Oh damn, u too?


Relatable. I have so many signs of ADHD but I'm not diagnosed with it. It's part of the anxiety and depression that shaped me through my teenage years ✌️


This seems like it would actually be fairly common tbh


Thanks, it's the trauma. r/CPTSD


So you Oddtistic


Here’s an imaginary award. My god.


Sounds like you have a cold lol


My therapist thinks I have adhd so I am going to see a psychiatrist, my appointment is in 1.5 months but honestly I think it’s just my chronic lack of sleep for years 😅


Ahhh, the chronic insomnia that comes with ADHD...


My therapist said the same, it’s basically hen and egg🤷🏻‍♀️, I started therapy bc my depression and anxiety was very serious in the past years then she said adhd can cause them, but my friend who is a therapist said it could also just be depression and anxiety. It’s a debate but I am gonna see what my psychiatrist says.


get off your phone at bedtime lol


Fair, but I am old enough to be someone that grew up with no smartphones, and my sleeping problem has been there since I can remember. When I was younger I had a lot of trouble falling asleep, now I have trouble staying a sleep. Btw I feel sorry for the downvotes man bc smartphones can really cause sleeping problems, just not really in my case.


Bruh did you just explain my life? My childhood was anxiety. My teen years were anxiety.


I’ve related to so many autistic tendencies and maybe now I know why 😯


I think I just learned something about myself….


This would explain a lot. Like I can socialise but I struggle with eye contact


I feel this.




Jokes on you I have both.


Rip, mf got demoted.


I spent a lot of my early life caring for my younger brother who is on the lower functioning end of the spectrum and yeah, that time spent away from normal teenage stuff really can make you feel different.




> I claimed to be autistic without being diagnosed Where does she say that? This sounds like she suspected she was autistic, saw a professional, and was told that the symptoms she had that overlapped with autism were the result of an unrelated disorder.


"I still think it's 1865 and mental illness is just the result of laziness or demonic possession so there's no possible way this person's anxiety could be so severe that it impacts social and cognitive developmental"


Chronic anxiety isn’t “personality flaws”


Omg yall people are stupid. No anxiety is a mental illness. But its not autism and just claiming to be autistic is kinda something bad. These people literally use a serious issue as their quirk. But I think I struk a nerve with similar people. But keep going twisting what I was indicating.


>No anxiety is a mental illness. And she's been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, so she isn't shielding "personality flaws" behind mental illness.


Autism, anxiety, ADHD all share several symptoms. Someone isn’t trying to be quirky by mistaking one for another.


excuse meeee are you autistic? or are you just coming up with stuff now? self diagnosis is widely accepted within the autistic community. nobody wants to be autistic. it comes with a huge stigma and disabling symptoms. you shouldn't go around making claims like this...


I'm self diagnosed with pos syndrome


Nobody wants to be autistic. But lets be honest here for a moment. The last 10 years a lot of people on twitter, tumblr and co, started to make mental illness (that they dont even have) part of their personality, at least online. This happe for various reasons, from being perceived as more quirky, more individual or just to shield yourself from critizism. I personally see it as very disrespectful from people to coat themselves in mental illnesses they don't have. They make a serious thing their quirk, like the woman in this twitter screenshot. Her therapist calles her out on her bullshit.


So you're saying she was WRONG for seeking an autism diagnosis... and not being autistic. The point of a diagnosis is to get an answer. She got one. And people haven't been coming up with mental illnesses. Society has just become more aware of mental illness and disability.


No. I indicated that she is bad for claiming to be autistic, which she clearly isn't.


she never claimed to be autistic here, she said she suspected that she had undiagnosed autism, went to a psychiatrist and found out she had undiagnosed anxiety. that's actually very common and there's nothing wrong with it.


Where did she claim to be autistic? The tweet literally says the opposite


On her twitter, for years.


Why are you lying? You know everyone can go just look up her tweets, right? The closest thing is saying she met the DSM5 definition, followed with "I'll look into it more, mental stuff is complicated". And that was once, a year ago. Which is hardly "fOr yEaRs" Like seriously, why do you feel the need to lie about it?


I did. She claimed it several times lol. Wish I could post screenshots in thread. Yall a bunch of salty crackers that feel exposed because I made a slight joke of a woman that uses mental illness as her quirk and apperantly yall do the same. Yall yelling "B b b but mental illness is a serious topic" and then proceed to make it your quirk. Thats disrespectful in my eyes. I am apperantly the only one here that really takes mental illness serious.


>Wish I could post screenshots in thread. imgur exists, show receipts. Show the several times she said it. I eagerly await your reply about how you don't wanna waste your time or I should just do it myself. And then we can both move on knowing you're wrong!


Dont have imigur account. But I know I am corect and the truth is with me.


**sigh** welcome to the gang


Need to be friends with all of you fellow oddies


This seems relatable


Ooh so that's a thing... That explains it