Revenge of the nerds & 16 candles


16 Candles was on tv a few days ago and they had so many lines just muted.


Porkys to make it a Flim Triumvirate.


Surely American Pie should be in this conversation too? They straight up broadcast an unsuspecting girl online and get her deported. Their reaction: " aww, who am I going to sleep with now" and "this is embarrassing for me"


I watched this a few months ago and finally actually thought about the fact they had this naked TEENAGER broadcast to hundreds of people, including blink 182!


The weird thing about Revenge of the Nerds is that it was actually way ahead of its time with its depiction of Lamar, the gay character, who was totally an accepted member of the nerds. No one minded that he was gay, that he brought his boyfriend to the party, that they danced together. No one was concerned that he was doing aerobics with Wormser -- no one thought he would make Wormser gay. Lamar had very wholesome, big brother kind of friendship with Wormser. I can't think of another mainstream movie at the time that portrayed a gay man this way. Can anyone? It's weird that on one hand there's all this rapey, horrible, misogynistic stuff, and on the other, as I said, it's way ahead of its time.


I think a lot of stuff, even modern stuff, falls into this category. Culture is made by people, so it'll always have it's good and bad elements.


>that he brought his boyfriend to the party And the guy was white too


You know, I never thought about that before. Lamar was totally flaming and yet nobody seemed to care or even notice. In the Olympics they even made a comment about the javelin throw where they use his limp wristed throwing style to make a better javelin and that's the only real acknowledgement of his being gay.


Even then it's portrayed as the nerds taking it as an engineering challenge rather than getting someone else to throw it - it's not a negative, just something they have to take into account.


I watched Never Been Kissed for the first time in a long time and there's like three different adults romantically linked to teenagers. No one actually sleeps with them but still....


How about how the teacher gets MAD when he finds out Josie is actually ...his age


That's what got my attention when I watched it as an adult. He's like, "I'm mad because you lied to me." What? She lied about being underage bro!


Pretty sure it was because she was using him as an article. They were about to expose him as a pedofile (maybe even groomer?).


I mean, wasn't he?


Oh God when you put it like that


Yes!! I used to love this movie as a teen. Because you know, geeky/bullied girl gets's the awesome and handsome man. But now I am a high school teacher and it makes me literally cringe. So so bad.


As a high school teacher, so many shows just feel icky now (past and present).




I started re-watching this (with my step preteen), and I finally did the math at 30 years old. I used to be obsessed with Ezra and aria’s relationship when it came out (I was 18). Aria was 15 when they met. FIFTEEN. FIFTEEN DATING A TEACHER. I have so so so many issues with this now, I forgot how big the age gap was and we immediately stopped watching it. Unacceptable. Who wrote that and approved it? How was that okay to air and let high schoolers watch it? I have such strong feelings about this


It was not just in movies you know. My girlfriend in high school was “dating” one of the English teachers on the sly when she was 15 (before me). It was not that unusual and we had other friends in that “club”. I know several senior professors, some gone now, who were married to former students. The Police published “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” about exactly that situation. A *lot* of rock ‘n’ roll music was about teen-adult relations. Walk This Way (Aerosmith), Francine (ZZ Top) and Operator (Grateful Dead) are three of about three hundred more songs in that genre.


They weren’t just singing about it lol. 80s rock was ~~rot~~ fraught with young teen sex with band members. Edit: whoops lol. Word I was looking for was “fraught” not “rot”… I just thought, like, rotten lol.


Wow, we both learned something today. I read 'rot with young teen sex' & thought the correct spelling was 'wrought'. Nope! We're both wrong, it's '[fraught](https://ludwig.guru/s/fraught+with+strife)'


I actually think the word they were looking for was "rife."


Didn't the *Pretty Little Liars* show have a student/teacher relationship? I remember nope-ing out of that in the pilot because she was like fifteen and he was a grown-ass man. 2013 was not that long ago. Teen shows let the weirdest shit through, even today.


A girl in my high school married one of the teachers right after graduation. This was in 2007. It's way creepier in real life than it is on TV.


I know of multiple people that have done this too! A friend of a friend married his English teacher in the SCHOOL CHAPEL, if you can imagine


pretty baby.


That movie was fucked up even when it was made.


I had heard of it and knew it was messed up from the Blondie song. But just reading the parent's guide WHAT THE FUCK!


Poor Brooke Shields. She really got taken advantage of in her early days. I want to go back in time and get her a proper mother.


