also they show you inside your ear on the camera and the guy doing it is legit far too excited about ear wax and clearly loves his work, 5* experience all round


Sounds like he was waxing lyrical about it. I'll get my coat...


Been there a few times and was well looked after! If you can afford it OP, it's well worth the money compared to irrigation that you might get at the GP which I've never had much success with. Probably worth going on the NHS waiting list anyway though if you get frequent blockages.


Is that in St Vincent street, they are great even have cameras inside the ear for the curious.




Had an inner ear infection the doc couldn’t see - went there and they did a proper check. Sent file to the doctor and sorted. They don’t take the piss either. Went there for three appointments and they didn’t charge me for one as they said they hadn’t done anything.


I agree with those saying Glasgow Hearing Clinic. It's fucking amazing. Well worth the £50 if you ask me. Mad interesting aswell.


I've had it before. Once on the NHS where they basically just use warm water to dislodge any stuck wax and once private using the microsuction. Depends how bad the blockage is and how much £50 is worth to you but don't think you'll get it much cheaper.


How do you know when you need this?


You’ll have an intense pain in your ear.


Specsavers £55 gets you 2 appointments if necessary


Yes - I went to a private otologist to get it done. It was a place on Crow Road right next to Jordanhill train station. Took about 15 minutes and totally worth it if £50 is affordable to you. I'm a nightclub DJ, so the health of my ears and hearing is slightly more worth paying for than it would be to the average person.


Been here too - Clements it's called. Sorted my ears out once and for all!


They can literally just do it in the GP for you


Not at my GP, they told me they could refer me on and be put on a list.


Check it’s usually the practise nurse who does it, most seem reluctant to do it though. You need to oil the ear for a week or so prior which is usually why the long wait. That said once it’s been done once you normally need to keep oiling or it will need done again and again.


We used to do ear syringing, which is now no longer the recommended treatment for ear wax, and is no longer part of the GP contract. Olive oil drops for anything up to a few weeks will soften up the wax, which will most times come out by itself after that.


Wahhh? That’s gone now?


Most places. I know there are plans to start more NHS microsuction though.


I had an ear syringed at my docs at the end of last year. Had been using olive oil but that didn't work.


Should go and try the floatation tank in rainbowroom international just off George Square, I go to calm my mind and relax but some reason after a day or 2 my ear wax seems to just fall out itself must be something to do the amount of salts in the water, Relax in a float tub with a free ear wax removal lol, it costs 35


Not anymore; at least maybe COVID era? My GP told me they wouldn't do it for me last year


I just made an appointment at my GP and the practice nurse cleared out my lugs.


There are “treatment rooms” now that do this. Gorbals, govan and other places have them. Most do the ear stuff one day a week so the wait is 5+ weeks long in most of them. You can self refer.


Honestly, buy one of these. My Mrs suffers with bad ear wax. This was a game changer https://www.amazon.co.uk/BEBIRD-Otoscope-Cleaner-Endoscope-Removal/dp/B08X2P4FJQ/ref=asc_df_B08X2P4FJQ/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=499313703587&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=8575036105430264339&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1007336&hvtargid=pla-1233263686280&psc=1


Honestly I get problems with buildup due to some kind of psoriasis in my ear canal and I use otex express and an ear syringe. I also periodically treat with medical grade olive oil.


I used drops and a water pipet thing that cost £6 on amazon Cleaned my ears right out and so satisfying, I almost completely lost my hearing and it only took the drops 6 days to work Would recommend trying that first if the only issue you have is blocked ears!


EZY DOSE ear wax removal kit with irrigation syringe. £6 off Amazon and I swear by it. GPs won't do it anymore.


I had problems cause by ear plugs, I bought a syringe (no needle) and irrigated my ears myself, kind of push pull push pull. Not as good as microsuction but you'd be disgusted at the ming that comes out and it solved the problems I was having with my hearing.