No idea but rishi’s (bath street) was where Indian guy I worked with always liked us to go


Been there a few times with colleagues from India. They seemed to think it was good.


seconded - the dosas are properly authentic, served on a little metal tray with sambal and chutneys


Tuk Tuk also good but yeah Rishi is yummeee..


Just to +1 this, same sentiment from an Indian guy I worked with. Said it was the only place that did food that reminded him of home.


The Banana Leaf on Old Dumbarton Rd, if it’s still there


RIP. It’s gone and I am still struggling to process my grief


No way! You’ve broken my heart! No more dhosas?! Think I might cry uncontrollably for a bit now.


WHAAAT? This is terrible news.


Has it not just got a new name? Terrible news if its shut


There’s a new place on the right hand side (old takeaway bit) selling dosa’s. Run by new people though as far as I can tell and none of the BYOB + free rice sit in glory


No way that's a disaster! Their parathas were unreal and curries so nice and spicy! #OTIG




Not to be confused with banana leaf on Byers Road, which serves potentially the lowest quality food I've had the displeasure of eating, and horribly overpriced also


Place has to be money laundering. No other reason for it to exist.


Loved when they had the place in shawlands, their dosas were tasty!


Was that the bring your own bottle place?


Not sure if that was a bring your own bottle place, but the Anarkali on Victoria Road was/still is, if that's any help.


Doesn't Banana Leaf near the Dumbarton road sell Chinese-Malaysian dish? Maybe I am mistaking a different restaurant here.


Yeah that’s a different place altogether


Ranjit's Kitchen on Pollokshaws Road [website here](http://www.ranjitskitchen.com/)


They’re also pretty good for vegan and gluten free options!!


I want to eat every single thing on that menu 🤤


Ranjits' is the bees knees, all vegetarian, so tasty, and with lots of nice ladies who know their stuff making the food. I had to be rolled along Pollockshaws Road and back up onto Queens Drive after the Daal of the Day plus the roti and then a sort of sweet spiced carrot-cake to finish. I was so fat, and so happy.


That looks amazing and she reminds me of my gran ❤️


I’m Pakistani. I can give you a list of the places me and my family eat. It’s not the same as what we have at home but it’s good curry. Akbars Kebabish The wee curry shop Chillies Ambala Yadgar The curries we eat at home tend to be more watery like a soup rather than a thick sauce. There’s a blog called This Muslim girl bakes and she posts traditional Pakistani recipe which are similar to North Indian. For South Indian I’m not sure I’m afraid. It’s so varied Depending on the area


Some top choices here. I’ve used that blog to make keema curry before and it was great.


Salam bro, Best for South Indian stuff has to be Rishi's on Bath Street


Ranjit's for North Indian food. Go get a thali (full meal) or snacks like pakoras, samosas. It's our favourite place in Glasgow. Another good place is chakoo. Rishi's is good for South Indian food like dosas and idlis. Definitely go to Ranjit's if you haven't already! Feels so homely because you can catch glimpses of aunty and uncle cooking in the kitchen and the food tastes amazing and homemade.


Chakoo is owned by the same guy that owns the Mexican next door. Doesn't mean the cooks aren't the real deal mind, but the pedigree fails somewhat as far as ownership goes.


Good to know!


Banana leaf by Yorkhill hospital (don't confuse it with the Malaysian Chinese restaurant of the same name)


Albert Drive on the Southside. Largest South Asian population in Scotland. There was one place selling 'home style' curries, mostly take away. It may have gone but there are plenty others.


Unfortunately there was a fire in that building and it's closed now. I don't know if they've opened up elsewhere, but their food was the best round here. But as you said, plenty people here to point you in the right direction!


I haven't been down that way for a bit. The 'cafe' I was thinking of was opposite Strawberry Garden which was where the fire was, wasn't it?


The corner with Strawberry Garden had a fire and collapsed and then a few months later the building opposite also caught fire and lost its upper floor, so is closed awaiting rebuilding


Samosa from the Post Office on Bridge Street 🤌


World Foods in Strathbungo too.


