Got dumped last night. Send memes/positive affirmations plz


Chin up, feeling rubbish won't last forever. ETA: I'd say plenty more fish in the sea but, you know, brexit.


That's mince, go have a good weekend and treat yourself bud! Don't have many memes, but I have ample shite jokes.


Mate F


Finally had my 3 month end of probation review after 4 months, dunno why I was nervous. Ended up getting an extra title added and a couple grand extra a year out of it for work I'd picked up that they didn't know they needed. Result.


Loving how last night I decided to go a wee trip to Arran on Saturday and now wake up feeling utter guff, better just be the weather bringing me down.


Excellent tune of the day though pal


Noticed they are playing Primavera and got excited, hope they don't clash with anything else.


Highly recommend reading the insulate Britain post if you want some interesting and comedic debate this morning.


So many gimps and wannabe hardmen hiding behind the keyboards.


You can actually smell the empty cans of Relentless scattered about their bedroom in that thread.


That caffeine overdose probably explains the whole "Ah'm gonny smash some cunt" posting style.


It's actually just really depressing to read how many people care more about protesters blocking roads than the actual climate emergency we are facing. Some people getting themselves so worked up over the prospect of a road being blocked that they're wanting to run over and kill people or hoping an angry mob kicks fuck out them. The world is absolutely fucked if this is how most people think.


Somewhat amused me that people didn't think the protests are effective, yet there's 150 or so comments of people talking about a group that hasn't yet even been to Glasgow!


It's not, though. These fannies are the minority and they won't do anything, they are just spouting off online. Don't get depressed about it. Reddit is full of angry people with no life.


Not the words I would have used, but broadly agree. I'd bare in mind that the people who are out there and making a difference to the world are out there getting on with it, not sat on reddit.


I do understand that if you are skint and doing a delivery job that you can't get to you'd be annoyed because when you are poor it's really hard to think about anything else, but I also understand that this is a massive problem that we need to sort out. I'm no expert ,though. I don't know what the solution is if the goverments aren't doing their jobs.


Well, the answer is sort of what's happening: \- international action and collaboration to try and get policies together (though not too hopeful that what we get is enough) \- protest from the public to show support for these policies Trouble is people lack the context on climate issues I think and what helps. E.g. recycling is always what people say is their biggest contribution to tackling the crisis, but driving to the recycling centre in their SUV is usually 10x worse. There's not enough perspective so people love to moan about protests creating idling emissions without really having a context to compare that to how much emissions normal driving emits, or heating their house emits etc. The poor are definitely most at risk from this, and a lot of the policies that "green" people want will help protect them and get a better quality of life, but so far the messaging has all just been shit.


Yep, totally get the last part and that's what I mean about not knowing the answer. If I go to my homeless service users and start trying to discuss climate change they will tell me to do one. There's nothing wrong with understanding why people feel the way they do about things, something that is sadly lacking here. It doesn't mean you are saying they are right. Anyway, I'm going off topic here a bit! I know what I personally can do to help.


Yeah, lot of it is marketing. People don't care about insulation - that sounds like a lot of effort to get installed. But the government paying to add value to your home, make it nicer to live in and reduce energy bills? Sounds like an easier sell, even though the two are the same


Yes! Maybe this is your future job? Cos you're explaining it very well.


Current ;) Trying to shift over to this and basically understand how we can achieve net zero / carbon neutral without ever mentioning the environment. Pretty much every policy in the space will benefit people in ways that they want, but it's always announced and promoted by people who tend to lack marketing experience so they sell the features rather than the benefits. Or, even worse they focus on the loss - e.g. banning cars from streets, rather than gain - opening streets to pedestrians and small businesses.


Was over the moon when I heard the Chilli's were playing Bellahouston next year. Gig night with the wife to see her favourite band. Not at 92 quid a ticket. That's ripping the cunt completely.


Perfect night for a dip in Loch Lomond. It's going to be fucking freezing, isn't it?


It is not going to be warm.


Colder than the Lady Occultists Breasticle Edit: In all seriousness I hope you are prepared for the very real thing that is cold water shock.


Yeah, went well prepared. It's not my first time in the water (not that experience makes a huge difference) and we weren't swimming tonight.


Is there anything more depressing than the rental market in Glasgow? Feels like I’ve applied for every home available. Anyone got any tips/tricks other than blindly put deposits down?


Don’t even bother until COP26 is over


Somehow, as if by miracle managed to snag somewhere today. Really needed that turn of luck, just felt hopeless.


Amazing, congratulations!


After a month or two of planning, just had my first taste of trying to get a place today...wish me luck!


find a flat that's managed by a company in edinburgh who do pre-approvals of tenants before starting viewings.


Can someone please help me know where to find the disposable filters that go inside fabric face masks. I got some nice ones from a Oliver Bonas but even boots don’t know what I’m talking about!


Pm 2.5 filter https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=pm2+5+filter&adgrpid=91759833354&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqp-LBhDQARIsAO0a6aLysrb23FqVRyQMRMfYElFwneDY5enKpZhbNl84vF69J_SLStXXQg0aAjQcEALw_wcB&hvadid=410752078558&hvdev=m&hvlocphy=1006948&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=10727823749327127467&hvtargid=kwd-332676062280&hydadcr=18254_1791229&tag=hydrukspg-21&ref=pd_sl_4nd4fa9evr_e


Aw thank you! Didn’t know what they were called so it was hard to figure out where to get them. Cheers 😃


Could you just cut the elastic off of a surgical mask?


Any recommendations for a decent garage in the west end?


Kays at Anniesland every time


Byres road garage have been great with me.


We usually use byres road garage and they’ve been great!


Never used it but a lot of colleagues recommended the on in the hidden lane.


Brilliant thank you guys! Looks like byres road garage is the one to go for me.


byres road garage.