Yeah she was sexualized for a good chunk of her youth, and I remember she went to court over those playboy pictures from when she was 10 and lost the case - which is disgusting and awful.


> those playboy pictures from when she was 10 Her WHAT now..?!


True. And the photographer took an ad in Playboy to sell those pics, so Brooke Shields sued to stop that but lost. The real twists are Playboy, the photographer, her mother were never charged with child porn.


Not long ago, my mom called me to ask what brand of jeans Brooke Shields had done ads for, one of those ”randomly came up on conversation with a friend somehow and we don’t know how to Google worth a damn” things. So, I looked it up and clicked on one of the top results and it was just a page of photos of her in the jeans and some from I guess promo for Pretty Baby… and the Playboy photos. She’s goddamn naked in a bathtub covered in oil or something. I guess they’re legal and not considered child porn somehow but I noped the fuck out of there immediately like I’d just stumbled on CP — because it felt like I had. Her parent(s?) failed her so, so badly.


Unfortunately there are parents like Terri Shields in this day and age except they get called out a lot more than I assume Terri ever was. There’s this influencer named Danielle Cohn and she’s heavily sexualized and her mom encourages it, and it’s even assumed she’s lying about her age and is actually two years younger than she claims to be (she’s apparently 18, but her birth certificate says 16). People have called CPS on her mom at least.


As a 13 year old I thought she was gorgeous. But when I look back, she did Pretty Baby, Endless Love, and The Blue Lagoon in the space of a few years. And of course there was teen Brooke saying *“nothing came between her and her Calvin’s [jeans]”.* Tom Cruise was a jackass for publicly shaming her because she was having some psychological issues.


Fucking 10? Holy shit.


Revenge Of The Nerds They break into the sorority house and steal underwear and install cameras. Lewis impersonates the boyfriend and has sex with Betty. They sell naked photos of her in pies to raise money. Not to mention all the stereotypical jokes about Lamar being gay and black. No way in hell that would go over today.


Robot Chicken made a parody of the nerd getting arrested and being sentenced for everything they did.


"God damn those nerds were rapey"


Roger Moore quit James Bond bc he felt it was too weird and inappropriate for a guy his age to be hooking up with “kids”.


There was this teen skater who wanted to smash in For Your Eyes Only. And Bond was pretty much like, "Go put on your clothes... And I'll buy you an ice cream." 5 year old me thought it was a nice gesture.


But James it builds muscle tone


I mean, to be fair, it IS a nice gesture. Not taking advantage of someone half your age. Not giving them psychological problems later in life that costs thousands to work out with therapists. Plus......free ice cream! Bond did nothing wrong (or at least not from the description I'm reading. I never saw the movie).


No, Bond definitely didn't do anything wrong in that scene except exist. So much better than at the start of thunderball where he slaps the nurse then - when she struggles - hauls her into the shower for sexy time. (Disclaimer: have only seen the opening for thunderball once, so may be misrembering exact details, but am fairly sure I've got the tone down). At the time it was probably supposed to be a whole "hard to get" "Bond is irresistible, no matter how much you try" vibe, but the scene, much like the mindset, has aged like milk.


Didn’t he say “girls young enough to be his grand daughter”?


Sixteen candles. That scene where Jake says he could violate Carolyn ten different ways if he wanted to plus there's that whole stereotypical asian character.


Long Duk Dong is using silverware as “ chopsticks “ during the dinner scene.


Weird Science too. There's a bunch of John Hughes that wouldn't fly today.


That one John Wayne film were he plays Genghis Khan. *Google that shit.*


Filming it in at a nuclear test site didn't help either


That film was so bad it gave everyone cancer.


Imagine getting cancer for that movie


*The Conqueror* I think it could- maybe even should- be remade but with an entirely Asian cast. And a screenwriter who’s actually researched Genghis Khan.


Still film it at a nuclear test site tho. The authenticity is important


Cheech & Chong because norms have changed such that smoking weed isn't as edgy as it was back then.


I remember Cheech doing an old Marx Brothers routine in Still Smoking and thought it was still funny. It was light hearted and most people seen it for what is was.


They are just a two man Marx bros with weed.


I remember a dog or their dog ate their bag of weed and did a shit. So they smoked the dog shit to get high. It was so ridiculous it was funny.


It's my first memory of them. When he eats all his drugs because the cops are there, gets asked his name and then pukes so Cheech is repeats "his name is *hueraelarlalarlae* that was the funniest shit!


Blank Check. That lady straight up makes out with a child.