I'm really fussy with curries, I'm British Pakistani so they're the life blood. I would highly recommend Darbar, used to be known as Desi Cafe but rebranded with the same owners. It's not fancy but the food is probably among the best around. https://www.darbargrills.co.uk/storemenu


India is far too big a country to generalise. Some parts don’t use spices at all! For every dish there will be a contradictory dish elsewhere.


Dakhin in Merchant City is more authentic than most but not quite what you're looking for.


Rishi’s in the city centre is really authentic. My partner’s dad is from India and he said it’s the real deal. Their dosas are incredible! Definitely worth a visit!


The Village curry House Edited to say that they don't serve alcohol as the owners are Muslim so not always ideal for works nights out etc


Went there on a work night out, was really nice!


What are these Chinese restaurants you speak of


For Dim sum; Loon Fung on Sauchiehall st or Chinatown in Cowcaddens. There is a little restaurant called The Olive Tree in the Savoy centre. All do guilo food but also have traditional fare. I’m Chinese this is where I go. The ones in Partick are also good if you want something specific


Upvote for the undetected slur.


He said "Gweilo" right? Meaning foreigner or actually more specifically westerner (or white person). All Asian countries have these slurs and use them casually. Really, it is no different than saying Chinky or Gook, but the concept of racism hasn't reached Asia yet.


There’s one called crazy wok, one called tasteast and one called Taiwan something and there’s a couple of others in that general area whose names I can’t remember.


My wife and I went to Crazy Wok after having a flight cancelled during the beast from the East. See after a day of waiting around an airport, only to be told we aren't going anywhere and then traipsing up Dumbarton Rd through the snow, there was nothing better than some hot chrysanthemum tea and a steaming bowl of noodles and fatty pork to make us feel a little better.


I really like "friends cafe" on high street. They cater to the chinese student population of Strathclyde and their portion sizes are massive and the food is delicious and spicy!


Swadish in merchant City was pretty good when I was there!


Amazing good food. Pretty unique too, some of those curries were unreal. Fish was fresh and tasty too.


Village curry house, Yadgaar, Karahi Palace, Kebabish. Village is our go to! All traditional like back home.


I just ask Rita in ma local shop and she makes me curries or gives me recipe and damm they are far superior to any take away. Can try get recipes for you?


If you can send me 1 or 2 please that would be amazing


Got a couple will send when I get a minute


Would also love to have these!


Sort me out way the recipes please mate


Sure, that would be nice.


Got a couple will send to you when I get a minute


If you have time could you send them to me too please? Thanks 😊


Yadgar has always been great, sometimes depends on the chef who is on (I quite like how the food can vary every so often). The Village goes up and down in regards to quality, used to be the best in the city, still a good shout for a decent meal all in all. Shenaz was great about 10 years ago, usually had to ask for the authentic style when ordering. Was a different experience to the regular menu style.


Shenaz at Mount florida? Sadly gone now. Shout out for Alishan on battlefield Road. Great food there too.


Try Dakhin for South Indian and Balbir’s for North Indian cuisine. There are other places in the West End but I am always dissatisfied with their meat quality.


Ranjits kitchen on the edge of Govanhill I’ve always felt was pretty authentic (having only had Pakistani home cooking from a friends family to compare to). Veg only dishes, served with breads rather than rice.


Yadgar, although not really a restaurant. Kebabish, and Akbar's. Chillies used to be decent too, and karahi palace.


Akbars is legit. Saying that as an Asian that goes there for brown people curries. The Brits ruined curry lol.


Ambala, can’t remember where they are but you can get them on Uber eats an that.


I may have got slagged off last time I posted this bloke's blog. [https://curry-heute.com](https://curry-heute.com)


There’s an Indian sweet shop on GWR that sells home made takeaway food - can’t speak for the authenticity but might be worth a try


It’s called bake n flake. And it’s banging.


Anyone tried any of the restaurants at the Bridge St/Laurieston end? Always mean to pop by but haven't managed yet...they look pretty good


Namak Mandi is good


Rishis. It's where most of the Indians I worked with went.


