Anyone doing Yahoo's new fractional FG scoring? I'm attempting to do it, not sure if I have it correct. For FG's 0-29 yards, I check those as a flat 3 points. Any FG's above 30 are left unchecked and I check the \*Field Goals Total Yards and have that set to 10 yards = 1 point. Is all this correct?


Can someone tell me how a keeper league works when you’ve kept a player in the 4th round for example, and your 4th round pick comes around? I have it set up on ESPN for my league that everyone gets 2 keepers but what actually happens on draft day? Sorry for the dumb question none of us take the league too seriously this is our first year where we’ve kept the players


It should work that way -- your 4th gets skipped -- but [this is the first year ESPN has enabled round-based keepers:](https://support.espn.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000070552-Keeper-Leagues) >The LM can also select to have Keepers drafted/assigned in the same round as they were originally drafted. This method rewards Team Managers who draft players in later rounds who proceed to turn into superstars. > >Example: Last season, a Team Manager drafted a player in the 5th round of the draft. The Team Manager decides to mark that player as one of their team's Keepers for the next season. When the next season's draft occurs, that Keeper will be drafted automatically in the 5th round.


Thank you for this. Were definitely doing keep the player the round the round they were drafted. I got Ekeler in the 2nd & Kupp in the 4th as mine this year


It's been a few years on ESPN for me, but the system should identify the kept pick and skip. Has your league already declared keepers and put them on ESPN?


Yeah i used the “use keepers for 2022” and 2 per player. Now idk if everyone’s picked their keeper yet but we won’t draft for a while. Thanks for letting me know how the system recognizes it