In 1994 Blank Check, Milk Money, and Holy Matrimony were all released. All movies in which a child is romantically linked with an adult woman. They were really on something that year.


I could be wrong, but wasn't Milk Money about the boys just trying to see an adult woman's boobs (and then they think they've had sex). Doesn't one of the boys try to set her up with his dad? Or is there a part I'm forgetting?


Nope, you got it right. They just want to pay a prostitute to see her topless and then when said prostitute gets stranded in the 'burbs when her car breaks down, one of the kids decides to try an set her up with his dad. Comedic hijinks ensue. It's not a great movie and pretty problematic, but I've seen worse.


A lot of kids movies from that era were just really weird and icky if you watch with adult eyes


Or the lady who falls in love with Tom Hanks in big. She then sees him transform into a 12 year before her eyes. That must have fucked with her lol Is blank check the one where she tells him to call her in ten years?


> Or the lady who falls in love with Tom Hanks in big. She then sees him transform into a 12 year before her eyes. That must have fucked with her lol They made *Big* into a play. In the theater production, when he reveals that he's actually a child, her response is to turn the audience and say sullenly "I'm going to jail..."


The thing is, im pretty sure it's not illegal to have sex with a minor who was magically transformed into an adult. I'm no legal expert, but, I feel there is no prior case law for this. E: if anyone does have any prior case law for Zoltar based human transmogrification, then please leave it below where it'll go unread because the response to this is making my head spin.


> I'm no legal expert And yet here you are, claiming that no magic child-turning-into-an-adult has ever existed.


Happened to me. One day I was just 12 years old, and then magically, several years later, I was an adult.


Song of the South


Bums me out because I love the song Zippity Doo Da


It was weird. I had this Disney Sing-Along VHS tape as a kid that had that song, with the clip from the movie. So they were willing to acknowledge the "Uncle Remus" bit, but...


So While You Were Sleeping is genuinely one of my favorite movies, absolutely hilarious! But good lord, if you think for two seconds it's very creepy! They had to change the story to switch the genders of the main characters (Very Good Call I'd say!) In order for it to not seem creepy then, but seriously still pretty nuts even w a female protagonist.


isn't there a movie about a man tricking a woman who has amnesia into thinking his kids are hers? it's called like Overboard or something


Overboard is correct. Another creepshow, indeed. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn were the stars.


That movie wouldn't succeed without Hawn & Russell, their comedic timing is so perfect it makes you momentarily forget just how damn creepy the entire concept of the movie is.


How does switching the genders make it better exactly? I haven't seen the movie.


Yeah, but at least she wasn't ... ya know ... *leaning*


I can't believe Grease isn't one of the top comments. "Tell me more, tell me more, did she put up a fight?" That shit wouldn't fly today.


College Humor did a break sketch about that song where the other guys call out the creepy guy. It’s great.


Soul Man C. Thomas Howell in black face playing a character taking advantage of black scholarship. He does learn his lesson in the movie, but it looks horrible on the surface.


Even when Soul Man was initially released it got quite a bit of backlash. The movie *tried* to to present a positive message and might have looked OK on paper, but it was just too over the top to pull it off. Needless to say the movie didn't do well but the DVD is available, reading the Amazon reviews is quite the rabbit hole.


[Soul Man](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091991/) 1986 In order to win a scholarship, Mark Watson (C. Thomas Howell), the white son of an affluent psychiatrist, pretends to be black on his application form. When he's accepted, he alters his hair, skin and speech to conceal his true identity.


White Chicks.


"What a beautiful chocolate man!!"




The dinner date scene with Latrell and Marcus, where Marcus (as Tiffany) is purposely exhibiting horrendous table manners to try to turn off Latrell, still cracks me up. *Latrell: \*grossed-out face\* "Damn, little lady, you sure can put it away."* *Marcus/Tiffany: \*guffaws with mouth wide open with half-chewed food\* "You're sooo funny!"*


My favorite scene of the whole movie is Latrell in the club with the whistle and the glow sticks


Still my favorite: “Perhaps a salad for the lady?” “Perhaps not”


Damn little lady you sure can put it away!


I’m glad it was made when it was


You mean to tell me that your not.. Yep, I’m not a wom- - white? Awww the deception, the betrayal man! You deceived me!


Tony, hand me my boots because I'm about to go skiing.


It may be summer in the hamptons but it is snowing up in here!!


🎶 Making my way downtown, walking fast 🎼


**gets shot in the chest** Tony: Dont worry, we gonna get this stain out.


"hold up were braiding our vaginas!'