Akbar's at Charing Cross, they'll make you pretty much any dish on request and adjust levels of spice as well.


Should try mushtaqs in Hamilton


The village in Tradeston apparently.


Yagder dum phukt karahi palace absolutely tons of wee curry cafes tyat sell real Pakistani karahis in Glasgow. Big restaurants youre onto plumbs over priced and frankly shite


Am ethnically punjabi and goan, lived in India as a teenager so claiming some authority. My picks for glasgow are : - Ranjit kitchen - basically my grandmothers home style vegetarian pubjabi food. - Rishis - South Indian food, dosa and idli. Honestly I like it more than punjabi food. - Mother India - has some stuff on the menu that is great and very rare. - Nepalese restaurants - momos are a really popular street food in India. Would defo just eat a ton of momos from different nepalese/tibetan restaurants. - Original khyber - although its afghan, all the different styles of kebabs and mughlai food are mega popular in India. Many pakistani restaurants also do great mughlai cuisine (Nihari or lamb chops are great but I've not tried many Pakistani restaurants) - Sweets - there's a lot of good sweet places in the south side, some sell snack foods. Its harder to find things like gujarati, goan or other diverse ethnicity South asian foods in Glasgow unfortunately so you're all welcome at mine if you want to try some of the other ones :)




Love Mother India


I second Mother India - best Indian restaurant in Glasgow. The restaurant is different to the café (the two branches are nearby though) and I think closer to what OP may be after.


Shish Mahal, Park Road, near Kelvin Park, https://shishmahal.co.uk. Home of the Chicken Tikka Masala.




The Village.


Pakistani place next to Queens Park in Govanhill


Chaakoo on St Vincent St. I’ve no idea if it’s authentic, they’re a “street food” place. But it’s different from your usual Indian and miles better.


Try the Anarkali, Victoria Road, south side. The food and service is top notch. Not sure and I doubt it’s authentic but they make the best Indian food I’ve ever eaten!


Mother India Cafe, Dining in Mother India (same company, slightly different style of dishes), Ranjit kitchen, Banana leaf (steal exists), little curry House.


Dhabba is ace


Ambala how could I forget absolutely delicious!


Curry heute google that for hectors blog good starting point


What's the best place that is on Uber Eats/Deliveroo/Just Eat?


Like that "Going for an English" scene in Goodness Gracious Me. ["What's the blandest thing on the menu!"](https://youtu.be/H-uEx_hEXAM)


Indian curry in Glasgow is very similar to curry in India, except when you ask for a hotter one like Madras or Vindaloo (they just make it too hot in the UK.... the real Indian Vindaloo is not actually that hot) and also the main noticeable thing is the absence if vegetarian curries (in Indian they actually only eat meat once in a while) which are most common in day to day eating in India. Just ask an Indian for something that isn't on the menu like Aloo Mutter or Palak Paneer -- two household favourites in India.


Akbar's, kebabish or Village


Not sure about Glasgow, but Edinburgh has Dishoom. Only one or two curries on the menu and absolutely superb.


Ashoka Southside (it’s a franchise) has an expanded menu


The exact opposite of what they’re after


The owners of the franchise are trying to do something different with their particular restaurant and have more traditional cuisine. I’m not referring the OP to a chain. I’m recommending a restaurant that happens to share a name with other restaurants but has completely different offerings.


Ah ok. I eat in the original west end one sometimes. Cheap and cheerful. Although last time there wasn’t much cheer


I like the location for the west end one but have never actually been. Southside one seems to be doing its own thing alongside the British old standards and it’s pretty good.


I’ve never had worse Indian food. Terrible in every way!


Seconded- brand new menu with authentic food from all regions of India- unreal!


That's the whole idea behind Mother India, it's great.


http://greengatesindianrestaurant.com/ Just discovered that my favourite place in Stirling also has a Glasgow location. I can't speak for authenticity but they're really innovative and imaginative. Very different to standard fare.


Dont you just ask for the staff curry in any Indian?


Little Curry House is the best in Glasgow, I'm not from the west end but I order from here and pick it up