, but I tend to have more fun if I use a little self-restraint when it comes to things like save-scumming. If I fail a pickpocket or something like that, then I’ll opt to see how it plays out and live with the consequences. Just because a feature is there doesn’t mean you have to use it. I have different tastes then others, and that’s cool too—no reason to prevent other people from save-scumming when you or I could just choose not to.


Pickpocketing would be impossible in a normal playthrough unless you love all your towns to be aggro the rest of the game


I think part of the appeal Skyrim has for me is being a dipshit and quicksaving lets me be a dipshit with fewer repercussions. I'm not saying EVERYONE should play that way, but the game doesn't make you quicksave if you don't want to.


I don’t mind quick save as a concept, and maybe I’m just new to the game and didn’t understand how it worked, but I HATE the Skyrim quick save. I usually just manually saved each time I accomplished something or made it past a difficult point (this is my first play through and I’m ultra cautious) but I started using the quick save for the first time several weeks into my game. I thought that when I clicked quick save, it was just a quicker way to manually save and I would be able to reload all of my “quick saves”. I really just thought it was a way to skip going to the menu and manually saving every time, so that’s how I used it … until the civil war quest with the courier broke and I had to load a later save to fix it. That’s when I realized that every time I had pressed quick save, it had overloaded my last quick save, and the last real save I had that I could reload was from a week prior. I ended up having to repeat everything I had done in that entire week (playing several hours a day) just to get back to the same spot. Again, I’m new to the game and maybe I’m just stupid and it explains somewhere how the quick save works but I found it really frustrating that I couldn’t reload previous quick saves. I thought it was just some kind of shortcut. I haven’t used it since lol Edit: mispelling


Also and I’m not sure if this has been mentioned about but it is a nice feature when sometimes You let a lot of time go by because you have gone down some sort of rabbit hole which tends to happen often and realize you haven’t saved in a while. Power goes out Game bugs/glitches/freezes You truly accidentally do something you don’t mean to because of the excitement of the moment. :For instance instead of giving the option to trade with your follower you accidentally dismiss them You accidentally sell an item you didn’t mean to Drop an item and it becomes stuck or bugged The list is truly endless


Tbh, i used it a lot, but i dislike it. I wish Skyrim was better in this and there's no mod to fix it (because you'd have to change an important hardcoded mechanic) You could be the best thief out there, having all the buffs, everything but still fail because of... A fucking percent chance and not only that, get scolded by Brynjolf for something that was completely out of your control. It just doesn't sit right with me, so quicksave quickload. Imo, to fix it, you'd have to completely change pickpocketing and stealth as it is. Most important things that need to change are the fun of getting in/out of prison, the consequences need to be fun and balanced and success of pickpocketing. We need to still get the item after failing, because we shouldn't be failing to get the item, we should be failing to not get caught and the game needs design for that, such as masks to conceal identity and whatnot. As for combat, we need level design or at least something that outright informs us: this person is dangerous, either come back later or challenge yourself. I wouldn't mind quick saving to just not exist or be extremely limited if Skyrim was this way.


IMO it was better back on older generation consoles and slower PC's that use HDD's, because the loading screen would take quite some time so you wouldn't want to reload everytime you fail a pickpocket or something. Nowadays loading a quicksave is damn near instant depending on how many mods you got.


I love it. That said, I did once do a “no quicksave” playthrough with a thieving Khajiit and it was fun as hell. But generally I appreciate the instant redemption and low-stakes results of quicksaves


It depends. In skyrim i use it all the time, since playing a pickpocket is viable, but purely luck based. I very much love fallout 4 on survival difficulty, it feels so good to barely make it out of an area with mo beds to save, after finding an amazing legendary, no food or healing items left, and finaly saving that progress. That exposive shotgun i found got used for the rest of the game!


Maybe a cooldown for retry button would make it accessible but not abused


How else am i supposed to commit crimes and do risky shit?


Or when it deletes months of quick saving cause you forgot about hard saving, then you need to restart.


I only quicksave so I could save space and be sure I don't lose progress if my game crashed.