Call me crazy but I think Key and Peele, with full awareness, could successfully remake this movie. I'd be \*shocked\* to be proven wrong. If anyone could make that today, it'd be them.


They could def do a gremlins 2 sketch about it.


Sold! To the big black guy right there!


“Triple T K A. Time to Totally. Kick. Ass!”


Dear Mr. Royal Hampton, I am a WHITE WOMAN in America- I quote this all the time as a white woman. No one ever gets it. :(


The Babysitter (Alicia Silverstone)


40 Days and 40 Nights. I remember watching this as a young teen and being incredibly unsettled by the ending (where the male protagonist is raped by his ex-girlfriend while he is tied up) Edit: removed a word


Surprised I had to go this far down to find this one. Not only is he raped, but the movie refuses to acknowledge he's a victim. It's incredibly fucked up, and it's been hated as long as I've been on the net - since 2002.


Yeah, his love interest gets angry at him, right? Like he was cheating. I don’t remember exactly, but even as a 13-year-old girl, I remember thinking that something was incredibly wrong


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers doesn't age well. Just saw a community production and no. Just no.


1992 space movie


I don't get it. Which movie is it? What is it called? I'm drawing a blank here. Perhaps I should Google it...




Holy shit I thought this was a joke hahaha


It's actually "Gayn**gers". You're welcome.


*'The film follows a group of intergalactic homosexual black men from the planet Anus'* I need to watch this movie.


Some of the James Bond films


I realised I hadn't seen a lot of the older bond films a couple of months back when I saw that the whole collection had been added to Amazon Prime. So I started watching them...my god are they rapey. Epic Rap Battles of History nailed it with Austin Powers comment to Sean Connery's Bond: >I mean I like to swing, but Dr. No means no baby.


There's this article that I find very interesting about how [Austin Powers kinda helped rekindle the franchise with Daniel Craig](https://collider.com/austin-powers-influence-james-bond-explained/), haha. All the cringey and creepy satire points in Austin Powers were so well done that people could no longer take old bond movies seriously, they became instantly associated with the Austin Powers humor, so the Bond franchise stayed kinda dead for nearly a decade, losing priority over movies like Mission Impossible and the Bourne Trilogy. Then came Casino Royale. Serious, edgy, sleek. Nothing that can be linked to Austin Powers.


And then Kingsmen came in to fill the now gone wacky Bond stuff


I'm sure there's a few more but the 2 that I remember are just so so rapey: In Thunderball when he is at that spa resort recuperating from his last escapade, he makes advances towards a nurse but is rejected. When he is in that back stretching machine and a villain comes in to turn it to full whack, she saves him at the last minute. As she is then worried she will get into trouble over the incident, he coerces her into sex by threatening to tell her boss. Goldfinger when he is with Pussy Galore in the barn, he just wrestles her and holds her down in the hay until she submits. Perhaps that's her fault for having a name like Pussy Galore, with a name like that of course she's up for it / s


fun (and by fun i mean horrifying) fact! in the novel goldfinger, pussy galore is a lesbian and being raped by bond "cures" her and also turns her good. the lesbianism was erased by the time the got around to the movie but she does turn good after being raped by bond.


It's very strongly implied that she is a lesbian in the movie as well. She works for the bad guy until Bond "turns" her. The movie is also rapey enough.


oh yeah definitely the "I'm immune" line is a nod in that direction, and there are others


Mrs. Doubtfire…. No parents are putting ads in the paper and hiring someone with no background check.


I dunno with childcare costs these days I'd let Robin Williams dress up like an old lady and watch my kids.


That's the premise of Arrested Development's parody of it. They know the British maid is just Tobias, but he's the best housekeeper they could afford.


Mrs Featherbottom, from Blackstool.


Charmed, I’m sure!


Would anybody like a banger in the mouth?


Oh, I forgot you call it a *sausage* in the mouth


It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it but don’t his family start messing with him by getting him to constantly switch outfits back and forth?


Well, that *is* the job.


Man i need to rewatch this show. Even just your description of it made me giggle


I am job.


I'm sorry. The position has been filled.


"I don't really work with the males because I used to be one."


“Leyla, don’t make me get the hose!”


“Do you consider yourself humorous?” “I used to, but today, you proved me wrong.”


I can do a do a great impression of a hotdog.


"Also, are your kids well behaved, or would they need like a few light slams every now and then?"


You kids get back in yer cell!


People on my town’s facebook group are always asking strangers to come babysit their kids for date night. “any college or high school student please respond” alabama 🥴


As someone who became a mother in her mid 30s, there are definitely teens who have more experience looking after babies than I did.


