Did Jenni Underestimate Sammi?

Did Jenni Underestimate Sammi?


Jenni seems like the type of chick who doesn’t start fights with people she thinks can actually fight. So she can come out looking like some tough broad.


Im not a fan of Jenni but I don’t think Sam actually did anything to her in either fight. Considering they held Jenni back both times, Sam should’ve done big damage. But in the first fight, she only got a couple shots in at the back of her head (while Ron was on top of Jenni). And the second fight Sam only pulled hair, and that was after Vinny and security got involved.


Yeah, if Jenni could’ve had full range, she’d of torn that ass up. That was never a fair fight, they all helped Sam cause they knew that.


Their first fight was so edited. Ron is practically just holding Jenni because he knows she would’ve fucked up Sam. And then for everyone to tell Sam that she fucked Jenni up was just lies.


Sammi would have gotten beat up both times if no one had intervened.


they should release the unaired footage 🚀


I feel like Jenni and Sami both can fight… They just got interrupted by security and Vinny, so it doesn’t look like they both do much damage. I noticed they both technically know how to throw punches but because people kept getting in their way, they resorted to hair pulling


Yes this is the answer! So many folks think Jenni is so much tougher than she really is, and Sammi weaker, bc of their image. Not saying she can't fight but I don't think Sammi is like below her league.


didn’t the producer who did that AMA a while back say that Sammi got into bar fights all the time but they were edited out to keep up her “sweetheart” image?


I wish they would've shown them. They barely showed her 1 bar fight when some chick pulled her hair, Sam attacked but then got kicked out.


Everyone held Jenni back, but she also doesn't really pick fights as often as she says. I remember she said she used to beat girls like her up in highschool, I always felt she was talking a big game. With all that said she definitely held back as well


While I do think Jenni tends to act tough and badass in front of the girls who she think can’t hold their own but I definitely think she underestimated Sammi. Sammi was able to hold her own and I give her credit for not backing down. I remember recently JS posted a video of the best JS takedowns and even Vinny and Pauly said they were surprised Sammi went at it with her and held her own BUT I also think Jenni wasn’t really trying to wreck her/cause major harm in the Miami fight.


Jenni > Sammi.


The way Jenni pushed Sammi down so easily right there lmk Jenni can fight. I think she would’ve wrecked Sam




Sam fake swung on Jenni..?


Sammi whipped her ass. Jwoww got tossed.