Hey OP, the closest you will find will be the Japanese language class up at Glasgow university, run by Chie Sensei. It is not going to be your age group though, as it is usually a mixture of Uni students, some of whom are mature. I’m not 100% that it is still going. I know a few Japanese nationals who teach Japanese privately, that tutelage is generally 1 to 1, and is priced accordingly.


Ah, that’s gonna be a problem then. I’m surprised for such a large city Glasgow doesn’t have any lessons like I’m looking for.


It is a fairly niche language and there aren't that many Japanese people living in Glasgow. If it was French, German or Spanish you would have much better luck.


Why does my comment have so many downvotes? I’m so confused. I don’t know what I said that people are angry about or disagree with.


Doesn't necessarily mean they are angry or disagree. There are many language classes in Glasgow. Down votes are most likely to do with the fact you are specifically looking for an in person Japanese language class with only teenagers which in general would not be something I would expect in Glasgow. Not many Japanese people, not usual for teenagers to seek it out, difficult to get a full group and all that.


I’m just surprised because even if it’s a bit niche I though there might be one class in a big city like Glasgow, especially since they don’t teach it at schools.


Lingo Flamingo on the south side is a great little language school. I did German classes there and really enjoyed them.


Thanks for the recommendations I just checked it out and it looks like they only do online Japanese classes sadly.


Have you ever tried using a language exchange app to chat with people in another country? No better way that to learn from the masters who are trying to learn your language or keep their skills fresh by chatting on them. Most have like a coach tool to help you if you get stuck. [https://www.tandem.net/](https://www.tandem.net/) I've even heard of people using these apps and meeting their now partner. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I\_2IjPnd588&t=0s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_2IjPnd588&t=399s) She used [https://www.hellotalk.com/](https://www.hellotalk.com/) Husbando/waifu not guaranteed


I use hellotalk but you really need a teacher to actually learn the language.


I use Duolingo to learn languages. It’s great!


I’ve tried Duolingo but it’s far from optimal. I really need a class setting.


I’d be surprised if you found anything in person just now, never mind the age group. I was checking out the Confucius institute for mandarin lessons at the uni, that has moved to online and they were in person classes pre-covid.


I don't know anything about it, but I've heard of this place and remembered they had a Japanese course https://live-language.com/japanese-course/