Man of the House, one of those classic 90s films featuring a mischievous kid (played by JTT) navigating life with his family (Chevy Chase).


Police Academy.


We just watched it with our teens. I explained to them how gay bars were about the only thing gays had back in the day, and how no one ever acts their best in a bar. I don't mean to offend, but that part in the first movie where the rednecks trying to hide accidentally run back into the bar still busts me up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sx-55eY-RPU&t=108


I can still recall The Blue Oyster song in my head on demand after all these years.


Drawn Together, the movie and the TV show. Savage as fuck but man it was funny.


I still think it would be made into a TV show, especially with streaming. It would never make it into a movie theater thought.


I'm pretty sure you could, and even stick it right on the same network. It's gross abd disgusting and offensive but shows which make that their identity tend to be fine. I don't think it offends anyone in particular enough it's just overly edgy offensive shit thrown at a dart board of offensive stereotypes.


Splash. Let's see... 1. Naked woman who doesn't speak English (or any other language) shows up on Liberty Island in NY and gets detained for indecent exposure and disturbing the peace. Because she had Tom Hanks' character's wallet on her, they call him (Alan) and, despite not knowing her identity or age, they basically release her to him, no questions asked. They don't even check up on her later. 2. They're in bed together, and Madison gets up in the middle of the night, heads to the bathroom and decides to take a bath to stretch her legs/fin. Alan leaps out of bed the moment he notices she's not there, and ends up busting the bathroom door in (for her "safety," after she rejected his offer to join her in the bath). This was despite the fact that she told him through the door she was fine and just wanted some privacy. It was a bathroom, ffs!! Is she not allowed to be alone in the bathroom?! 3. When Alan was getting everything he wanted (companionship and sex) from this woman that saved him from downing in Cape Cod, showed up naked looking for him in NY, never said where she's from, learned fluent English from watching TV for one afternoon, shattered multiple TV tubes with her voice, eats lobster with her hands, shell and all, and doesn't know what ice (as in frozen water) is...he was perfectly happy. He's not even _interested_ in knowing a huge secret she admits she's been keeping from him (viewers know it's that she's a mermaid). But as soon as Madison turned his marriage proposal down (after knowing each other only three days), only _then_ did he sulk and begin shaming her for her mysterious past and odd behavior, causing her to run away in tears. As long as she was a young, beautiful, naive nymphomaniac, nothing else mattered. 4. When Madison returns to Alan and capitulates to his ridiculously hasty proposal (they met three days ago!!), he reverts back to not caring about her history or idiosyncrasies, and is again in no hurry to learn the big secret she still hasn't told him. He doesn't even want to talk about why she said "no" in the first place! 5. Alan wants to rush Madison to the altar so she "doesn't run away again" or change her mind. He eventually insists they drive to Maryland where they can wed immediately and without the blood test they would need to get in order to marry in NY. Yes, I just watched it for the first time in decades a couple days ago and I couldn't believe what I was seeing and somehow forgot. 😳😳 Edit: I also forgot to mention one important point...Hanks' character -this possessive, obsessive, self-centered, toxic a-hole- is the main protagonist of the movie!! He's the "good guy" we're supposed to be rooting for!


Blood test? You need(ed) a blood test to marry in NY?


It's a standard test you need to take no longer than 7 days before the wedding to prove you're not a mermaid.


But hey at least Disney+ added extra CG hair to try and cover up her ass in that scene where she's running back to the water, for their release of it. That's the *real* controversy - a bit of bum. /s


Jaws. Hollywood doesn't believe in slow-burn blockbusters anymore.


Well, Spielberg wasn’t trying to make a slow-burn movie anyways, that’s not what he’d been given budget for. He’d intended for it to be an action-packed one with plenty of scenes with the shark, but the mechanical one they made kept malfunctioning. https://the-take.com/read/ask-the-professor-how-did-problems-with-the-mechanical-shark-in-ajawsa-lead-to-a-brilliant-moment


It surely did change the norms of how people perceived sharks. And, for that, I don’t ever think they’ll be added to Minecraft.


I think I read that you’re roughly three times more likely to be assaulted by Ezra Miller than a shark.


There are way too many shark movies trying to be the next Jaws and I have yet to find anything that scares the (literal) piss out of me like Jaws did growing up. Deep Blue Sea was a decent second best though.


Deep Blue Sea is a triumph. I miss that genre - scientists trapped in explicably complicated laboratory while their research runs amok. Those sorts of movies are all D List Asylum type movies now...


Neither do audiences, apparently.


Shallow Hal. No question


Manhattan. Middle aged Woody Allen is dating (and sleeping with!) 17 year old Mariel Hemingway.


Woody Allen's films are all about his obsession with young girls.


Kentucky fried movie


American Beauty.


Especially not with Kevin Spacey


In Crazy, Stupid, Love, a (edit) ~~19~~ 17 year old girl gives her nude photos to a 13 year old boy and it's supposed to be a cute moment...


That’s the only part of the movie I can’t stand but otherwise it’s a great movie.


!!!Spoilers!!! I will always love the scene in the backyard when everyone comes together for the first time. Gosling finds out who Kevin Bacon's character is and immediately turns his ring around and goes to beat the shit out of him. I love it because, at that point in the movie, him and Steve Carell's characters had had a falling out and weren't on good terms. None of that mattered the second he found out who Bacon's character is. One of the best shows of friendship I've even seen in a movie. Friends fight and disagree and may not speak for a while but are 100% down if you need them regardless of any ongoing issues.


Boat Trip, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry or any of the other gay panic movies of the early 2000s lol.


The what movies? *googles* Huh, apparently "gay panic" used to mean something very different. Yikes


Animal House




Computer says no....


I constantly quote this one at work.






Want bitty


There’s also the series ‘Come Fly With Me’. Always loved the Japanese schoolgirls bit but holy shit.


It’s a shame…. I still think about The 30,000 single women that starve to death every year in the UK, because they can’t open jars.


Anybody? No? Dust. Anybody? No? Dust. Anybody? No? Dust.


I don't think there's anything that couldn't get made today if it was handled by the right talent. Sure, you couldn't get some ham-fisted idiot to make a movie like Blazing Saddles, but Sacha Baron Cohen or Trey Parker & Matt Stone could pull off that level of satire.


Taika Waititi actually making Jojo Rabbit feels very relevant to this being doable now


Still find that scene of hitler diving out the window absolutely hilarious.


I think if Mel brooks were to make it today he could do it. He's a master and I don't think he would push the same buttons. Instead tip toe the line


Well and Richard Pryor was one of the head writers. Mel wanted him to play the sheriff. He said it would never work because they needed someone prettier than him


They fucking got someone too, didn't they? Cleavon Little had an ease to him and a pretty face that went all the way.


Leon the Professional. They def over sexualized Matilda and had some very weird moments in it. Even if Leon rejected the advances it still would be unacceptable for many people.


Yeah I misremembered the overall gist of the film as "young girl's family gets murdered, and she takes up with a professional assassin who becomes the father figure she never had and gets revenge" and decided to watch it with my 12 year old daughter. Holy shit was that awkward.


That's literally my memory of it too. I haven't watched it in over a decade probably, but I remember loving Gary Oldman in it.


I remember being decently grossed out by the movie and read up on it. The director originally wanted Matilda's advances to be accepted by leon. They had to dumb down a lot of what was supposed to happen. The director himself met his wife or had a child with his wife when she was 14. I think Matilda was supposed to be 12 in the film when leon takes her virginity. It was supposed to convey the love they had between them and whatever, ironically, it proves exactly why Matilda was no where near ready or in the right frame of mind to know what she was asking for. PLEASE fact check this, I know i got the gist of it right but the ages I gave might be off, and it might've been the writer, not the director


And they had a hard time casting for it because they kept trying older girls for the role and the director was like, no, she needs to be young and a virgin, so she can be believably naive about what she's doing.


I still think Portman should do a sequel where Matilde does become a cleaner. It could be amazing.


Besson tried but the studio blocked it, so he changed a couple of names and locations and filmed it any way but with Zoe Saldana. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colombiana


Eh. It might be "cool", but I feel like that would make Leon's sacrifice in vain; the whole idea was that she could live a "normal" life free from killing, I'd say?


Everyone is saying 30+ year old movies but a lot of movies that came out even 10 years ago wouldn’t be okay today. For example I just watched Pitch Perfect the other day for some reason. There’s a lesbian in the group and that’s literally the joke, that she’s gay. Then there’s a girl who likes to have sex and that’s the joke. And Fat Amy.


Fat Amy is a great example of how the joke/character could work today. > I go by Fat Amy so you twig bitches can't talk shit behind my back. She's not shamed the entire movie or made the butt of the jokes.


It was actually >!Fat Patricia!<


2007, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, there's no way that gets me today